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…and suddenly I was FaceTiming my ex.


I was reading this post from Cupcakes and Cashmere the other day and thought I should share one of my most embarrassing social media/technology moments. Cuz it’s a good one.



Photo by Two Happy Lambs Photography


I was catching up with an old friend on the phone one day, pacing around my studio apartment during a marathon conversation about dating. She was dating a guy at the time and didn’t feel like it could really go anywhere serious, and I started telling her about a guy I dated a while back that I had felt the same way about.

So I’m telling her about this guy that I had dated that only lasted a few weeks. Blah blah blah blah… Wait. Was she still on the line? She hadn’t said “Ya, totally” or laughed at my hilarious jokes in a while.

So I take my phone off my ear to look at it. It said I was about to FaceTime – with the guy I was just talking about.


Then, before I could even register the horror of the situation, he was looking at me.


Let’s address two things at this point in the story:

1. I could have had one of those rejuvenating green goop face masks on. I could have just gotten out of the shower with mascara all over my face that I hadn’t washed off yet because I was at home, alone, talking to a friend. Miracle of miracles, I think I looked pretty normal – albeit TOTALLY SHOCKED that this was happening to me.

2. Pick up your phone. Yes, you. Go to your contacts. Scroll through and find anyone you don’t want to randomly FaceTime with. Especially exes. Lesson learned, ya’ll.

So here’s what happened. I’m chatting away with my phone on my cheek, and it somehow unlocked and my cheek clicked away and brought up my contacts. This gentleman’s name started with an “A”, so my cheek then decided to make my day a lot more interesting by clicking his name and then clicking “FaceTime”. Oh, and I had hung up on my friend a few moments before. So I’m chatting away and he doesn’t answer the call (THANK GOD). Then he FaceTimes me back. That’s when I stop talking and look at my phone and then it’s happening.

Some things still don’t add up for me – like, wouldn’t I hear it ring? Even when you are the one calling via FaceTime, it makes a ringing noise while it’s connecting… Maybe I’m not remembering certain details accurately, but all I know is: one minute I’m talking to my friend, the next I’m suddenly FaceTiming my ex.

So needless to say it was a confusing and awkward conversation that I tried to end as soon as possible. But let’s address some things, in conclusion:

1. WHY WOULD HE CALL ME BACK? On FaceTime?? He should know by now that he gets accidentally dialed because of his name. We hadn’t spoken in months. Wouldn’t that be your first conclusion? Maybe send a text to verify?

2. OF ALL THE “A” NAMES!! Why him?? The person I was JUST talking about? Too weird.

Takeaway: Don’t move your phone around a lot while you’re talking so it doesn’t unlock and wreak havoc on your life. Also, delete your exes numbers if you no longer want to talk to them.

What is your most embarrassing social media/tech mishap moment? Please share!




Friday TV Rant


I have been watching two very different shows lately: Empire and House of Cards.

One show is set in a world of white power – politicians in DC are plotting against each other, only interested in influence and money. All you see is ties, crown molding, conversations in dark luxury cars, and fake smiles.


The other show is set in the world of an African-American bootstraps success story – R&B and hip hop stars are doing anything for fame and money. All you see is amazing clothes, expensive parties, and threats thrown across hallways with platinum records framed on the walls.




So today I am at work, and I’m working (I swear) – and all of a sudden, it hit me – Lucius Lyon and Francis Underwood are very similar characters. They are murderers, liars, and manipulative men who are obsessed with power.

Since I still have a sociology brain from grad school, I immediately thought – what does this say about masculinity? Here are two main characters of two of the most popular shows out right now – and both men are despicable, but successful. Is that what it takes to be a successful man? To sell part of your soul? According to mainstream media, it is becoming quite a pattern.

The president in Scandal had to do it (don’t tell me anything! I’m so behind!), Jamal in Empire is doing it… they come to a crossroads where, up until this point, they were a good guy. And then another evil dude in their life has shown them that they have to do “whatever it takes” to “make it” and they cave. They hold a man over a balcony, or kill someone, or whatever – just to keep their success.

The women, meanwhile, are doing some of the same things, but they seem to keep their relateable-ness and they still seem to have a conscience. We root for them. Zoe in House of Cards is annoying and she bugs the shit out of me – but she seems to still have a trace of humanity, and you don’t put her in the same category as Underwood (and don’t tell me anything! I’m only on the first season! Maybe I should have caught up before writing this… ah, well.) Cookie on Empire (WHO IS THE BEST CHARACTER EVER ON TELEVISION) does some intense stuff, but you like her. You feel bad for her. If she kills a dude who is coming after her or beats up her son for a sec, you are okay with it. Why? I have no idea.

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But these main characters – Lucius and Underwood – they just have too many parallels. Narcissists who throw their loved ones under the bus to achieve their goals. Where is the main male character whose conscience is clean and is still successful? Who has a loving and healthy family life?

I just think it is interesting that there is this message: whether you started out as a good guy, or were the devil to begin with, you will have to do some evil shit to be successful (like, history books and household names successful).

Where did this come from? What do you think?

