Hello all! I’ve missed you – I hope you missed me.

I have been MIA for the last few weeks, travelling to Arizona and then Washington state. Anthony and I went to visit his family in Phoenix for a week and then I went with my sister and her family to visit my aunt and uncle in a little town called Winthrop, WA – 4 hours east of Seattle.

It was so beautiful in Washington! I live for forest and rivers. If you follow me on Instagram, you were spammed with me gushing about trees and water (we’re in a drought where I live – I’m desperate). Here’s a peek into what I was up to so you can live vicariously. Apologies for car photos and unedited snapshots – but I had to share!


If you ever get a chance to drive over the pass through the Cascades, DO IT. It has become the part of the vacation that I look most forward to, driving right next to epic mountains and hearing waterfalls rush down the rocks as you drive by.

IMG_6420 IMG_6421 IMG_6424 IMG_6428 IMG_6409 IMG_6412 IMG_6416 IMG_6417

We stopped by the cutest little ice cream stand on the way.

IMG_6396 IMG_6399 IMG_6400 IMG_6401

This is what I was greeted with when I arrived:


…which is why this is my kind of vacation.

Check out the little town of Winthrop:

IMG_6446 IMG_6436 IMG_6437
IMG_6445 IMG_6443 My niece and nephew are the cutest.

We had to go and at least put our feet in the river (it was hot as hell outside, but the water was ice cold). This checked off my main summer bucket list item: sitting in a river with my feet in the water and a beer in my hand. I didn’t have a beer at that very moment, but it worked.

IMG_6433 IMG_6448 IMG_6447 Their property is to die for.

IMG_6459 IMG_6449 IMG_6452 IMG_6471 IMG_6478 IMG_6483 Here’s where I stayed! I want one so bad – you can unzip all the windows and feel the breeze come through while you sleep. So comfy though!


We stayed with my dad’s sister and her husband – here we are back in the day:

IMG_6535 We ended our stay with a slip n slide. It was awesome. Another summer bucket list item I didn’t even know I had.

IMG_6502 IMG_6501 IMG_6515

On the way back we spontaneously decided to stop at this amazing swimming hole we saw on the drive back to Seattle. The water looked like we were in Hawaii, but was ice cold. It still felt amazing with the 90+ degree heat.

IMG_6531 IMG_6528 IMG_6529


I was in heaven.


Where are you planning to travel this summer? What amazing places have you already seen?




2 Comments on Vacation Snapshots

  1. dena robertson
    July 10, 2015 at 10:39 am (3 years ago)

    These pictures are wonderful! I copied a few to take to your Nana. She will get a kick out of them. Have a great Friday, honey.

    • Stephanie
      July 10, 2015 at 11:10 am (3 years ago)

      Thanks Mom! :)


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