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Cleaning up your routine is a slippery slope, my friends. Ye be warned. I swear this little adventure of mine started out innocently enough, but then I couldn’t stop. You can blame Pinterest I guess, even though in my opinion that’s an unlikely spot for someone to find information on becoming healthier. Pinterest usually has recipies like pudding oreo dip and super stuffed jalapeño cheddar burgers alongside pictures of (way too) skinny girls, but what can ya do. On with my point.

I was browsing Pinterest and I saw some information on what people call going ‘no poo’. As odd as it sounds, it’s actually quite simple. You stop using shampoo with chemicals and sulfates that strip your hair, and switch to washing with baking soda and apple cider vinegar. Weird, right? But after reading all the rave reviews about how much healthier people’s hair got after they started the ‘no-poo’ process, I was willing to give it a shot. To be honest, I just cared about how my hair looked. I never really thought about the chemicals in my products before. However, after reading more about it I realized how absolutely horrible conventional shampoo is (more on that another day), so I decided to give ‘no-poo’ a try. It was probably at the worst time ever, too, being as it was the week before I went to Vegas with some girlfriends, but at this point I was committed. Despite some less than ideal Vegas photos and my hair getting a little nasty, I did it for an entire month and a half. Now, there’s this whole waiting game thing with the ‘no-poo’ strategy. First your hair gets kinda stringy and oily, but then it’s supposed to get all amazing and shiny and perfect. Like, unicorn tail perfect. Not surprisingly, I got really impatient. The whole gross looking hair thing really isn’t my scene, ya dig? So I started doing some research to see if there were other options, and in the process of trying to find cleaner alternatives to shampoo, I realized that pretty much anything and everything we use, from household cleaners to the stuffing in our sofas, have chemicals in them. Boo, I know.

Cue the pushing of the first domino.

I started reading the blog No More Dirty Looks, and the authors Siobhan and Alexandra are amazing at explaining why and how to clean up your routine. After reading their website and checking out all the chemicals in my products here, I realized if I was gonna throw out my shampoo and conditoner, I would need to throw out all my drugstore makeup as well. This included me convincing my fiancé, Kirby, into doing the same (this is why I love the guy). A few weeks after throwing out the biggest pile of junky products ever, I realized there was no point in cleaning up our hygiene products if we were cleaning our house with toxic chemicals, so I found ways of making all natural cleansers. Then, just this month I realized there was no point in worrying about all the chemicals outside of our bodies if we were eating foods covered in pestisides, so we started shopping for organic produce at our local farmer’s market. Do you see how this goes? If you do it all at once, as I’m sure you can see, it can be super overwhelming. Where does it end? I’m actually not quite sure, because even after all that we’ve done to clean up our routine, I’m now starting to think about things like water and air purification in our home and the chemicals in our clothing. I might end up eating grass eventually (organic, of course).

You would never guess I was born and raised in Santa Cruz, huh?

I’m aware that I’m no expert on all of this. But I have been doing a lot of reading on the subject, so I feel like I at least have a little to say, and if nothing else I have a lot of links to give you. I’ll try not to overwhelm you though; I’ll break it down. We’ll start with beauty/hygiene products, and then move on through different categories until I feel like I have (kinda) covered it. I want to pass this on because I feel like it’s important, and doable. I promise, I am the most non-committal person ever, so if I can do it, so can you.

I understand I might be preaching to the wrong crowd being that my readers are all my facebook friends (holla). But it is so worth it, I promise. If you don’t do it for yourself, as least do it for the planet and vice versa. I keep on hearing that if you want to be happy you have to do something that you’re passionate about, and I’m actually, strangely, passionate about this. And the whole point of this blog is to document what makes us happy, right? So here goes!

It’s gonna be fun, guys!

3 Comments on Domino Effect

  1. nubia
    September 29, 2012 at 9:22 pm (5 years ago)

    Hey! Thanks for following my blog! :) I loved your post because it reflects my own experience. I experienced the domino effect as well. I’ve made a lot of similar adjustments in line with the intention of leading a healthier life. I know how overwhelming it can feel. I’m glad you’re passionate about this. I am too. I’m glad you’re using your blog for this purpose. I’m inspired to do more of the same with my blog.

    • Emily
      September 29, 2012 at 2:35 pm (5 years ago)

      That’s awesome that you had a similar experience! It’s pretty crazy, huh? I will definitely be following your blog and looking forward to hearing more about your adventure!


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