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What happened to paper weights? My grandmother had several, and I remember being fascinated by their simplicity and curious nature. A severely heavy decoration, yet such a petite object! As an adult I totally see the merit, not only for keeping papers in order but also to add a small note of style accenting what might be a stack of boring or random pages.



You can use a paper weight on your computer desk to aide in the organization of files, or atop of a stack of magazines…even in the bathroom! A chic paper weight is the perfect solution for those little areas of chaos in desperate need of collection and management!



What’s even cooler is the variety of “thingamajigs” that make excellent paper weights: vintage alarm clocks, an old camera, sparkly geodes or unique rocks, small pieces of driftwood, petite decorative vases, or even a picture frame! Go wild! The possibilities are endless…


So Fresh and So Clean, Clean

Have you ever stayed at a nice hotel or Inn and felt pampered in those stark white sheets? Those crisp, clean, lines. That fluffy, marshmallow comforter. You can easily achieve this spa-like luxury without paying big bucks! My husband and I were recently inspired to go this route after the lovely Mrs. Emily St. John convinced us it was an easy way to feel spoiled in the comforts of your own bedroom!! Her suggestion: purchase your bedding at Ross or any discount “for the home” store (Marshall’s, Home Goods, etc.). Don’t break the bank!

We were able to buy 2 sets of 620 thread count sheets for a grand total of $70.00, rather than paying $70.00-$100.00+ per set! We found our plush white comforter at Kohl’s, on sale, for just under $150.00 (regularly $300.00). It’s filled with a “down-alternative” which we prefer…can’t imagine those poor little birdies who are sacrificed for their soft feathers. Furthermore, we paid a bit extra for the King size, even though we own a Queen. Best decision EVER! When my husband tries to steal the covers at night I’m still warm and cozy!! We absolutely LOVE our hotel-esque bedding set! Sooooooo luxurious. Highly recommended!


Steph’s Studio

I scored an awesome studio thanks to my wonderful landlord back in September that I had for an amazing few months. It was just the right size, it was walking distance from downtown Santa Barbara, and it was the first time I had my own place. Unfortunately I got laid off and it didn’t make much sense to keep paying rent (when I have a kind sister and boyfriend to crash with), so I moved out. But I wanted to share some pictures of my place with you guys since the next time I move it will be in a place with Anthony. My studio is an example of my style, with nothing held back as far as girliness goes:

IMG_2626[1] IMG_2628[1] IMG_2629[1] IMG_2630[1] IMG_2631[1] IMG_2632[1] IMG_2633[1]


So basically just silver, gallery walls, candles, purple, and twinkle lights. Honorable mentions also include my sheep skin rug that you can sort of see in one shot and my AWESOME garment rack I got on craigslist (helps with limited closet space, plus I like looking at my pretty clothes).

My style is definitely changing, and I can’t wait to merge it with Anthony’s. I’m glad I saved this moment in time though, so I can remember when I had my own place and girly style.

What’s your favorite thing about your place?

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