Some of you may have seen me post this picture on our Instagram a while ago:


Well, that was for an interview I had for a fancy job at Citrix.

GUESS WHAT. I got it.

After six months of being unemployed, I finally got a job.

Not only a job, but a job I really wanted. And a job that pays well, better than my last position. A job in Santa Barbara at a company I really like.

I feel like it hasn’t totally sunk in yet, so I thought I would celebrate a little with you guys.

Being unemployed is really weird. I talked about it in my 25, Broke and Fabulous post. It messes with your head. It gives you this kind of identity crisis, even though it is totally common to be unemployed right now. Especially at this age. Whenever I read stats on Millennials, it makes me feel so much better about my life. You should try it when you are feeling unaccomplished in any way. What you’ll find is that EVERYONE in their 20s right now is doing the same thing. Living with family, trying to hold out for a dream job, or working a random job that feels like it makes no sense. Oh, and we all are totally screwed with student loans, obviously.

I told myself every day that being unemployed was fine right now, and that this is the ideal time in my life to be looking for work. But DAMN AM I GLAD THAT’S OVER!

I got the golden ticket guys, the one that gets you into Real Adult Life Land. A good paying job. I don’t have to feel guilty every single time I spend money. I can start actually paying my student loans back, instead of watching the interest continue to loom over me like Godzilla (yay?). I can feel like a normal functioning member of society again.

And it just feels so good because I wanted it so bad, worked hard for it, and it paid off (I wish everything in life worked that way!). I interviewed for an hour and a half one day and felt exhausted from trying to prove myself so hard. And that was only one day! I had two other interviews. I tried to not over think it and to just be myself. It’s hard to keep yourself from looking up every interview tip online and just do what feels right. My advice is to just go with your gut and remember that they primarily want to hire someone they get along with. It takes a lot of the pressure off and you can feel a lot less nervous going into it.

I also learned to be flexible and adapt to the opportunities I had available. I originally wanted to work on the UCSB campus, but nothing ever came of it. Now I’m really glad that I am where I am. If you are looking for work, I highly recommend a temp agency to get you money fast and so you can get a feel for different companies and positions. I wish I had gone to my temp agency, AppleOne, sooner. They were AMAZING.

If you are on the job hunt, I would check out this article. It really made me feel better about following my gut when it came to interviews.

Please tell us: How do you handle nervousness about things like job interviews? I hated feeling that way! I would get sick to my stomach all day until it was finally done with. Ugh. Any tips for getting out of your head?

And any interview horror stories are definitely welcome. Just to make us all feel better about ourselves. :)

Happy Hump Day!

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  1. Mary@TwoHappyLambs
    June 5, 2014 at 10:17 am (4 years ago)

    Temp agencies yes. And hitting the pavement, showing your face. Just ups your odds. And knowing that even though I am in some kind of judgy judgy world, they are all just normal people trying to find someone they want to deal with every day.


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