Month: November 2015

Master of None – most recently devoured Netflix series

This past week has been tough – it is disheartening to read everything in the news right now. Things can look so bleak, and people can be so unkind. Sometimes I can get overwhelmed by the lack of change and how ignorant and awful our society can be. But certain things give me hope. Hope that we can one day be a society that is less xenophobic. That maybe we can have more enlightened conversations in the mainstream media.

In grad school, I studied media and the messages it sends to us about society – messages about gender, race, and class. I also have a love for TV, so I get so happy when I find a show that breaks the mold and tries something new – like sending messages about equality and changing the narrative. I love supporting these shows too, and seeing what they are doing and the conversations they are starting – shows like How to Get Away with Murder, Scandal, and Empire, for example. They give me the drama I love, but add a twist with strong, badass women of color as leaders who are complex, relatable individuals – something that is rare in popular media.

Aaaaanyywwaaaayyy, this leads me finally to Master of None. I don’t have cable, so I rely on Netflix to try and catch up on months-old episodes of prime time TV. Thankfully, they have their own shows now that I can binge on all at once (in this case, it only took me and Anthony a Saturday night to watch the whole thing since we were sick at home). Usually Netflix originals are good, and I like Aziz Ansari so we tried it out.

I now love Aziz Ansari.



This show has a Louie feel (Louis CK’s show), but it’s much less dark and is just so good at understanding millenials so precisely, while presenting social issues in a simultaneously well-educated and funny way. Aziz is the main character, a single actor with late 20s/early 30s problems like deciding whether he wants to settle down and have kids, how to deal with a serious relationship, and seeing his parents in a different light.



The great thing about this show is that it isn’t just a comedy with a cute and relatable person that we follow through the growing pains of a young life – it changes the narrative. For example, instead of having the typical group conversation at a bar with members of the opposite sex about gender stereotypes (“Women, you know? Always so misleading and dramatic!” *high fives* “Oh yeah? Well men just think with their penis and have no emotional capabilities!” *banter ensues*), this show has a conversation about the commonplace harassment of women over beers, with a supportive and thoughtful dialogue.



They hit a ton of amazing and thoughtful topics in the first season – immigrant parents and how different their lives are from their children, aging and relating to the elderly, sexism, racism… I mean, it’s a sociologist’s dream. There might be room for improvement (like always) but this show really blew me away. I was so impressed how well they handled these sensitive topics and made it look easy – and everything was still funny and interesting as hell.

I want mainstream media to take notes – you can be funny, and not a downer, and successful and hip, and talk about these issues appropriately while using a diverse set of characters. See?! No excuses.


Have you seen it? What did you think? What is your favorite show right now?



Romantic Marquee Letters

You guys. Who would have thought that my favorite thing about our bedroom would be found at CVS. CVS! In the Christmas decorations aisle! That is there way too soon since it’s the beginning of November!!

We were strolling around, the boyfriend and I, looking for those pine cones they sell during this time of year that smell like happiness, and boom. There they were. Marquee letters, silver, cute – and for only $10 each.

Okay, that might not be a steal, but to me it seemed cheap. And they were right there, for me to take home, all convenient and everything. (Side note – they happened to spell “sack” lined up on the shelf, so Anthony and I got to laugh like 10 year olds and I sent a Snapchat saying “Merry Christmas to you and your sack”). I found some similar ones for around the same price here if you want to join in on the fun.

We grabbed our initials and after some debate, hung them by our bed. They give off the perfect ambient lighting – bright enough to see at night, but nice and romantic for the cozy nights of fall and winter. We have been kind of neglecting our bedroom as far as finally putting the finishing touches on decorating (after a year and a half of living here) – so this was a much needed dose of style for this calm and muted room.

Now, enjoy various pictures of said letters in various lighting situations.


FullSizeRender (39)

FullSizeRender (38)

FullSizeRender (31)

FullSizeRender (35)

FullSizeRender (34) FullSizeRender (36) FullSizeRender (32) FullSizeRender (37)


What is your favorite piece of decor from your bedroom?




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