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I stumbled upon this video when a friend posted it on Facebook earlier today and I absolutely loved it. Awhile back Stephanie, our friend Alesha, and I all realized how much we said “sorry” for NO REASON. We would say “sorry” when we had done nothing wrong and when it made absolutely no sense at all whatsoever. Things like: “I’m sorry you guys, but I just really want some ice cream right now” or “I’m sorry, do you mind if I go change? I’m really hot right now.” Like, what? Why? Totally not necessary.

I’m infamous for being overly polite and apologetic for no reason. On our wedding day I kept saying to our sweet photographer, “I’m so sorry, would you be willing to get a picture of me with my friend?” ALL DAY LONG. Finally she laughed and said “This is my job, you don’t have to apologize or ask, just tell me what you want and I’ll gladly do it.” Good point.

We eventually started joking that instead of saying “sorry”, we should switch it to “you’re welcome”. It made for some pretty funny moments. Like instead of what I mentioned above we would say, “You guys I just feel like getting some ice cream. You’re welcome.” It helped us to remember not to apologize for our every move (cue our very own sociologist, Stephanie, to come in and explain why exactly women do this in our culture) and just be confident and own what we are doing/saying.

I hope you like this video! You’re welcome.


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