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More Marble, More

I am all of a sudden obsessed with marble.

I want it all over my home, of course, and have only succeeded with these coasters so far (although I have SO many dreams of marble contact paper and all of the things in our place I could cover with it…).

But lately I want it even more to show up in my accessories.

I saw this scarf on Novelty and almost died.

4-23-2015 4-19-04 PM

Then I found these earrings on Pinterest, and the obsession really took hold.


…I love the ring version:


I am searching for this clutch… it needs to be mine… tell me if you find it anywhere other than Pinterest! The link is blocked because the universe doesn’t want me to be happy, I guess.

15b39ba29f6d6a0efd4b9dca29e5bf74  …and this iPhone case screams chic to me. I don’t know if I’m chic enough to own it, but maybe you are.



What trend are you into lately? Do you share my obsession and have other pins of marbled loveliness to share? If so, please send them my way.


Spring Road Trip to Big Sur

I met Eva when I first moved to Santa Barbara through a mutual friend. I have loved following her Instagram posts ever since – she has the best fashion sense and loves Santa Barbara as much as I do! I am so excited to have her guest post on Miss Mélange today so we can hear about her trip to Big Sur – one of my happy places. Image-1 (2) Living on the California Coast for the majority of my life, I have not become desensitized to the beauty we have here; if anything I celebrate it and try to enjoy it any chance I am given. I love Highway 1, so with a couple of days off of work, why not take a little drive up the coast? Let’s do this!

I’m so glad my good friend Rachel was up for the challenge, we had quite the adventure!


Preparing for the trip was fun – picking out outfits at our local store, Lola, is always a good call. 



The Drive

Drive The key to a fun road trip is enjoying the journey as much as the destination. We got out and stopped along the way and just plain enjoyed every minute of our adventure. 


Dressing in layers is the key for the weather in Big Sur. One minute it is hot and sunny, and then a breeze comes up and it gets chilly.

EvaBigSur Places to go in Big Sur

Nepenthe is def a must do – not only is the food and service top notch, the view is unbeatable. It’s almost hard to imagine a more beautiful backdrop. Sun, water, trees and whales migrating in the background…is this really only 4 hours from where we live?!


Big Sur River Inn is another must see spot. Where else can you put your feet in the clean, crystal clear waters while sitting in a handmade wooden chair and enjoying your favorite beverage? Sign me up – I want to go back very soon. 


Fernwood is worth a visit just to take in the giant redwoods which are beautifully majestic in all their glory. We couldn’t help but let our inner child run free and start climbing the trees, although I wouldn’t recommend this for safety reasons. ;)

Fernwood Fernwood2 After we left Big Sur we decided to continue up the coast to Monterey where we found ourselves at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. This is a must see, one of the best Aquariums in the world, known for their unique approach to local wild life rescue.

Turtle Fish This was one of our favorite exhibits:

jellyfish Sealife

Not to mention the octopus exhibit as well, which was one of the highlights: 


We had some fun walking around Monterey Bay as well; eating crepes, listening to the sounds of sea life, and soaking up the sun. 


This is a trip I would like to recreate again and again – can’t wait to venture back towards Big Sur & the Monterey Coast sometime very soon! 



Wanted: More Girlfriends


Lately it’s like this one thing in my life has come to the forefront for some reason – maybe it’s because Anthony is feeling better and we have almost been living together for a year now… maybe my focus is not on him as much and this has just emerged, inevitably, because of the timing.

I’ve been feeling super sensitive and weird about my lack of friends in town the last week or so. I’ve had a hard time making girlfriends ever since I moved here – I basically just adopted Anthony’s friends (who are all insanely amazing – I’m so lucky I get to mooch). Like my friend Amanda, who plays in Anthony’s ensemble – she’s my shopping buddy who has gotten me through the last 2 years without noticing a deficit in girlfriends. But lately they have had a ton of rehearsals and shows and I have been thinking about how short my list is of people to call to hang out when Anthony or her aren’t around.

My BFF Emily (former fellow Miss Mélange editor) just moved to Santa Cruz (which feels light-years closer than when she lived in San Diego, and LA was an offensive barrier between us that we had to drive through). I feel like I hit the jackpot with her, and it’s so annoying that I have an amazing BFF that’s everything I could ever need but I don’t get to have her close. Which is apparently such a thing right now.

