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Holiday Hacks

Happy Friday! And happy almost Christmas. Don’t freak out, we still have time. But it’s coming!

I love Christmas. But I’m a little stressed. I ideally would have my shopping done by now and I’m only partly there. I’m feeling some pressure mostly because I need to give some gifts before we leave for Phoenix to stay for 2 weeks with Anthony’s family (my work has an office close by so I get to stay longer!). So my timeline is a little weird.

To help others who may be feeling some procrastination pressure, I have some fun AND cheap AND easy DIY gifts and ideas for you…

1. Check out this script pillow DIY project I did last year.


I got the idea from a book.

HAHA of course I didn’t. Only Pinterest exists.

You can use the lyrics of the song a couple danced to at their wedding, your BFF’s favorite T Swift tune, whatever. It’s fun and original and sentimental. Go for it.

2. Make some cute, cheap adorable ornaments!

Go to Beverly’s or Michael’s or whatever, and they most likely have an aisle with tons of blank ornaments. Some are wood, some glass, some plastic… I personally love the plastic round ones. They won’t break but they’re clear and look so pretty on the tree.

Grab some metallic sharpies while you’re there. Next, text some friends and grab some wine on your way home. Put Mariah Carey Christmas on. Drink a glass of wine. Take out your pens and make some magic on some awesome homemade ornaments.

Here’s mine from last year:

FullSizeRender (46) FullSizeRender (47)

We don’t have kids so anything is fair game, right?

Make more appropriate ones and give them as gifts, or keep them for yourself!

3. Wrap your gifts with what you already have in your kitchen!


Check out my post from last year where I wrapped my gifts with paper grocery bags – easy, fun, and will make you feel like a better person since your’re recycling. Plus you can use the metallic sharpies you already have from the fun drunken-ornament-making night!

Screw buying wrapping paper and those fancy tags and all that. If you want to get super fancy, grab some twine and a few little branches off the tree and tie them on there. You’ll look so sophisticated and minimalist.

4. To keep track of all your gift ideas for each person, use Pinterest!

I use Pinterest for everything. But I swear this was super helpful. Yunno when it’s like, late November and you see something on Amazon that might be a good gift for like your cousin, but you’re not gonna buy it right now (it’s still November and you still have a lot of procrastination ahead of you), but you don’t want to forget? Because you know when it’s December 20th and you’re like DAMMIT I still need something for my cousin, you’re gonna draw a blank?

Anyway, use Pinterest for that scenario. All you gotta do is make a board and make sure it’s private (click on Edit Board and turn Secret to On). Then you can pin gift ideas without anyone who follows you on Pinterest seeing any of it.

12-10-2015 5-15-28 PM

Keep it organized by putting the person’s name in the description of each pin. Now you have a full list of ideas (that you could in theory start on early in the year), right at your fingertips. Plus they link back to the site where you found them so you can buy them right away. Boom.


What are your favorite holiday hacks?

Stay warm and festive everyone!



Mélange à trois: What do I do with this huge blank wall?


We have this huge blank wall in our house that we need to decorate. But a big piece of art is super expensive, and I don’t have the time or energy for a big DIY project. What’s an easy decor fix for a big blank space?


We had the same issue – one blank wall in our bedroom was keeping it looking bare and not styled, and it was driving me crazy – but we already had a gallery wall on the opposite side of the room, so we needed an all-in-one piece that made a statement, but that we loved.

Here are a few ideas, including what we decided on for our place:

1. Shower curtain art.

I thought this was a really cool idea. It’s not the cheapest, and it does involve some DIYing – but you’ll end up with a really cool conversation piece that looks expensive, big, and unique.

I got the idea from a friend, but a step-by-step guide can be found here. Here’s an example of what it looks like when it’s finished:



Basically you make a frame and staple gun the shit out of it and voila! You have a cheaper version of a nice big statement art piece.

Here are some awesome shower curtains that I think would be great for an art piece:











2. Tapestry

I also looked at a ton of tapestries on Etsy that were beautiful – and no DIY skills needed! It gives that same impact without the work.








And finally, the cheapest option and the one we chose…


3. Mirrors

It was so hard to agree on any of the big art pieces, and we knew that if it was going to be that big, we needed to both love it to death. So after so long of not being able to decide, I just started scouring my Pinterest boards and showing Anthony different options. Luckily, we both agreed on the idea in this pin:



To be honest, I wasn’t particularly stoked – I just wanted it done. But once we got to K-Mart and realized these full-length mirrors were less than $10 each, I was sold. We got three, used velcro hanging strips which was so easy, and we were done.

  FullSizeRender (40)

Once they were up, we were obsessed. It makes the room feel bigger – but more importantly, it makes it feel so luxurious for some reason! Like a hotel – in a good way.

FullSizeRender (43) FullSizeRender (41) I’m so glad they had white ones – and they even had a little molding goin on! I love how it looks, and it makes the room complete. That big wall seemed like such a chore, but it was one of the easiest projects we’ve ever done.

FullSizeRender (44)

Bonus: it reflects light (like the pretty glow from our marquee letters!) and you can watch tv in the reflection.

It looks so much better in person. Want to come over?


What favorite projects have you done in your place?


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