Hello all you lovely people.

Emily and I have been pretty busy lately. It’s so annoying when life keeps us away from our favorite people – our faceless and nameless readers who we imagine laugh at all of our jokes and who never criticize us.

I wanted to share some stuff that’s been on my mind… namely how messed up things are. And I don’t want to depress anyone, but if you’re looking for some interesting ways to get some more information about the current state of things, I was hoping to give you a good start.

As many of you may know, I got my master’s in sociology and have never stopped being interested in the inequality in this country in all of its forms. The outrageous things happening in Ferguson have been weighing on my mind, as well as the current efforts to make colleges a safer place for women and the gruesome story of a MMA fighter beating his girlfriend.

I have just been hungry to understand more about what I am hearing and seeing on the news and try to connect to it and empathize… If you are looking for context, or some answers on how things became this way… I would recommend these articles and documentaries:

The House I Live In

Anthony and I watched this on Netflix last night. It shook us both and explained the state of race and drug laws in this country in such a compelling way. It summarizes the history of race relations and economics in the US, and really communicates the context of being an African American today. It was a great refresher for me as far as the socioeconomic research goes, and also a great reminder for me as a white person living in the US – that I do not live in the same country as my minority neighbors and friends.

Here is an amazing article that a friend posted on Facebook that almost made me cry. It helps to try and put yourself in the shoes of a young black man in this country – even though it is impossible to even grasp the kind of effect that can have on one’s entire psyche and life path.

Miss Representation

This is one of my favorite topics – how women are represented in the media. It is completely fascinating and infuriating to me, and this documentary sums it up very well. These images have widespread and dangerous implications. The story of MMA fighter I mentioned above, for example, just chills me to the bone. Anthony was the one who told me about it and he said he read his Twitter feed (Anthony loves torturing himself like that) and it was insane. We decided that this guy literally had a disease of just extreme stereotypes of masculinity.

I also read this article of a trans girl, Rachel Pepe, who has enough to deal with – but now her school is saying that they are not okay with who she wants to be and has a right to make her life hell. She is only 13. What a brave person to be able to declare who you are despite the fallout. I hope that as she grows up the world gets it together regarding transgender rights.

How I Stay Informed

It can be overwhelming to try and keep up with all that’s happening here and around the world. Local news, US news, world news…how do you keep up with it all?

If you are interested, I find it super helpful to listen to the news during my commute. It makes the drive go by fast and I feel pretty caught up on things. I listen to NPR, but of course you can find a podcast that is geared more to what you are interested in.

I also follow pages like Feministing and Sociological Images on Facebook and Pinterest to stay in the loop with my particular passions.

Check out my Pinterest board for some fun/inspiring/enraging feminist pins to cheer you up…

Here are some of my favorites:






What is weighing on your mind lately in the news? What is inspiring you? I could use some mood lifting, so please share if you have stories of hope!



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