FullSizeRender (2) I also have my sister only an hour away, with her whole little family there to support me and feed me and let me use their laundry room. And I see her a lot more lately than usual, and it is amazing. That sister relationship is just something that you can’t get anywhere else. Talk about being able to completely be yourself and laugh til you start crying.

So what’s my problem?

(This is when Anthony and my therapist say: “You are allowed to feel this way, you don’t need to beat yourself up or rationalize away these feelings.”)

I think I’m hitting that point where I’m in my mid-twenties and it’s actually really hard to make a good group of friends that all are close and have those automatic plans every weekend. In college it was easy – there was always someone to hang out with and some social event to show up to with your whole crew – it was awesome.


But then you start working, or you move cities, and you’re like – wait. Best friends don’t just happen like they used to. Like, when you meet and you fall in friend-love and it’s just obvious that you are going to spend a ridiculous amount of time together from this moment forward. Now, you have to make an effort – schedule a happy hour, actually go somewhere else than you’re bed after work and hang out with people you’ve never met or hardly know for the chance of finding someone cool.

And shows like Friends and How I Met Your Mother do NOT help. Besides the incestuous dating, I want that group of friends that just walk into your apartment all the time and meet you at a bar where you know the bartender and have a booth just for you. I feel like I’m close, but I could really use some extra girl bonding. That type of girl group where you don’t have to think about if you’re talking for too long, or about yourself too much, or if that came out right, or if you start crying will they know you’re not really upset about that, just like, crying…because? Or when you say your arms/neck/ears/toes look weird/abnormal/too skinny/too fat on a whim, they know you have a healthy sense of self-esteem and love your body and are just shooting the shit with them. But yes, please tell me they look perfect and that I’m crazy, thank you.


I think this type of friendship is just hard to find. So I feel guilty having this need for it lately, because I already have it in a few people who I love! But, according to Anthony and my therapist, I am allowed to want it still, I guess.

I’m just not used to feeling all insecure about asking a friend to hang out and being so invested in it – it’s like dating all over again!

I have a lot of friends that have had the same experience, Anthony included. I think it’s just about knowing what you want and putting yourself out there, over and over again. Which I’m not great at – I get lazy, or take dumb things personally, or try to play hard-to-get… I just get weird.

FullSizeRender_1 I’m trying to be patient – maybe in a year or two I’ll be surprised at the network I have here. Wish me luck!


Have you ever felt this way? How long did it take you to make a group of friends after moving to a new city or transitioning from school to work?



Bookshelf Styling

Who needs bookends?


Anthony put up shelves when we moved in to save space and we never got around to getting bookends… We only have two, but had much more than one shelf. I kind of got creative in the meantime and it hasn’t been an issue since. Stacking books on the ends has given me room to add some decor and interest to the shelves with that flat surface. I like adding candles and frames into the mix to make it more interesting.

image6 image1 (1)

The framed painting is actually a card that my dad made. He painted the front and folded the watercolor paper and made the card himself. Amazing.


I like the idea of using thrifted/found objects as bookends, too. If you are like me and think that bookends on Amazon are either too expensive or too ugly, try using something like this tea pot or vintage cookie tin and putting rocks or something to weigh it down inside.

image1 (2) image5 image4

It makes your shelves more interesting and can add a splash of color – or even serve as a vase! When I have fresh flowers, I put a plastic cup over the rocks inside the cookie tin, cut the flowers super short, and voilà!

4-13-2015 5-09-41 PM

We have even gone so far as to use this random megaphone that we inherited from Anthony’s old place (who knows where it came from) as a bookend too! I guess we’re not afraid of our place showing some of our personality.


The last thing that I love about our shelves is the color. I decided one day to do as Pinners do and group all my books by color to give a rainbow effect – and I absolutely love it. It makes me feel like it is styled and purposeful – not just a bunch of random books thrown together in one place.


I love that it is such a focal point in our place, and I am so proud of Anthony for doing all the leveling and drilling… I only had to pick out the brackets and paint the shelves!


Do you have any styling tips for shelves and surfaces? What is your favorite focal point in your place?



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