Monday Memoirs

Hello sweet readers, it’s Emily here, and guess what? I’m still part of this blog! I have been gone for almost three weeks now and I feel the need to apologize to you profusely and tell you how much I missed you…but I’ll spare you and just hope you guys forgive me. I was gone on a vacation with my husband (which Steph so kindly explained here) and then I was having to take care of getting our lives back on track…. but I’m back now and I’m so happy to be writing again. A big fat thank you to Steph, who took over this blog like a champ these last few weeks even though she just started a new job. That girl is my soul mate.

So anyway, the tables have turned a bit now and Steph is swamped with work and errands so I’m doing Monday Memoirs today :)  Here goes:

Have you ever lived alone? If so, did you/do you like it? How was it different from your living situation now? If you’ve never lived alone, what would you do differently living by yourself compared to how you live now?

First off, I have never lived alone. I can never decide if I wish I had at one point or if I’m happier living with other people, but I do think about it from time to time. When I moved down to San Diego for the first time for college I was already in my junior year, so the dorm room days were not an option. I moved in with some friends of a friend and shared a room with one other girl. I didn’t mind living with other people but I wasn’t super close to the girls I lived with so it wasn’t the most exciting thing in the world, either. I spent a lot of time at Kirby’s house. When Kirby and I decided to move in together it was mainly because living with those girls wasn’t the best situation, so I needed to find a place to be asap. At the time I never thought I would live with a guy until I was married, but that quickly changed once I was basically living out of my car. We got an apartment together and it was the best thing EVER. There was no adjustment period, no conflict in our styles (other than a heinous island painting that Kirby had bought several years earlier…it got banished to a closet once we moved in together) and it immediately felt comfortable and meant to be. We had such a great time in that little apartment, and we have so many fun memories there of hanging out with good friends, dinner parties, getting engaged, and having the time of our lives. I never thought about wanting to live by myself because it was so much fun living with Kirby!

DSC01957 our little condo 


Once we grew out of that tiny one bedroom apartment, we moved to the two bedroom condo we live in now, and I’ve had fun making it feel more like an ‘adult’ place. DSC01987 our bar

I think I would have more of a desire to live on my own if Kirby wasn’t so easy going with how I wanted to decorate. He’s always down for whatever new thing I want to try (with the exception of a BEAUTIFUL floral couch I found on craigslist that would have been the perfect statement piece…he didn’t agree). I’m a pretty creative person and Kirby fully supports me when I want to paint our walls crazy colors or spray paint everything gold. I think if I was living on my own there would be more pink and florals and teacups strewn about, but I’m surviving without all that, I promise. DSC01990 I spy with my little eye lots of gold things…

I definitely try to play with a mix of masculine and feminine styles, but I realized I actually just like that, so it’s not really a compromise. Kirby is also clean and tidy and appreciates our house looking good, so that makes it easier too. Notice how I’m mainly just talking about living with Kirby and not just living with people in general…I’ve been living with him since I was 19, so this is my life.

I think if I lived by myself one thing that would be different is my schedule. When you live with someone there’s some accountability for your actions, especially when they’re your spouse. It’s like, “Why yes, I have been on the couch all day and I haven’t put on real clothes for the past 72 hours… DON’T JUDGE ME.” My friends and I joke that Kirby is like having a golden retriever because he’s high energy and gets antsy pretty easily if we haven’t done anything epic lately. Typical text convos between Steph and I go as follows:

Steph: “What are you doing today?”

Me: “I’m reading magazines on the couch and watching Netflix in my pajamas and it’s the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

Steph: “Sweet! I’m doing the same thing and it’s awesome.”

Me: “Yeah I would stay here all day but Kirby is looking at me from across the living room with sad/bored eyes. I need to take him for a walk soon…”

I’m not gonna act like this is bad thing though, because most of the time the outside world turns out to be more interesting than my couch (who would have thought). But it does sound nice to me sometimes to just get to do whatever I want whenever I want. Steph had a little studio for awhile and she told me how nice it was to just not have to worry about anyone else and do her own thing. I think I would love that for about a week. I would be like, “Wow! Look at me! I do what I want! No one cares! I’m freeeeeeee!!!!!”. Then after my week of “freedom” I would be like, I need someone to cuddle with and I’m BORED. My one disclaimer is that if I’m making it sound like Kirby bosses me around and tells me what I can/can’t do, that is the opposite of the truth. It’s more that when you live with someone you have to take them into account, too (aka a relationship). I’m happy with living with the hubbs, even if it does mean a little compromise :)

So in conclusion: I’ve never lived by myself but if I did I would paint my walls pink and hang out in my bed/robe for more hours than what is socially acceptable.

Next weeks prompt: What do you like about living in your current city? Dislikes? Do you want to stay there? Where do you see yourself ending up/settling down, if anywhere?

I hope you all have a great week! You’ll finally be hearing more from me now whether you like it or not ;) Happy Monday!


Online window shop with me…

It’s my first week of work and I feel both exhausted and pumped at the same time. I love it so far, but getting up at six every day to bike and ride the bus is taking it out of me. Plus I haven’t worked in 4 months… I’m definitely still transitioning. Hang out with me as I lay in bed and obsess over things online!

I am loving this trend of a black and white gingham as a table runner. For some reason it is so much better than a color, in my opinion- makes everything pop.

2014-04-14_0001 (images found here and here)

I am now obsessed with The Everygirl. Emily told me I had to read it because it is our ultimate blog crush (although it seems more like a magazine than a blog). I am obsessed with their financenews, and house tours sections (that’s where I found the gingham thing! In two separate house tours…).