Side note: I like House of Cards. But I wish I liked it more. House of Cards is like vegetables and Empire is like ice cream. I know House of Cards is quality television that has all this good stuff like amazing subtleties in character development and production… but I get a little bored. What can I say – I like the flashy, Glee-y, R&Btastic tastiness of Empire. But now that season one is over I have a sugar hang over. COME BACK TO ME.


Check out this great article about diversity in Hollywood – so well written!  Shows like Empire and Scandal are finally proving that we like seeing non-white people on TV! Deal with it.


I hope you have a great weekend! I am off to Cambria with Anthony to celebrate our two year anniversary. <3 Hope you all find time to relax!



Invaluable Images

Image-1 (1)

Yesterday I heard that a friend I new back in high school had hit his head in a skateboarding accident and was now pronounced brain dead. He will be let go in a few days.

He was in my graduating class and was the sweetest boy. My whole high school community is shaken and heartbroken. I can’t imagine what his friends and family are going through.

I haven’t spoken to him in years, but I felt upset. One day he was fine, the next he was in the hospital in brain surgery, the next declared he would never come back.

It’s terrifying to think how quickly one life can be taken, and how many people are left heartbroken because they were touched by that one person, in whatever way.

I went home after hearing the news, thinking of a photograph that I have seen time and time again while going through my old photos. I opened the old box and found it, like I knew I would – the picture from the last time I probably ever spoke to this kind-hearted, sweet guy I once new as a teenager. We are hugging and smiling in the halls of our high school, feeling nostalgic and giddy at Grad Night.

It meant a lot to find that picture. To find an image of him that maybe others hadn’t seen before, and to have a picture of a moment we shared together – even if it was fleeting, and even if we were never close.

Imagine how his family and friends must cherish the pictures and images they have of him. I always hear talking heads going on and on about how millenials are narcissistic because of the countless images we have of ourselves since the moment we were born. This is spun as a negative characteristic of my generation, somehow. I don’t understand it. Moments like this make me so glad that the people I know have many, many beautiful and easily accessible images of themselves and their loved ones. How precious. What a gift.

How could that be bad?

My sister has her own photography business, as many of you know – she shoots wonderful pictures of me and Anthony once and a while that I brag about in some past posts. She always brings this idea up when she talks about what she does. How pregnant mothers should have images of themselves in that state forever – not only for themselves, to look back on their glowing bodies at that time (even if now they don’t feel so glowing), but also for their children, to see the transformation their mother went through to have them.

She does newborn shoots, family shoots, engagement sessions, you name it. But they all have one thing in common – they are all images and moments that are worth remembering.

Her friend and fellow photographer made a video for her business that perfectly describes the idea I am talking about – how invaluable images of our loved ones are. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Learn more about Two Happy Lambs Photography here.


Do you have any photos that you couldn’t live without? I would love to hear stories about a special image that means something to you!



Making the switch: coffee to tea


I have a love-hate relationship with coffee.

I love it, it hates me.

For years, I would dump tons of crème brûlée creamer into a cup every morning, savoring it and firmly believing that it held the key to the success of my morning day.


After time and time again of getting the shakes and feeling nauseous, I think it was Emily (of course not me – that would make too much sense) that finally saw the pattern – I had to have something in my stomach before I drank coffee or I would feel awful.

This made hung over mornings unbearable, or any morning where I just didn’t feel up to eating breakfast.

But even when I did eat a hearty meal in the morning, 6 times out of 10 I would still feel crappy.

It had to end.


Amy was the one who inspired me. She had made the switch from Coke Zero to tea for her caffeine fix, because she wanted to have a healthier habit. I thought, you know what: it’s time to break up with coffee. It had become like a bad relationship – I obviously was way more invested in it, I was being treated badly, and yet I always went back for more – hoping it would change, someday.

So we broke up. It seemed like the hardest thing at first – no creamy taste, no amazing smell or sound of freshly brewing coffee… but I comforted myself with the fact that it was so much healthier for me. My cups of coffee every day were the color of khakis. All that cream every day? No bueno.

The switch wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Black tea has a higher amount of caffeine than other teas, but less than coffee, so it was perfect. Plus, the bitter taste reminded me of the good ‘ol days. After a while I switched to green tea only – I found myself not needing as much caffeine throughout the day, and I just learned to love green tea the most. Which is awesome, because it is the healthiest for you!


Here are the benefits that I have found from switching to tea:

  • Guilt-free caffeine! I started out with no sugar or milk, and stuck with it
  • I can have as many cups as I want, since the caffeine level is so low
  • I stay super hydrated all day, with tea and water taking turns at my desk
  • I can still have a yummy drink at a coffee shop – I discovered soy chai lattes with Anthony’s mom, and let me tell you – it’s heaven in a cup.
  • No more stomach aches, ever (unless caused by something else… like poor choices involving donuts)

Check out some of the health benefits of green tea here (and a less intense read here and here).


I certainly wouldn’t try to convince someone who loves coffee to make a switch. However, if you have a dysfunctional relationship with coffee like I did, and are looking for a way out, hopefully this helps. :)

Did you make a healthy switch that changed everything for the better? I am always looking for easy solutions like this that can make me feel better. Please share your wisdom in the comments!



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