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So Stephanie and I keep everything. We have these awkward moments where we realize we’ve had something for THIRTEEN YEARS, which in our lives takes us back to junior high. Most of the time I think this is incredibly smart; things come in and out of style, and we’re always finding ways to rework certain pieces into our wardrobes. However (yes, there is a however, how did you guess??) there have been times when we’ve had to encourage each other to just. let. go. Maybe you don’t need that shrunken down green sweater that we bought in high school at American Eagle… I know it’s a dear old friend, but it’s okay.

One thing I do love though, is putting together outfits that bring our old pieces to life. It sometimes takes a bit of creativity, but we’re usually able to settle on something that makes us feel confident and stylish. 2014-02-16 20.20.48 DSC01383 Steph pulled out one of my favorite t-shirts of hers, which she got from her mom. We always think about how adorable her mom must have been back in the 70’s wearing this shirt- and the fun times she must have had in it! I remember Steph using this as a sleep shirt back in high school, but it’s too good not to show off! We thought it looked perfect with a high waisted maxi skirt. 2014-02-16 21.11.20 DSC01528

2014-02-16 20.56.38

My outfit doesn’t have quite so much history as Steph’s, however there is a story behind the leather leggings. I found them at Marshall’s during my early college years, and I bought them to wear for my Sandy costume (ya know, in Grease when she changes into the all leather outfit? So cute!). When I bought them I said “I’ll never wear these in real life, but they’re so cheap it doesn’t matter!”. Well, remember how I said stuff goes in and out of style? Tight leather leggings are back, ya’ll. DSC01550 DSC01535 DSC01451   DSC01541 DSC01456 DSC01543 DSC01460   DSC01522    DSC01443 DSC01420

You’ll probably keep hearing about more stories behind our wardrobes, because with the combination of hand-me-downs from our families, thrift store shopping, and our inability to get rid of our stuff, there’s a lot to tell! Do you have any clothing pieces with a story? Also, do ever find it as hard as we do to just let go of some of your old clothes?

Clothes come and go. What I keep I keep because there’s a story that goes along with it. I give away to charity so someone else can have their story with it.” -Kelly Osbourne

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  1. Stephanie
    March 4, 2014 at 1:43 pm (4 years ago)

    Sigh the green sweater. I have pictures of me in it in high school AND graduate school. Seriously. I only let it go after there were literally holes in it. That was the only reason. I need help maybe.


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