Okay, it’s been a while since the Solstice Festival in Santa Barbara happened, but I had to share some fun photos with you guys. It’s at the end of June every year, and has fallen on Anthony’s birthday weekend the past two years. He was out of town in Arizona visiting his family, but I got to check it out for the first time (last year I was throwing Emily’s amazing bachelorette party :)).

It was really, really hot. And my friend Amanda and I were not thrilled with the insane beer garden prices (we have a plan to be more prepared next year – i.e. bring water, food…maybe a flask?…). But it was so fun to see Santa Barbara get super hippy and artsy and weird… Sometimes Santa Barbara can just have things a little too together, you know what I mean?

I loved the funkiness and summer fun everywhere. Girls in crop tops with face paint and bare feet, kids and cute dogs everywhere, and awesome live music.

post11 post16 post12 post15

I missed most of the parade, but wanted to show you some shots that I got of the amazing dancers and costumes. post6 post3 post2

Here is Anthony’s crew doing Capoeria. I highly recommend checking it out if you like martial arts, music, and dance. If you are in Santa Barbara, check out the Brazil Arts Cafe.

Look how cool they are… post8
post5 post4 post post9

There was a chick in this huge bubble thing swinging around. Like…what is happening? Wish I got a better shot of it, but had to share. post10 post13 post14

My view from the bus stop on the way home.<3

I love summer in Santa Barbara.

post17 Are there any local festivals in your area that I should check out?

xo Stephanie



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