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Selfie Shaming

When the selfie thing first started, I was not a fan. When I had an awesome outfit or my hair was doing amazing things, I would resist the urge because I thought it would make people think I was self-absorbed if I posted it on Instagram. I would get around that by posting a funny picture (where I happened to look super hot) or a picture with someone else (with my awesome new outfit).

An extreme selfie from Em’s bachelorette party

I even had the urge to give friends a hard time if they posted selfies frequently. But I held back, thinking “Hey, if they don’t care what other people think, more power to them. They do look good!”

Then I read this article, and suddenly it all made sense.

 WOC [women of color] rarely see themselves reflected in media, people over a size 4 are told to hide themselves, transgender persons want to be seen…hell, a lot of people responded to anti-selfie moments by saying, “I do not see myself represented in the media, so I’m making my own!”

I just love this. I am tired of seeing the same person over and over again on TV and in magazines. I want to see normal, real, not airbrushed people. Whenever I see the rare pin or Facebook picture of a plus-size model I am starving for more. I want more diversity! And no one is giving it to us in the media.


So let’s take the reigns. We can now with social media. When I was in high school I constantly had magazines to flip through when I was relaxing. Now I scroll through Facebook or Pinterest or Instagram every day. I would much rather see my friends, or other bloggers I admire, or anyone else really other than the same white, thin, hardly real woman. I say let’s embrace the selfie to surround ourselves with images of real people we care about.


There is also the benefit of having photos of yourself at this time in your life. The great thing about smart phones is you are able to take pictures on the fly without much thought. Documenting the mundane is so rewarding later on. Just like my journals, having tons of photos of a certain time in your life is so fun to look back on. And what’s better to see than your face? An old friend of mine, and an avid selfie-taker, posted this awesome quote the other day:

(I couldn’t find where this image came from- or who said it- if anyone knows, please let me know so I can link to the source! P.S. Thanks Chelsey! :))


I thought that was a great point, too.

I don’t see anything wrong with documenting your life or showing the world your face. If people have a problem with it, they can unfollow you. Selfie haters are gonna hate.

What do you think? What’s your opinion on the selfie topic? Also, please include your favorite selfie in the comments- I would love to see your beautiful faces!

Leopard Print, Wedges, & Window Shopping

A little north from where Kirby and I live there’s an area called Cedros Avenue Design District. It has tons of little shops and ritzy places that no one I know could afford, such as doggie spas and places that sell coasters made out of wood carved from ancient Chinese ships…(this is a real example of something I saw one time. A set of four was only $375. I didn’t buy them.) Even though all I can do there is window shop, it’s a lovely place to walk around and get inspiration for decorating my house. I love searching through the little boutiques and thinking of more affordable ways of putting my spin on the things I see. Steph and I went there before she got on the train to go back to Santa Barbara and she offered to take some photos of my outfit.

2014-04-10_0004 I’ve been realizing lately that this is kinda my go-to look. I love to pair skinny jeans with wedges or heels, and then I add a flowy shirt on top to balance it out. I found this mint top at a thrift store, and cinched it in at the waist with a braided leather belt. Accessories make the basics of this outfit feel different each time, so I mix up my scarves, jewelry and sunglasses. Leopard print can never hurt an outfit…or at least we’ll pretend that for now.
2014-04-11_0010 2014-04-11_0009 2014-04-10_0005 2014-04-11_0007 Del Mar 5 2014-04-10_0006 Del Mar 7 What is your go-to outfit? I didn’t even realize this was my “uniform” until lately. It’s nice to have something to wear that you can always rely on to make you feel good.

I hope you guys had an amazing weekend!

Real style is never right or wrong. It’s a matter of being yourself on purpose.” – G. Bruce Boyer

The Clogs Debate of 2014

The other day I got this text from Emily:

“Okay so keep a calm and open mind and tell me your thoughts on clogs.”

Me: “Hahahahahahhahahahha”

“I can’t with clogs. But cute people can. I just can’t with the silver nails on the sides with the wood…. But like wood platforms are cool.”

Em: “Hahahaha. Okay well can I pretend these are clogs?”


“Are they a better version? I always hated these shoes until today. They’re really expensive shoes (for our standards). Kirby bought them for me like 5 years ago.”

Me: “Hahaha. I know those shoes! I’ve always liked them.”

Em: “And they’re super comfortable. Kinda clog like right?”

Me: “I get why you would maybe need a break, but they are very cute. Not really clog like- they’re heels.”

Em: “No they’re clogs”

Me: “Clogs are bad because they’re closed toed and weird. And slip on.”

Em: “Cute clogs…”

Me: “They’re not clogs. They’re HEELS. That happened to be made out of wood.”

Em: “That’s why I hated them until today. In my world they are clogs. They’re kinda short and they have thick wood heels and a wide foot area and obviously they are clogs.”

(Wide foot area????)

Me: “This is what came up when I searched clogs:

photo (4)

(Image from here)

“By the way they are like, 100 bucks- WTF”

Em: “Omgggg. I hate those.”

Me: “Because they’re clogs”

Em: “But ya mine are clogs too”

Me: “Omigod.”

Em: “Hahahahaha”

So who’s with me? THOSE ARE NOT CLOGS.

Join the debate. What do you think? Are (real) clogs actually cute? I’ve seen them on cute people… Help us out with your thoughts :)

Steph’s Wardrobe Essentials

Hello all you lovely people. Apologies for taking a break yesterday- we were doing a lot of work on the site. But today we’re back and I wanted to share some of my go-to pieces in my closet.


I am one of those people with way too many clothes. As you know, Emily and I both keep everything, so I am the type to keep something in hopes that it will fit again or I will figure out how to update it in a new outfit. Usually I end up being glad I kept things, and I like having as many options as possible. But now that I am living at Anthony’s in one room with one closet and limited space, I have brought over only my essentials to tuck into any corner I can find. Here are some pieces I can’t live without:


My weight fluctuates pretty often so right now flowy tops are the most flattering, since I am enjoying food very much right now and am round and happy. :) Having sleeves that accentuate my shoulders seems to balance out my curves. Or that’s the conclusion I’ve come to- this isn’t an exact science or anything. Ha.


I was so excited when this trend came around. So comfortable! And you can do so much with them. These were originally supposed to be just normal jeans, but once I brought them home from the thrift store and wore them for a while they got pretty baggy in the legs. Voila! I had boyfriend jeans without even meaning to.


Something about the structure this adds to an outfit makes it so useful. If I’m wearing a flowy top and boyfriend jeans, this adds the lines angles to make the outfit less jellyfishy (that’s a word I just used…deal with it). With dark jeans, a sparkly top and heels, this adds a little masculine vibe to a sparkly and girly outfit. It just goes with everything- I love the dark grey color.


It’s still slightly chilly (for California standards) so a scarf is great to add something fun to an outfit while staying warm. I got the leopard one at a dollar store and Anthony’s mom gave me the white one for Christmas. I love the airy white material and the gold accents! Makes me feel fancy and feminine.


A must have for me since I can remember. I love these with heels or ankle boots, and I love the detail on the ankle:


I also have some things on my wishlist:

  • Ripped jeans
  • Replacements for my bright yellow flats that died (RIP)
  • Studded flat sandals
  • Bright heels
  • A black romper
  • Black knee-high socks

Why are most of those shoes? Sigh. I have a problem.

What is your favorite piece in your closet? What is your guilty pleasure? Mine is obviously hoarding shoes.

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