(image found here)

Now that I am working again, I really want to save up for a scooter. Anthony has a car and I don’t (haven’t had one since I sold my breaking-down-Honda on Craigslist in 2012 and went to Vegas- lol) and I need to transport myself somehow without depending on him. And I don’t really need a car- you can get everywhere in Santa Barbara without going on the freeway, so I can go to work, downtown, the beach, wherever. Then we can use Anthony’s car for road trips. Everyone I have talked to who has had a scooter just raves about it. Such a more affordable option for me right now. I can’t. wait.

I’m trying to get work wardrobe inspiration…


(image found here)

I have a grey t-shirt, orange bubble necklace, and a navy blazer…yet everything I have is slightly less cool than this… I’ll have to try it out. Maybe with my black pencil skirt?


(image found here)

I REALLY want slacks like this. I want to wear slacks and look sharp but also have them feel a little more fashionable. And show off my heels. Plus baggy-at-the-feet-slacks is not a flattering look on short me.

Does anyone know where to find affordable slacks? I have a feeling I’ll strike out at my usual thrift store…

Hope you are having a great week!

Romantic Photo Gift

Katherine Portrait

Capturing those “little romantic moments” on camera can be really sexy! Wait, wait, wait people…NOT what you think! Check this out: When my husband and I got married 7+ years ago, he asked our photographer (a good friend) to make sure and get one special shot…of me getting my wedding dress buttoned up! An over-the-shoulder style portrait. Nothing crazy. Just romantic in a subtle and intimate way! It was and will remain one of his all-time favorite photos, and that makes me feel pretty good! For Valentine’s Day several years back I had this image enlarged and printed in black and white on glossy foam board (a great way to present large photos, and you don’t need a frame). When he opened it I could tell he was surprised, and of course he loved it! It’s been on our bedroom wall ever since. Whenever I look at it I’m reminded of that special moment. Whenever he looks at it he’s reminded of me, lookin’ glamorous with my bridal glow!  b&k bedroom This type of gift could easily translate into any relationship. The photo definitely doesn’t have to be from your wedding day! Just any favorite photo where you’re feeling at your best. An image you know will leave your significant other starry-eyed! That’s all it takes. A sexy gift, indeed!


{How to:} Create a Comfy and Graphic Headboard

DSC02002 copy Our guest bed room was pretty pathetic for awhile because a.) I didn’t go in there very much so it was out of sight out of mind and b.) it wasn’t really in the budget to redo a room we spent little time in. However, I was getting really sick of it looking like it belonged to a college student who couldn’t care less… it was bad, guys. IMG_0220 It was lacking any form of decoration whatsoever, and the bed basically collected all of our old bedding that we didn’t like anymore. The land of misfit bedding, if you will…

I decided I needed something that would make a statement and define the space, but it needed to be affordable. So, remember how Steph and I keep everything? Well, drumroll please…I decided to recover an old headboard Steph had made with her sister in high school. She left in our garage when she moved away from San Diego to Santa Barbara, and yeah, I kept it. But maybe you’ll forgive me this time because it came out so cute!

DSC01959 Even though the majority of the headboard was already made when I reupholstered it, I’ll start from the beginning for you so you can make it from scratch.

What you’ll need:

  • Plywood (Cut to size. You can either cut it yourself or have them cut it for you. Here are suggestions on sizes. It depends on your own personal preference and bed)
  • Batting or padding of some sort. You can buy quilt batting and layer until you like the thickness, but I’ve also heard of people buying mattress pads at discount stores like Ross and Marshall’s which can make it even cheaper.
  • Spray adhesive
  • Scissors or razor blade
  • Staple gun
  • Graphic material of your choice cut to size. You need enough to wrap around edges of headboard by at least 5 inches

IMG_0225 Once you have all your materials you need, find a large, flat area where you can lay everything out (I did it in my living room, but I wasn’t using spray adhesive since it was already made. If you are using spray, do it in an area with really good ventilation). Then, spray plywood on one side with a generous amount of spray adhesive. Lay batting or padding over plywood and press down.

Then, using scissors or razor blade, cut any excess padding around sides. Make sure it’s the same size as the plywood and goes right to the edges. With your staple gun, staple padding down along the edges.


IMG_0228 Next is the fun part. take your material and lay it face down on the floor. Lay your headboard padding side down in the middle of the fabric. Make sure there is enough fabric overlapping the edges of the plywood so you can fold it over and staple.



IMG_0229 Now, in order to make sure the fabric is smooth, I like to work from opposite corners and keep gently pulling and stapling until there aren’t any wrinkles or loose areas. Don’t staple one side down super securely to realize the fabric is pulled all to one side! It’s a bit of a process and you just have to keep gently pulling and then stapling. For the corners, just fold the material over itself and staple until the they are smooth as well. Also, can you see how many times we’ve recovered this same headboard from all the layers of material? haha  DSC01964 And you’re done! Put your headboard in place and enjoy! The best thing about this project is you can reupholster however many times you want! As you could see above, this headboard has had many lives. It’s super easy to find a new piece of fabric to match the new décor of a room. I got this piece of material on sale for $10, and I loved the bold color and print. Because it’s such a large piece, it really makes a statement in a room.

DSC02002 Adding some new fresh white bedding helped as well…
DSC02013 So there you go! A super simple, comfortable and graphic headboard that could help bring some style and pep into any sad bedroom. After I did this I got a little jealous it wasn’t our room! At least now when our guests come they will have a nice, relaxing place to stay that doesn’t look like the reject room. I absolutely love it!

Hope you all had an amazing weekend! Happy Monday!

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