Valentine’s Day is coming up, or Singles Awareness Day, as I have heard it called recently.

Anthony and I aren’t big on this holiday – it has always seemed weird to me. I think it’s just the shamey-ness and unkindness about it. Like we’re in elementary school and if you don’t have a partner, YOU CAN’T BE IN OUR CLUB!

Anyway, I thought I would still take the opportunity to gather some fun posts we have that explore love, dating, and all that jazz. Although the holiday isn’t my favorite, I still love talking about love. Which you all are probably very aware of at this point.

Here are some of my favorites:


Love Links


Worst Case


Emily & Kirby’s Wedding


It really comes down to cliche’s


What to do if you have depression (talkin ’bout some self-love!)


Making the Online Dating Plunge: Confessions of an Ex-OkCupider



Hope you have some fun plans for the weekend, just because it’s the weekend. :) And give yourself some self love just because! <3

Oh, and tell us if you have any best/worst Valentine’s day stories in the comments below. Those are always entertaining!

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