I met Eva when I first moved to Santa Barbara through a mutual friend. I have loved following her Instagram posts ever since – she has the best fashion sense and loves Santa Barbara as much as I do! I am so excited to have her guest post on Miss Mélange today so we can hear about her trip to Big Sur – one of my happy places. Image-1 (2) Living on the California Coast for the majority of my life, I have not become desensitized to the beauty we have here; if anything I celebrate it and try to enjoy it any chance I am given. I love Highway 1, so with a couple of days off of work, why not take a little drive up the coast? Let’s do this!

I’m so glad my good friend Rachel was up for the challenge, we had quite the adventure!


Preparing for the trip was fun – picking out outfits at our local store, Lola, is always a good call. 



The Drive

Drive The key to a fun road trip is enjoying the journey as much as the destination. We got out and stopped along the way and just plain enjoyed every minute of our adventure. 


Dressing in layers is the key for the weather in Big Sur. One minute it is hot and sunny, and then a breeze comes up and it gets chilly.

EvaBigSur Places to go in Big Sur

Nepenthe is def a must do – not only is the food and service top notch, the view is unbeatable. It’s almost hard to imagine a more beautiful backdrop. Sun, water, trees and whales migrating in the background…is this really only 4 hours from where we live?!


Big Sur River Inn is another must see spot. Where else can you put your feet in the clean, crystal clear waters while sitting in a handmade wooden chair and enjoying your favorite beverage? Sign me up – I want to go back very soon. 


Fernwood is worth a visit just to take in the giant redwoods which are beautifully majestic in all their glory. We couldn’t help but let our inner child run free and start climbing the trees, although I wouldn’t recommend this for safety reasons. ;)

Fernwood Fernwood2 After we left Big Sur we decided to continue up the coast to Monterey where we found ourselves at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. This is a must see, one of the best Aquariums in the world, known for their unique approach to local wild life rescue.

Turtle Fish This was one of our favorite exhibits:

jellyfish Sealife

Not to mention the octopus exhibit as well, which was one of the highlights: 


We had some fun walking around Monterey Bay as well; eating crepes, listening to the sounds of sea life, and soaking up the sun. 


This is a trip I would like to recreate again and again – can’t wait to venture back towards Big Sur & the Monterey Coast sometime very soon! 



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