Month: October 2014

Halloween: My yearly struggle to be all at once crafty, original, adorable and attractive


How do people do it?

They walk into the Halloween party and immediately I’m like “That is so adorable. But they look hot. And I’ve never seen that costume before. And it looks homemade, like they just threw it together this afternoon in their perfect house with all sorts of craft supplies organized into perfect bins. HOW DID THEY THINK OF THIS. I have been scouring Pinterest for months, so I KNOW they didn’t get the idea there…”

Examples from past years of these types of costumes:

  • adorable unicorn with a glittery tail and like, yarn involved
  • a scuba diver complete with fins and two-liter bottles of booze where their oxygen tank would be
  • a deer with adorable face paint and glittery antlers made out of real branches

How. Just tell me how. Is there a secret, invite-only Pinterest where these people read how-to’s on how to be amazing on Halloween and blow everyone’s mind?

Well, I guess we’ll never know (unless you are one of these people – then please invite me and I promise I won’t tell anyone).

Meanwhile, I am going through the usual struggle of trying to figure out what to be with these requirements:

  • Takes little to no effort
  • Has to cost under about $20
  • I want to feel hot in it

So far, here are my pins that I didn’t hate:


I just want any excuse to wear knee-high socks, really.


Last year I saw all these fake tattoos and stuff at the Halloween store and I got really into being something that involves that.

Here’s the idea I am thinking about pursuing… Although it sounds like it doesn’t quite meet my first requirement of not taking any effort:


But it does meet the need for me to put weird makeup on!!


Except I don’t want to look like a human lizard. More like a hot/intense/awesome Medusa goddess. So think less reptile, more fantastical badass.

The fishnet makeup thing could be cool though, if it was done right – a little around the temples, just to give a cool effect maybe.

I’m thinking of spray painting plastic snakes all silver, and curling my hair and putting a bunch of braids around them… then wearing a white drapey dress or top, having intense eye makeup, and just looking fabulous in general.

Sounds great in theory. But it could turn into another Halloween regret – along with the others:

  • Tigger costume (5th grade): picture orange sweats with black electrical tape as stripes
  • Belle costume (7th grade): the dress was too big and the gold on my gloves was more disco-ish and super flashy and didn’t match the yellowy dress… just a little awkward all around.
  • Jasmine (I think I was 6?) – picture a HUGE black wig and a costume with a fake bikini top with skin color fabric. I also think I was wearing a white turtleneck underneath because my dad was afraid I would catch pneumonia (to be fair to him, I did ALWAYS have pneumonia).

What do you think? HELP ME. What are you going to be? I want inspiration!



Date Night



1. I’ve had this top since…. maybe freshman year of college.


2. I got these shorts because of an emergency chaffing episode that happened at the Solstice Festival this summer. I just needed to get out of my skirt and have fabric between my legs after walking in crazy heat (for Santa Barbara) . Thank god for Forever 21.


3. This is the song I am obsessed with right now. It is pure R&B goodness. (Also, don’t ask me to explain the video. Why are we pulling an Edward Cullen and watching all these chicks sleep?)

IMG_4255 4. I am also into this podcast… it makes me so much snarkier.


5. These earrings were given to me by our good friend’s wife who just moved here from Hong Kong. They are both from Nepal. So, yeah. She’s super cool. But she doesn’t speak a ton of English, and what she would understand of what I said is said WAY too fast.


6. This post is not completely about a date night.


Have you had a fun night out lately? What’s your go-to date outfit? Any confessions you want to share??



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