I was reading this post from Cupcakes and Cashmere the other day and thought I should share one of my most embarrassing social media/technology moments. Cuz it’s a good one.



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I was catching up with an old friend on the phone one day, pacing around my studio apartment during a marathon conversation about dating. She was dating a guy at the time and didn’t feel like it could really go anywhere serious, and I started telling her about a guy I dated a while back that I had felt the same way about.

So I’m telling her about this guy that I had dated that only lasted a few weeks. Blah blah blah blah… Wait. Was she still on the line? She hadn’t said “Ya, totally” or laughed at my hilarious jokes in a while.

So I take my phone off my ear to look at it. It said I was about to FaceTime – with the guy I was just talking about.


Then, before I could even register the horror of the situation, he was looking at me.


Let’s address two things at this point in the story:

1. I could have had one of those rejuvenating green goop face masks on. I could have just gotten out of the shower with mascara all over my face that I hadn’t washed off yet because I was at home, alone, talking to a friend. Miracle of miracles, I think I looked pretty normal – albeit TOTALLY SHOCKED that this was happening to me.

2. Pick up your phone. Yes, you. Go to your contacts. Scroll through and find anyone you don’t want to randomly FaceTime with. Especially exes. Lesson learned, ya’ll.

So here’s what happened. I’m chatting away with my phone on my cheek, and it somehow unlocked and my cheek clicked away and brought up my contacts. This gentleman’s name started with an “A”, so my cheek then decided to make my day a lot more interesting by clicking his name and then clicking “FaceTime”. Oh, and I had hung up on my friend a few moments before. So I’m chatting away and he doesn’t answer the call (THANK GOD). Then he FaceTimes me back. That’s when I stop talking and look at my phone and then it’s happening.

Some things still don’t add up for me – like, wouldn’t I hear it ring? Even when you are the one calling via FaceTime, it makes a ringing noise while it’s connecting… Maybe I’m not remembering certain details accurately, but all I know is: one minute I’m talking to my friend, the next I’m suddenly FaceTiming my ex.

So needless to say it was a confusing and awkward conversation that I tried to end as soon as possible. But let’s address some things, in conclusion:

1. WHY WOULD HE CALL ME BACK? On FaceTime?? He should know by now that he gets accidentally dialed because of his name. We hadn’t spoken in months. Wouldn’t that be your first conclusion? Maybe send a text to verify?

2. OF ALL THE “A” NAMES!! Why him?? The person I was JUST talking about? Too weird.

Takeaway: Don’t move your phone around a lot while you’re talking so it doesn’t unlock and wreak havoc on your life. Also, delete your exes numbers if you no longer want to talk to them.

What is your most embarrassing social media/tech mishap moment? Please share!




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  1. Mary
    March 30, 2015 at 3:40 pm (3 years ago)

    Omg I had forgotten about this!!!!! Gaaaaaahhhhh so weird!!!!!


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