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Secondly: If you are squeamish, don’t like talking about lady issues, or just don’t want to know us that well – stop reading now.

If you do want to find out just how crazy hippie Emily and I have gotten, read on.

You might also be interested in an alternative to tampons, too (yes, that’s what we are going to talk about). Surprisingly, two of our friends have recently switched to using it too – hence the inspiration for this post. Maybe you’ll find it enlightening. Or maybe you’ll just find it hilarious. Either way, we’re glad you’re here.

So. Emily calls me one day and she’s like, okay. I have made another change to a super hippie product and you can laugh at me all you want. But you might be into it, too.

Me: “Okay, what is it?”

Em: “Well, please don’t judge it by it’s name. It’s the worst name ever. Like, I can’t even say it without laughing slash being embarrassed for being associated with it.”

Me: “Okay, just say it. I’m ready.”

Em: “Aaaahhh okay it’s called the Diva Cup. Blahdkawjefegkzdsfhaqfd”

She proceeds to tell me that she was looking into alternatives to tampons, because she was doing research on going totally chemical-free and wasn’t super into the idea of this bleached product hangin out in her body. Plus it’s also a huge waste of paper and plastic.

So she came across this product, which will be henceforth referred to as The Hippie Lady Product.

What it is is a silicone-like cup (ick) that is flexible and small enough to be inserted like a tampon during your period. It catches everything and is reusable.


Here are the pros and cons, as I see it:


  • No more buying tampons!! That shit is expensive! I got my Lady Hippie Product for like $30 online.
  • You can leave The Lady Hippie Product in for much longer than a tampon – you can leave it in for 10-12 hours at a time!
  • No leaks. I’m serious. I haven’t had a leak once since using it. Underwear saved!!
  • Warning, I’m about to get even grosser: You know when you use a tampon and there’s the string? Well, I hate the string…and all the surrounding issues of said string…like…smells. That is totally not an issue any more, and it’s fabulous. The Lady Hippie Product is basically a plug, so you feel like you’re just not on your period until you take it out.
  • No more moments that go like this: “Shit!! I don’t have any more tampons in my purse! I forgot to load up when I left this morning and now I have one left to last me til 5…? No way is this gonna work.”
  • You don’t have chemicals like bleach chillin in yo body for hours at a time – I don’t even wanna think what’s actually in tampons.
  • You will be so green! Imagine all the plastic and waste created every month using tampons, panty liners, or any other device we poor women have to deal with…
  • Did I mention no leaks?? Ya.


  •  Um, it’s gross. Let’s get real: you have to empty it. And clean it. HOWEVER – I, personally, think it’s not that more disgusting than changing a tampon, and you totally get used to it.
  • It’s called the Diva Cup.
  • Your friends will laugh at you if you ever tell them you use it.
  • If your boyfriend/roommate/whoever somehow finds it in the bathroom, that’s gonna be an awkward conversation. But I have a cute little bag for mine (NOT the one that comes with it that says Diva Cup all over it with daisies and shit), so problem solved. Plus I live with my boyfriend and as you might imagine, I’m an over-sharer.

Okay. So you might be like, screw this, that sounds disgusting and I am going to be a normal person and continue to use tampons. Totally, I get it.

If you’re like, “Hmm, I’m intrigued…”, like a lot of my friends are when I come out of The Diva Cup Closet, then you can check out the website here. Please try to overlook all the daisies and princess fonts.

You can also ask us anything in the comments. We have both used it for a year or two and are not scared of graphic conversations.

Side note: I hope you still read this blog after this.


Do you have any weird confessions? Feel free to share as an act of solidarity… :)



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