This post is brought to you by my friend Amy.

A few facts about Amy:

  • She’s an amazing cook
  • She lives in Texas
  • She wrote her master’s thesis on Battlestar Gallactica.

So now we’re on the same page – she’s awesome.


Thinking of reorganizing your kitchen, but looking for a unique way to do it?

Photo Feb 07, 19 58 45


This is not only super easy to do, but it’s also a really unique way to give your kitchen more character.
Photo Feb 07, 19 39 07 Buy these labels here.

While organizing her pantry, she also got brand new containers for everything she needs – now it looks uniform and organized.

Photo Feb 07, 12 27 25

Photo Feb 07, 19 57 56 She used a 2 qt container for her white sugar and flour.

“It fits about 80% of a standard 5lb bag of sugar or flour. The gallon one would fit a full standard bag of flour or sugar, but is a bit wider and I knew wouldn’t work in my pantry, but if space is not a huge issue I would go with gallon for flour and sugar, and if space is more of an issue go with 2qt plus module containers that could hold the remainder until it can be re-filled.”

Photo Feb 07, 19 58 14

This 1 qt Container is great for other sugars (dark and light brown, powdered sugar and rice). Buy it here.

Photo Feb 07, 19 58 28

This 8oz container can be used for miscellaneous smaller dry goods like baking soda, milk powder, chocolate chips, or cocoa powder. Buy it here.

“I also bought some rectangular module containers to act as a catch all for anything else – specialty items that maybe don’t warrant their own jar, or any flour or sugar that couldn’t fit in the jars. I put corn meal and panko breadcrumbs in there, too. I’m already planning on ordering 3 more for a few more items I’d like to contain (like my loose leaf tea) and I’ll have extra containers if I buy any more dry goods at this point.”



So there’s your how-to guide for reorganizing your pantry in the most adorable and easy way.

Can’t get enough of Amy? Check out her Instagram page for pictures of her cat and amazing food at @therealguidry.




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