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Monthly Mélange

It’s the end of my birthday month (wah), but to cheer all of us up I wanted to do a roundup of what we chatted about this month in case you missed anything, plus some oldies but goodies to get you in the mood for fall. Enjoy!

Instead of spring cleaning, I did some pre-fall cleaning and purging of my closet – great timing if you want to archive your summer wardrobe to make more room for fluffy fall things like I recommend in the post!

5 Ways to Revamp Your Closet

FullSizeRender (8)

We kept the revampin’ vibe goin with How to Revamp Your Social Life – don’t let the cooler temperatures (which we have yet to see in Cali) prevent you from having a nice cold beer with some new friends.


I celebrated turning Twenty Seven and reflected on some of the adulting I’ve been doing lately…


We also dissected The Suede Trend  – if you haven’t joined the debate in the comments or on Facebook, you’re missing out.


And finally, I started a new series, Mélange à trois, so we can talk about relationships, style, and any question that you want to chew on with us. I’m so excited to discuss this stuff with you – if you have anything juicy to talk about, email me!


Now to get you in a fall-y mood, here are some oldies we can look back on…

Hello, my name is…: Want to get your pantry organized and adorable just in time for a baking craze? (I don’t bake, but if you do, send me some.) Check out Amy’s awesome DIY that you can do in minutes.

Photo Feb 07, 12 27 25

Halloween: My yearly struggle to be all at once crafty, original, adorable and attractive: I am still trying to decide what to be for Halloween. What do you have in mind? Once again, the panic is setting in and I need ideas! This one is still pretty cute…



The Easiest Bun: 3 Ways: I am missing my long hair, you guys. And throwing it up in a bun and running out the door. A bun is the best accessory for fall outfits, and I miss it. If you want some bun-spiration (that was weird), check out this post I did a while back with longer locks – it has some pretty entertaining facial expressions.



Now if only the weather would stop being 85 degrees constantly. Before you yell at me for being ungrateful, imagine months of that with no air conditioning in a tiny apartment that has no air flow. Anyway – I am ready for fall people! Hopefully I can join you and the rest of the world soon with my scarves and tights and pumpkin spice lattes.




Mélange à trois: Should we move in together?

IMG_7076 Welcome to the new series, Mélange à trois, where we will discuss life’s burning questions about life, love, and style. Have a question you just can’t find the answer to? Email me at and we’ll talk about it!



My boyfriend and I have been together for about four months. His lease ended unexpectedly, so he moved in to my huge room in my house with other roommates. It wasn’t a huge deal since he was looking to buy a house soon and would probably only be there for a couple of weeks. Then a new roommate moved in to my house, and things got weird – they were constantly bringing over strangers and partying, doing coke in the house, and just making me feel really uncomfortable. Another one of our roommates is now leaving, and I am having less say in who we choose for the room. Then my boyfriend found a house, and we found ourselves asking: why don’t I just get out of here and move in with him? He was going to get a roommate anyway to help with the mortgage, and I couldn’t stay in this house anymore. It’s so early in our relationship, but the idea doesn’t scare me – we’re really serious, said I love you, and just know each other is the one. It’s really just the idea of what other people will think… Are we crazy?


No, you’re not crazy. I wouldn’t want to be in that house any more either, and if you are serious with your boyfriend, I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to move in if it makes perfect practical sense. It sounds like the only thing keeping you from doing it would be what other people would think – which in my opinion, is never a good thing to base any decision off of.

But let’s talk it out –

Scenario 1: You don’t move in with him. In this case, you will feel a little creeped out at your own place all the time, and probably look for somewhere new to live – then you’ll have to deal with finding the money for a new deposit, hoping you’ll find a place that fits all your needs, etc…. And even if you do find another place, how long do you think you would actually live there before you would want to move in with your boyfriend anyway? Maybe 6 months, because being together for a year, then moving in, is more socially acceptable? Doesn’t sound that worth it to me. Moving is a pain in the ass – I try to avoid it as much as possible.

