You guys. We finished season one of Sense8 weeks ago and I’m still missing it.


3 things to get you on my level about this really quick:


1. It’s on Netflix.

2. It has a bunch of eye candy: orgies, beautiful shots of beautiful countries around the world, pretty people having lots of gay sex, and fun fight scenes that make you fist pump and yell at your tv.




3. It has a fun story revolving around shared consciousness and mind travel and all sorts of fun sci-fi thriller stuff.


Okay, you with me? If you’re not into the above things, then fine. But you’re missing out. I still love you though. Maybe you want to talk about Scandal, or Empire or House of Cards instead. That’s cool.

Anyway, for those of you who are like, “Orgies and mind travel and wha…?” *leans in closer*

…let’s get down to it.


A few things you need to consider as you embark on beginning your relationship with Sense8:


1. Don’t let seeing Sayid from Lost throw you off in the pilot. This character is seriously just Sayid, not just the same actor – he looks exactly the same, acts exactly the same – he’s just doing other weird shit somewhere else. Anyway, just roll with it.


2. The trans woman character, Nomi, is… I’m sorry, but – not a great actress. Can we all admit that? I love the story line of her character and her girlfriend is hot and awesome, but every time she opens her mouth I’m like, “Did they seriously see that take and think – perfect! That’s a wrap!” She always sounds like Siri or something – weird monotone and inflection that’s overacted or something. Something is very wrong.


I feel terrible saying this but it’s one of those elephant-in-the-room things. Everyone else in the show is great. Sigh. It sucks. Cuz all I want to do is be like “YES more trans people on television who are killin it!” And she’s beautiful and is giving trans people more positive exposure and everything. I just can’t with her line delivery.


Other than that, sit back and enjoy, in one sitting (I won’t judge) or more. And please let me know what you think!


I also need to know what shows you’re into lately. Just finished Orange is the New Black (with a finale of everyone just…swimming? Mmm k….) and we are caught up on So You Think You Can Dance, so I really need a new show to watch with the boyfriend (when he’s busy I watch Outlander. Drool.)






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