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Pop of Purple


I am really into this purple satin top I got a a consignment store by my house. I am really into blouses lately, and ones that are interesting and a little unique in some way. This one lets me create a no-brainer outfit, while still feeling chic and put together.

I paired it with dark jeans, heels, and a blazer for work:


…and black leggings, a lace bralet, ankle boots, and my leather jacket for dinner afterwards:


Find a similar one here.

ALSO: Since I cut my hair, I have been really missing throwing it up in a bun when it’s dirty or misbehaving (although I don’t miss anything else about long hair – I don’t know if I’ll ever go back!). I have been scouring Pinterest for short hair updos and none of them were easy enough.

This is a lesson about how if you are on Pinterest for an obnoxious amount of time, all your dreams will come true.

IMG_5406 The pin to this article changed my life.

Bobby pins. I just needed to put my trust in bobby pins.

You just put your hair in a high-ish pony tail, then pin the pieces to create a faux bun. When some of the hair falls out on the bottom and you feel sad, you just… PIN IT UP.

Then your hair is UP. Off your neck, out of your face, and looking like a cute top knot.

It works. Just a little hairspray. It stayed all day.

I’m so happy.

What is your favorite go-to hairstyle that gets you through the work week?



The Anxious Optimist


Meet my friend Angela, a talented writer and sweet friend who I have been wanting to share with you for a long time.

I’m so excited for this post because I love reading pieces and blog posts by women being vulnerable and telling you about the times that they feel lame and scared. As we all know, it’s rare to find that on the internet.

So I hope you enjoy this honest account of what we all have experienced at some point or another…


The Anxious Optimist
Or, How I Learned to Fight My Anxiety With Positivity

I am an optimist with anxiety.

I enter a room like a marble statue: tall, solid, and gleaming with a stiff expression. On the
outside, I’m wearing my favorite shoes, my makeup is done just the way I think makes me
look best, and I’m smiling confidently.

On the inside, I feel like an intruder. There’s a voice telling me I don’t belong. I’m unwanted. It makes my skin crawl. It makes my throat clamp up. My lungs burn, my hands shake, and a layer of sweat forms on my forehead. I’m fighting back tears, fighting back an attack.

And then the paranoid thoughts begin. My mind weaves negative thoughts and opinions of
those who love me and care about me, twist their kind words and pleasant gazes into forced politeness and annoyance with me. The voice inside my head turns them against me, convinces me that they’re just putting up with me.

My housemate can’t stand me when I have my moods like this.
She only agreed to go out with me because it would be more awkward if she had declined.
He’s going to break up with me if I call him in tears one more time.

I’m a burden on everyone.

When the anxiety is at bay, I know these thoughts are insane. They’re crazy and false and
malicious and deeply unfair to the people they’re projected on.

My housemate adores me and cares about my well-being immensely.
She’s been my friend forever and loves to see me and catch up.
He’s my rock and wants me to call so that he can help ease the mess in my head.

I am not a burden. I am a fun, independent, and outgoing individual with wonderful friends and family who want nothing but the best for me. And the pervasive, paranoid thoughts are a lie, a chemical imbalance that I fight largely on my own with additional support from those who are more than happy to help me.

Anxiety is a self-perpetuating beast. It makes you perceive that those who help you are
actually against you, which forces you to stop asking for help. You isolate yourself as a result, which deepens the anxiety. Rinse, repeat…

I broke the vicious cycle. I became an optimist, and further, I fell in love with myself. Needless to say, this was not an accident. I faked it for a long time. But the funny thing about faking optimism is, the more positive energy you put into the world (even if it’s forced), the more positive energy the world gives back.

Now, every step back gives me the strength to take two steps forward. I am thankful for the
life I have. I realized that my anxiety wasn’t a part of me, but simply a defeatable enemy who lives in my head. Recognizing that gives me the ability to separate myself from my anxiety when its at its worst.

Yes, sometimes my anxiety is so crippling, I have to hide from the world and cry. Yes, I still
get panic attacks. Yes, I get aggressive, paranoid thoughts that turn the world against me.

But I’m happy and I’m optimistic that my future will be one where my mind is no longer a safe harbor for my anxiety. Being an optimist is the best weapon I have against my anxiety, and I know it can’t defeat me.



Office Swag


Lately I have been trying to make myself a little haven in my cubicle from the stale corporate decor throughout my work building.


It really is cheap and easy to make your desk just as stylish and colorful as you are. I was lazy for a while, but once I brought a few cheery things in, it made such a difference.

Image-1 (1)

1 ~ This of course grabbed my attention at Michael’s – gotta have a little bling.

2 ~ This was a Christmas present from Anthony’s family. Get something similar here.

