I used to have like 5 apps tracking all my health stuff that I wanted to keep on top of – how much water I was drinking, if I was eating healthy that day, how much sleep I was getting… It was exhausting, you guys. Isn’t technology supposed to just know everything I am doing and thinking at every moment automatically?

Then, I ran into a solution by accident. My therapist recommended an app that tracks your mood and helps with anxiety that she thought would help me. It’s called Pacifica, and it is now my one stop app for tracking my health and wellness.


Pacifica is primarily designed for helping people with anxiety, which I think is amazing. I don’t have intense anxiety, but I use it every. single. day. It tracks my mood and my health stuff, showing me what makes me feel good (like getting a ton of sleep) and what might be impacting my mood.

Plus – isn’t it PRETTY


It will also email you your weekly progress update, letting you know what your best and worst days were. You can start to see patterns – like I was getting all upset on Sundays for some reason (maybe because I was too busy every other day of the week to deal with my shit? Who knows) – so now I know to give myself a little extra self care at the end of the weekend.

But my favorite part is just simply tracking things that are important to me each day, like drinking water, sleeping a certain amount, and eating well. It really helps with staying hydrated and it helps me keep on track with my goals.


You can also add a ton of other stuff to track, and customize what your goal is for each activity. When I hit each goal, I get a full heart – yay! (I was awesome yesterday. Okay, maybe eating perfect is an overstatement, but whatever.)


I just love how easy it is to track certain things so I can get insight into how my daily routine affects my happiness. It also has a lot of other features to help you if you get anxious, like the Thoughts feature that I’ve used and loved, plus Goals, Meditations, and other stuff.


What is your favorite app right now? Have you ever used an app like this before?



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