1. I’ve had this top since…. maybe freshman year of college.


2. I got these shorts because of an emergency chaffing episode that happened at the Solstice Festival this summer. I just needed to get out of my skirt and have fabric between my legs after walking in crazy heat (for Santa Barbara) . Thank god for Forever 21.


3. This is the song I am obsessed with right now. It is pure R&B goodness. (Also, don’t ask me to explain the video. Why are we pulling an Edward Cullen and watching all these chicks sleep?)

IMG_4255 4. I am also into this podcast… it makes me so much snarkier.


5. These earrings were given to me by our good friend’s wife who just moved here from Hong Kong. They are both from Nepal. So, yeah. She’s super cool. But she doesn’t speak a ton of English, and what she would understand of what I said is said WAY too fast.


6. This post is not completely about a date night.


Have you had a fun night out lately? What’s your go-to date outfit? Any confessions you want to share??



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