Image-1 (2)

 3 ~ These were also an irrestistible purchase at Michael’s. However, as you can see, I have yet to find anything to clip these to to make it adorable yet…

 4 ~ Stole this from my Sociology department in grad school. Find something similar in your local university.

Image-1 (3)

5 ~ Found this on Pinterest and printed it out, but you can get a nice print of it here.

6 ~ I got this back in college at a sidewalk sale of posters and prints. Find something similar here.

7 ~ Michael’s – by the way, that “to do list” is really a “things I have been ‘meaning’ to do for months, and I’m not really sure when/if they will ever happen because they are the worst types of errands ever…list”

Image-1 (4)

8 ~ I got this on Etsy – find something similar here.

9 ~ Got this from my boss. Always nice to have some industry-specific humor goin on.

Image-1 (5)

10 ~ This purplish vase was a fun find at a thrift store forever ago. Once I moved in with Anthony, the purple color scheme of my room faded away and this is a reminder of my single girly room days.

11 ~ This filing box was a hand-me-down from my sister, but you can find something similar here. It adds some nice color to all the grey and tan…

Image-1 (6)

12 ~ Another print from that college sidewalk sale. Found another cool print here.

Isn’t my family adorable?

Image-1 (7)

13 ~ Fake plant from T.J. Maxx. How do people take care of a living plant in an office with no windows near by? I don’t get it.

14 ~ CUTE notepad I got at T.J. Maxx, too. I don’t know if I would ever have any money if we had one in Santa Barbara. Thank goodness I have some safe distance from it, an hour away.

15 ~ My friend Amy got me these in grad school when I was writing my thesis on Facebook. Oh, you’re interested in reading a 60 page sociology paper on gender, Facebook, and self-presentation, you say? Fear not. Go ahead and nerd out, my fellow weirdo.

Image-1 (9)

16 ~ I also found these at good ‘ol Michael’s. I love the redwoods one – reminds me of home!

P.S. Why haven’t I taken the plastic off some of these?… Maybe it’ll keep them clean? What’s wrong with me.

Image-1 (8)

17 ~ I don’t drink beer at work. But I like to think about drinking beer at work. It’s motivation to get through the day. Plus this had pink flowers that MATCHED STUFF, OKAY? I just use it for my tea.

Image-1 (10)

18 ~ Another adorable notepad from T.J. Maxx – it was only a couple of bucks! And, like the coaster, provides motivation. Apparently I need a lot of motivation.


So I overloaded you with a ton of prints, but I just really like trolling Etsy. However, if you want REALLY cute prints that are from an amazing artist that will make your work space cute and adored by your entire office, check out my sister’s prints on her Etsy page. Here’s one of my favorites:



What makes your desk feel cheerful? What is your favorite piece of office swag?



Hello, my name is…


This post is brought to you by my friend Amy.

A few facts about Amy:

  • She’s an amazing cook
  • She lives in Texas
  • She wrote her master’s thesis on Battlestar Gallactica.

So now we’re on the same page – she’s awesome.


Thinking of reorganizing your kitchen, but looking for a unique way to do it?

Photo Feb 07, 19 58 45


This is not only super easy to do, but it’s also a really unique way to give your kitchen more character.
Photo Feb 07, 19 39 07 Buy these labels here.

While organizing her pantry, she also got brand new containers for everything she needs – now it looks uniform and organized.

Photo Feb 07, 12 27 25

Photo Feb 07, 19 57 56 She used a 2 qt container for her white sugar and flour.

“It fits about 80% of a standard 5lb bag of sugar or flour. The gallon one would fit a full standard bag of flour or sugar, but is a bit wider and I knew wouldn’t work in my pantry, but if space is not a huge issue I would go with gallon for flour and sugar, and if space is more of an issue go with 2qt plus module containers that could hold the remainder until it can be re-filled.”

Photo Feb 07, 19 58 14

This 1 qt Container is great for other sugars (dark and light brown, powdered sugar and rice). Buy it here.

Photo Feb 07, 19 58 28

This 8oz container can be used for miscellaneous smaller dry goods like baking soda, milk powder, chocolate chips, or cocoa powder. Buy it here.

“I also bought some rectangular module containers to act as a catch all for anything else – specialty items that maybe don’t warrant their own jar, or any flour or sugar that couldn’t fit in the jars. I put corn meal and panko breadcrumbs in there, too. I’m already planning on ordering 3 more for a few more items I’d like to contain (like my loose leaf tea) and I’ll have extra containers if I buy any more dry goods at this point.”



So there’s your how-to guide for reorganizing your pantry in the most adorable and easy way.

Can’t get enough of Amy? Check out her Instagram page for pictures of her cat and amazing food at @therealguidry.




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