You guys. I don’t know what’s going on, but I had this DIY project just HAPPEN the other day, like magic.

I have been frustrated with my stud earring situation – I have been more into studs lately and I was keeping them all in this silver box which used to be pretty, but has since deteriorated. I had this cute box I kept from like, a stationary set or something, that I fantasized about making into a box for these stud earrings. I just wanted to SEE them all, like the rest of my jewelry, and not have to dig for their counterparts every morning.

The only problem was, I am not a great DIYer. Sure, sometimes I pull something awesome off out of nowhere (like once a year) but this seemed to be too involved for me – it involved glue, and going to the store. So I pretty much gave up the dream and started looking on Amazon for already made things that could just show up at my door.

BUT THEN. I was in my craft box for some reason, and there was a bunch of black felt in there. Wtf? And then – wood stick things. Wtf?? These happened to be the exact things that Pinterest told me I needed to pull this off, besides a glue gun.

But I was like – wait. What if I just kind of stuff things in there without having to glue? It’s not like the thing has to be sturdy. (This type of thinking is affectionately called “Pulling a Laufenberg” by those close to me – eye-balling where a nail should go before hanging something, or in short just winging home improvement tasks in general.)

I found some fluffy stuff from jewelry boxes I kept for future gifts I never gave and tossed the boxes (finally – Marie Kondo would be proud). Then all I had to figure out was how to cut the sticks to the right length.


So I could have looked in our tool box for cord cutters or something, but I was too lazy and thought I would just try sawing at them with a big butcher knife. I’m not kidding. This is the stuff Anthony deals with.

But in my defense, it worked. I sawed for a bit, then snapped ’em and it worked fine! So woo! No having to bring out the toolbox.

After that, I wrapped one of the sticks in fluffy stuff, then wrapped that in felt, after I cut it to size. I left extra fabric on the sides for more tucking power. I wrapped it in the felt until it looked bulky enough, then tucked it in there. I used extra tissue paper to stuff in the bottom of the box, since I didn’t have enough fluffy stuff. Then I just repeated that for each stick and just smooshed ’em all in there!


It wasn’t perfect, but it came out way better than I expected, and it was the easiest thing.




Look how cute it is now on my dresser! SO STOKED



Any DIYs you’ve been pumped about lately? Please share! <3




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