Work has been going really well – I just got back from a business trip to our office in Tempe, which made me feel very fancy. I just adulted so hard all week.

I wore a pencil skirt the day I left and felt so business-y walking through the airport pulling my little carry on around. I’m pretty sure I looked important and powerful. I wanted a sign that said “I’m a fancy lady woman going on a working woman’s business trip, just so you know.”

I got to get a taxi and eat and stay in a hotel and not care how much it cost because WORK WAS PAYING Y’ALL. The hotel was so fun. With this whole sharing economy, etc, I haven’t ridden in a taxi or stayed in a hotel in years, and I kind of felt like I never would again. But Uber didn’t have any cars around the airport and WORK WAS PAYING so I got to taxi it to this great hotel in Tempe with a pool and gym and a king bed. It had three sets of pillows. Because three people could sleep in there. At once.

Anywayyyyy, I wanted to give you a little update to my cubicle status since I know you are all dying to hear what has happened since I finally got magnets at Staples. My cubicle is mostly, like, metal under fabric? So if I wanted to hang more things I needed magnets. This took me weeks to cross of my list, but Anthony had to go to Staples for something and here we are (someone else always needs to be involved in order for me to get chores done). Check out more of my desk cuteness here.


I also looted an empty cubicle and got that lamp to make me feel a little more homey.

And look at this cute mouse pad I got on Etsy!



….So, I totally realize that no one actually cares about this.

But what you might care about is the awesome print that my sister gave me, which she drew herself, and which is making my cubicle look soooo swanky.

IMG_6698 IMG_6696 IMG_6697


She has a ton of cute prints for your desk or office in her Etsy shop. Here are some of my favorites (click on the picture to see the listing):





They come in all different colors, so you can match it to the scheme you’ve got goin on in your work space. I love these because no one else will have them, and they look so clean, yet artsy. Plus the gold effect on a lot of her prints make me feel blingy.

(She also has adorable prints that are great for nurseries or kids rooms. If you have a baby shower or birthday coming up, these are the PERFECT gift. Hand made, thoughtful, and way better than diapers with a bow on it.)

What do you decorate your work space with? What makes you feel productive and stylish? I’m always looking for new ways to make my desk awesome and shame all the other people around me with their boring cubes…. Share your tips!



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