Month: February 2015

Love and such

Valentine’s Day is coming up, or Singles Awareness Day, as I have heard it called recently.

Anthony and I aren’t big on this holiday – it has always seemed weird to me. I think it’s just the shamey-ness and unkindness about it. Like we’re in elementary school and if you don’t have a partner, YOU CAN’T BE IN OUR CLUB!

Anyway, I thought I would still take the opportunity to gather some fun posts we have that explore love, dating, and all that jazz. Although the holiday isn’t my favorite, I still love talking about love. Which you all are probably very aware of at this point.

Here are some of my favorites:


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Worst Case


Emily & Kirby’s Wedding


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What to do if you have depression (talkin ’bout some self-love!)


Making the Online Dating Plunge: Confessions of an Ex-OkCupider



Hope you have some fun plans for the weekend, just because it’s the weekend. :) And give yourself some self love just because! <3

Oh, and tell us if you have any best/worst Valentine’s day stories in the comments below. Those are always entertaining!

Turning into my mother

…and not mad about it!

It’s my mother’s birthday today and I had been putting together this list for a few weeks now, after I started to see a pattern. Here are some things about my mom that I never expected to adopt myself. Funny how parents manage to pull that off… :)

  • Avoiding bras – I totally get it now. Just – why?
  • Wanting to wear long flowy dresses and skirts at all times
  • Saying things like “I feel like a stepped on frog” (the PERFECT way to describe my state of mind on a Monday morning), “Once in a blue moon” or “At any rate…” Such mom phrases.
  • Making time to take a bath with a good book.
  • Wanting more plants around at all times.
  • Constantly wanting all the windows open – even if it means risking public nudity at times (I just need to change real quick…if I do it at lightspeed no one will see…). I need sunlight!
  • We share the same hatred of grocery shopping. Why is it always so damn cold in there?
  • I inherited her polite and professional phone voice. All those years of her training me to say “One moment, please” instead of “Hold on” paid off in my professional life.
  • Most problems can be solved by sitting outside with a drink of any kind.
  • If you want something, go out and get it. Once people hear you speak, you are much more likely to get where you want to be. Show up at the office of the job you want and get in front of the person hiring. Knock on the door of the place with a For Rent sign instead of calling. One of many lessons that helped me be a stronger, more kick-ass person (when I want to be).
  • Naps are important and always justified.

My mom instilled a lot of things in me. To take care of my mental health with the outdoors and quiet time to myself. To fake it til you make it and value my intelligence as something everyone should, and will, recognize. That I’m smart enough to do anything. That being comfortable and happy at any moment is just as important as anything else.



Happy Birthday, Mom! <3




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