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The Suede Trend

My friend Amanda sent me this article from Career Girl Daily at work the other day – it’s about how to wear suede dresses this fall. Amanda just got a new suede skirt that we have been obsessing over, so this was relevant. I haven’t even seen it yet, and I’m still excited – it looks something along these lines:


I am very into this, guys. However, the dress thing was a little more complicated in my book. These overwhelm me and scream 90s disaster:


9-22-2015 4-42-02 PM Suede2

(Amanda likes the red one, but without the tie… It reminds me of red velvet and Christmas outfits from when I was six…)


However. VERY into the skirt thing.



And I do like these from the Career Girl post:


9-22-2015 4-52-47 PM

How do you feel about this trend? Too 70s? I don’t have any suede in my closet yet, but I’m going to keep an eye out for the perfect piece to incorporate into my wardrobe.





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Wanted: More Girlfriends


Lately it’s like this one thing in my life has come to the forefront for some reason – maybe it’s because Anthony is feeling better and we have almost been living together for a year now… maybe my focus is not on him as much and this has just emerged, inevitably, because of the timing.

I’ve been feeling super sensitive and weird about my lack of friends in town the last week or so. I’ve had a hard time making girlfriends ever since I moved here – I basically just adopted Anthony’s friends (who are all insanely amazing – I’m so lucky I get to mooch). Like my friend Amanda, who plays in Anthony’s ensemble – she’s my shopping buddy who has gotten me through the last 2 years without noticing a deficit in girlfriends. But lately they have had a ton of rehearsals and shows and I have been thinking about how short my list is of people to call to hang out when Anthony or her aren’t around.

My BFF Emily (former fellow Miss Mélange editor) just moved to Santa Cruz (which feels light-years closer than when she lived in San Diego, and LA was an offensive barrier between us that we had to drive through). I feel like I hit the jackpot with her, and it’s so annoying that I have an amazing BFF that’s everything I could ever need but I don’t get to have her close. Which is apparently such a thing right now.

FullSizeRender (2) I also have my sister only an hour away, with her whole little family there to support me and feed me and let me use their laundry room. And I see her a lot more lately than usual, and it is amazing. That sister relationship is just something that you can’t get anywhere else. Talk about being able to completely be yourself and laugh til you start crying.

So what’s my problem?

(This is when Anthony and my therapist say: “You are allowed to feel this way, you don’t need to beat yourself up or rationalize away these feelings.”)

I think I’m hitting that point where I’m in my mid-twenties and it’s actually really hard to make a good group of friends that all are close and have those automatic plans every weekend. In college it was easy – there was always someone to hang out with and some social event to show up to with your whole crew – it was awesome.


But then you start working, or you move cities, and you’re like – wait. Best friends don’t just happen like they used to. Like, when you meet and you fall in friend-love and it’s just obvious that you are going to spend a ridiculous amount of time together from this moment forward. Now, you have to make an effort – schedule a happy hour, actually go somewhere else than you’re bed after work and hang out with people you’ve never met or hardly know for the chance of finding someone cool.

And shows like Friends and How I Met Your Mother do NOT help. Besides the incestuous dating, I want that group of friends that just walk into your apartment all the time and meet you at a bar where you know the bartender and have a booth just for you. I feel like I’m close, but I could really use some extra girl bonding. That type of girl group where you don’t have to think about if you’re talking for too long, or about yourself too much, or if that came out right, or if you start crying will they know you’re not really upset about that, just like, crying…because? Or when you say your arms/neck/ears/toes look weird/abnormal/too skinny/too fat on a whim, they know you have a healthy sense of self-esteem and love your body and are just shooting the shit with them. But yes, please tell me they look perfect and that I’m crazy, thank you.


I think this type of friendship is just hard to find. So I feel guilty having this need for it lately, because I already have it in a few people who I love! But, according to Anthony and my therapist, I am allowed to want it still, I guess.

I’m just not used to feeling all insecure about asking a friend to hang out and being so invested in it – it’s like dating all over again!

I have a lot of friends that have had the same experience, Anthony included. I think it’s just about knowing what you want and putting yourself out there, over and over again. Which I’m not great at – I get lazy, or take dumb things personally, or try to play hard-to-get… I just get weird.

FullSizeRender_1 I’m trying to be patient – maybe in a year or two I’ll be surprised at the network I have here. Wish me luck!


Have you ever felt this way? How long did it take you to make a group of friends after moving to a new city or transitioning from school to work?



New Year’s Eve – Outfit Inspiration

Today my friend and I are going last minute shopping for New Year’s Eve. A couple of us are going downtown to a club to go dancing – it has been forever since we did that. Let me tell you how much Anthony, my friend Amanda, and I love to dance. Amanda chants the name of our favorite place to dance anytime we are anywhere NEAR downtown, and Anthony and I just get ridiculous on the dance floor.

Ridiculously funky. Let’s just say when Beyonce comes on we should probably be filmed for a music video or something because we are pretty amazing.

Anyway, you can probably tell that I’m excited for Wednesday night. I’m excited to actually have some money to spend on a new outfit – last year I had just been laid off, so I threw together whatever I had in my closet:

Forgive the buzzed iPhone quality!
Forgive the buzzed iPhone quality and devil eyes!


It’s been pretty cold so I’ll probably wear tights again, and of course shoes I can dance in.

So here are some dresses I have come across so far. Hope they get you excited for NYE too!

12-29-2014 4-32-57 PM

I am super into this one from Forever 21… 9c7306d48860ef29e6e204055903aaea 12-29-2014 4-33-27 PM


I also love this slouchy, romantic look:



I love the cut of these – a lot more flattering for me, personally, than the all-the-way-down-super-tight ones…

fe7f1b5d3d543e1ecd92dad7d9f65ecb cab373e0084aebf7b3d3c41f3d6c3f42


And these ones are so romantic and pretty!

9c7b04be3dcb68240f1a6db4a5c301fb 5c6cc6dd6fc133de4b0b4b4c4f5d453c


What is your go-to NYE look?




Summer Solstice in Santa Barbara

Okay, it’s been a while since the Solstice Festival in Santa Barbara happened, but I had to share some fun photos with you guys. It’s at the end of June every year, and has fallen on Anthony’s birthday weekend the past two years. He was out of town in Arizona visiting his family, but I got to check it out for the first time (last year I was throwing Emily’s amazing bachelorette party :)).

It was really, really hot. And my friend Amanda and I were not thrilled with the insane beer garden prices (we have a plan to be more prepared next year – i.e. bring water, food…maybe a flask?…). But it was so fun to see Santa Barbara get super hippy and artsy and weird… Sometimes Santa Barbara can just have things a little too together, you know what I mean?

I loved the funkiness and summer fun everywhere. Girls in crop tops with face paint and bare feet, kids and cute dogs everywhere, and awesome live music.

post11 post16 post12 post15

I missed most of the parade, but wanted to show you some shots that I got of the amazing dancers and costumes. post6 post3 post2

Here is Anthony’s crew doing Capoeria. I highly recommend checking it out if you like martial arts, music, and dance. If you are in Santa Barbara, check out the Brazil Arts Cafe.

Look how cool they are… post8
post5 post4 post post9

There was a chick in this huge bubble thing swinging around. Like…what is happening? Wish I got a better shot of it, but had to share. post10 post13 post14

My view from the bus stop on the way home.<3

I love summer in Santa Barbara.

post17 Are there any local festivals in your area that I should check out?

xo Stephanie



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