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What happened to paper weights? My grandmother had several, and I remember being fascinated by their simplicity and curious nature. A severely heavy decoration, yet such a petite object! As an adult I totally see the merit, not only for keeping papers in order but also to add a small note of style accenting what might be a stack of boring or random pages.



You can use a paper weight on your computer desk to aide in the organization of files, or atop of a stack of magazines…even in the bathroom! A chic paper weight is the perfect solution for those little areas of chaos in desperate need of collection and management!



What’s even cooler is the variety of “thingamajigs” that make excellent paper weights: vintage alarm clocks, an old camera, sparkly geodes or unique rocks, small pieces of driftwood, petite decorative vases, or even a picture frame! Go wild! The possibilities are endless…


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