Scenario 2: You do move in with him, and it’s wonderful and yay and so easy and best landlord ever and they lived happily ever after.

Scenario 3: You move in and things go badly. You’ve only known him for a few months and you realize you didn’t know all these awful things about him and you fight and break up. Sounds awful to add living with someone on top of all the break up drama.

However – this could happen after a year, or two years, or ten years of living together. Sure, maybe you won’t get as many “I told you so”s from lame people who might judge you, but other than that – it will always suck.

I say, ask yourself what you would do in a vacuum – if you didn’t have to worry what other people thought. It sounds like in that case you would move in with him – so do it! If that’s the only thing that’s really in the “con” column, it doesn’t seem worth it to me to go against your gut.


What do you all think? Let us know in the comments below – especially if you disagree!




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The Suede Trend

My friend Amanda sent me this article from Career Girl Daily at work the other day – it’s about how to wear suede dresses this fall. Amanda just got a new suede skirt that we have been obsessing over, so this was relevant. I haven’t even seen it yet, and I’m still excited – it looks something along these lines:


I am very into this, guys. However, the dress thing was a little more complicated in my book. These overwhelm me and scream 90s disaster:


9-22-2015 4-42-02 PM Suede2

(Amanda likes the red one, but without the tie… It reminds me of red velvet and Christmas outfits from when I was six…)


However. VERY into the skirt thing.



And I do like these from the Career Girl post:


9-22-2015 4-52-47 PM

How do you feel about this trend? Too 70s? I don’t have any suede in my closet yet, but I’m going to keep an eye out for the perfect piece to incorporate into my wardrobe.





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Twenty Seven

On Sunday I turned twenty seven. It sounds very grown up. Anthony made me dinner on Friday night and we went out drinking – Saturday we had a party at our house with a bunch of friends, a lot who I see rarely or who came in from out of town. Sunday my sister came into town for brunch, shopping, a movie, and dinner. She took this snapshot of us, which was such a perfect slice of my life right now to remember this year by:


Photo by Two Happy Lambs Photography

Some things that I wanted to remember about my life when I turned 27:

  • I just bought a new car, for the first time ever. A 2013 Toyota Corolla named Yoncé. Anthony calls her Mrs. CARter. I feel very grown up after doing that. Automatic locks, windows, keyless entry, talking on my phone THROUGH my car – it’s all very fancy and new to me.
  • I’ve been at my job for over a year, and I’ve had a pay raise and a fun business trip this year. I love it and I’m hoping to stay for a long time. I’m so ready for a real career that I am challenged by and makes the days go by fast. I feel appreciated and fulfilled, and I couldn’t ask for anything more.
  • Anthony and I have been living together for over a year now. It has flown by, and is the easiest, most enjoyable, fun thing ever. We live in a one-bedroom apartment and pay way too much rent, but we live near downtown and in walking distance from our favorite place. It has been extra hot this summer with no AC, we are doing laundry at my sister’s house every chance we get, and we really want a dog but aren’t allowed…but other than that we love our apartment to death. We do “urban hikes” through the neighborhoods in the mountains above the Santa Barbara mission on the weekends and I love the view of the mountains from our lawn. I don’t know how long we’ll stay, but it’s looking like quite a while, if we can.
  • When I turned 26, I started working out consistently for the first time ever. Now I go to the gym twice a week, and I’m trying to get it up to three. But I achieved my goal of getting to a point where I wanted to work out twice a week and making it part of my routine. I can feel the positive effects it has on my mood and how my body feels – I’m hoping to fine-tune my workout to maximize its effect and get more confident with trying new things in the gym.
  • This year I also took over the blog on my own! I love this blog, not only because I can use it as a creative outlet, but it is also a substitute for the journaling I used to do when I was younger. I am thrilled that people are reading and absolutely LOVE when people mention that they are a reader – it usually completely surprises me. Can’t wait to see where it takes me this coming year!





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