Anthony and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary by going to Cambria for the weekend a few weeks ago.

Cambria is this tiny sleepy town a few hours north of us on the Central Coast – and it is absolutely gorgeous. It is right on the coast, but is unlike a lot of coastal California towns with its lush greenery everywhere (despite our terrible drought).

We stayed in an Airbnb and had a fun quiet weekend away chatting, exploring, and tasting wine.


IMG_5497 IMG_5505 IMG_5503 IMG_5504 IMG_5506 A little reminder of home!

IMG_5502 IMG_5500 IMG_5540 IMG_5539

Our place was in a cute neighborhood with a trail to town along a hillside and across a big field. It really felt like we were alone in just – green. We weren’t exactly sure where we were going and if it would actually end up in town, but it was fun exploring, and we eventually made it.

IMG_5513 IMG_5507 IMG_5527 IMG_5522 IMG_5520 IMG_5518 IMG_5515 Once we got to town, we of course found the only brewery near by.

IMG_5553 IMG_5552 IMG_5549 IMG_5547 IMG_5545

We also tasted wine at Twin Coyotes Winery, where we chatted with the owners for forever. We had dinner and walked everywhere – all the while not exactly sure how we would get home. The trail we took there would be terrifying at night (for me at least) and it was getting pretty cold. I was in a dress and Anthony didn’t have a jacket… There are no cabs or Uber drivers in Cambria, so we were kind of planning on walking along the roads for 30-40 mins, freezing our butts off. Or buying $50 sweatshirts that said “CAMBRIA” across them that we would never wear again.

And then Anthony asked some random cashier how people get rides around here. That led us to a hostess who told us to just “call Rob”. She gave us a number, and long story short, we got picked up by Rob in a mini-van and got a ride home for $10.

He said, “In Cambria, we don’t have Ubers or taxis… but we’ve got Rob.”

Thank god for him!


The next day, we took a long walk along the beach. They have this amazing boardwalk path that was just surrounded by blooming flowers – it was amazing.

IMG_5581 IMG_5579 IMG_5576 IMG_5567 IMG_5566 IMG_5565 IMG_5564 IMG_5560 IMG_5559 IMG_5558

On our way home, we took highway 46, which everyone in town kept mentioning as an amazingly beautiful drive. Now I wish I could have an excuse to take it anywhere – it was gorgeous. If you ever have the chance, definitely take this drive – it goes right into Paso Robles, and has an amazing view of Morro Rock (which I didn’t take a picture of. I know.)


It’s just green rolling hills the entire way – it’s really breathtaking.

Then we saw a sign for wine tasting, somewhere along the highway in the middle of nowhere. We had to stop.

IMG_5598 IMG_5596

IMG_5602 IMG_5600 IMG_5603 IMG_5604 IMG_5606


What is your favorite weekend getaway spot? Hope you have some fun plans for this coming weekend!





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