DIY Earring Stud Box

You guys. I don’t know what’s going on, but I had this DIY project just HAPPEN the other day, like magic.

I have been frustrated with my stud earring situation – I have been more into studs lately and I was keeping them all in this silver box which used to be pretty, but has since deteriorated. I had this cute box I kept from like, a stationary set or something, that I fantasized about making into a box for these stud earrings. I just wanted to SEE them all, like the rest of my jewelry, and not have to dig for their counterparts every morning.

The only problem was, I am not a great DIYer. Sure, sometimes I pull something awesome off out of nowhere (like once a year) but this seemed to be too involved for me – it involved glue, and going to the store. So I pretty much gave up the dream and started looking on Amazon for already made things that could just show up at my door.

BUT THEN. I was in my craft box for some reason, and there was a bunch of black felt in there. Wtf? And then – wood stick things. Wtf?? These happened to be the exact things that Pinterest told me I needed to pull this off, besides a glue gun.

But I was like – wait. What if I just kind of stuff things in there without having to glue? It’s not like the thing has to be sturdy. (This type of thinking is affectionately called “Pulling a Laufenberg” by those close to me – eye-balling where a nail should go before hanging something, or in short just winging home improvement tasks in general.)

I found some fluffy stuff from jewelry boxes I kept for future gifts I never gave and tossed the boxes (finally – Marie Kondo would be proud). Then all I had to figure out was how to cut the sticks to the right length.


So I could have looked in our tool box for cord cutters or something, but I was too lazy and thought I would just try sawing at them with a big butcher knife. I’m not kidding. This is the stuff Anthony deals with.

But in my defense, it worked. I sawed for a bit, then snapped ’em and it worked fine! So woo! No having to bring out the toolbox.

After that, I wrapped one of the sticks in fluffy stuff, then wrapped that in felt, after I cut it to size. I left extra fabric on the sides for more tucking power. I wrapped it in the felt until it looked bulky enough, then tucked it in there. I used extra tissue paper to stuff in the bottom of the box, since I didn’t have enough fluffy stuff. Then I just repeated that for each stick and just smooshed ’em all in there!


It wasn’t perfect, but it came out way better than I expected, and it was the easiest thing.




Look how cute it is now on my dresser! SO STOKED



Any DIYs you’ve been pumped about lately? Please share! <3




Ghost Garland

I don’t know what’s going on with me, but it’s like I got bit by the Pinterest bug or something – I all of a sudden am fine with the idea of cooking (what??) and I had the extreme urge to craft the other day and make homemade Halloween decorations out of found items.

It was kind of weird.

But, I had to share this random but kind of adorable (to me) thing I did – my little ghost garland!


So easy, if you are looking for a quick way to get in the Halloween spirit this weekend.

This what I had laying around:

  • a Sharpie
  • a bunch of white gift wrap tissue paper (I feel guilty throwing it away so I save it? #hoarder)
  • a stapler
  • twine (I don’t know why)


The twine is very fally-y, don’t you think? I think I ordered it on Amazon (still don’t know why) and I think I will also tie it around vases and such to make the place even more fall-like.

So, as you can probably see, the process is pretty simple. I just took a corner of tissue paper, rolled it on itself into a little ball the size of a tiny ghost head, kinda pinched, cut it so it had a little ghost skirt, grabbed the part of the twine I wanted it to hang on, and stapled. Add three sharpied circles, and you’re on to the next. It took me no time, and was a fun activity to do while watching Buffy. How in the Halloween spirit am I?

You can kind of fold and manipulate the tissue paper to hide the staple, or you can just say fuck it it’s a DIY ghost, I don’t care if they see a frickin staple, cuz I’m awesome and made this myself because I have so much Halloween cheer to share.

Look how cute they are!


Anthony’s mom got us that cute string of jack-o-lantern lights a few years back. :)





They’re making me pretty happy right now, along with the gingerbread wax melts Anthony’s mom sent us for our good-smelly bathroom light/wax melter thing (making our place smell like fall amazingness), and a centerpiece of orange and yellow roses Anthony brought home from an event he worked at the other night. I shall put twine on it and have the most festive apartment ever!


What festive fall things do you got goin on? Any DIYs we can all do while watching tv?




Bathroom sink miracle

So, I’ve had a battle with our bathroom sink since we moved in. There was always this corner that pooled water every damn day, and all this gross scum made my cute pedestal sink all frat-house-looking.

I scrubbed. And scrubbed. And bleached. And Comet-ed. And nothing worked.

Then, someone (guess who? Emily, as fucking always) told me to use Bar Keeper’s Friend. And you guys, that stuff worked when I was about to give up all hope. Check it:


FullSizeRender (2)


FullSizeRender (3)

It may be a subtle change to you, but this is LIFE-CHANGING for me. Pretty, white, shiny silver, lovely little sink! Yay!!

Only thing: I cannot get my bathtub to fall in line. No intimidation tactics, verbal abuse, violent threats, or even, dare I say, the unstoppable Bar Keeper’s Friend itself, can get that thing looking clean. It’s all porous and weird and when I try to bleach it it gets these brown streaks…? BKF helps, but it is still unsatisfactory. Any ideas?

My bathtub is like some intense level of evil, so I hope that in your normal life BKF can help solve any cleaning woes you may have in a flash – I had to share the good news because that shit is not messing around. Let me know what you think if you aren’t already a fan!



Neat Sheets

You guys – work has been insane. The holidays, then work travel, then an insane work load has made me a little on edge – and I find myself stress cleaning everything. The break room kitchen at work, a handle of one of our pots that could be just…a little…cleaner….

So I thought I would share a little trick that is making me so happy lately. I don’t know about you, but my linen closet has always stressed me out a bit. How can I make it so the sheets and towels aren’t constantly toppling into each other and making me crazy? Everything always seems to mush together and there’s always one pillowcase unaccounted for.

Then a few months back, we bought new sheets. And I thought, aw, look at how nice these sheets look all folded in this plastic thing made specifically for sheets. Then I thought, this should never end. They should always look this neat tucked in this plastic pouch. So I started collecting them.

Okay, I’m just gonna stop you right there and say I KNOW. This is a complete grandma moment. Once you are hoarding plastic packaging for some future but not yet realized purpose, you may need to check in and reevaluate things. HOWEVER. This turned out to be awesome.

FullSizeRender (49)

(Sorry for the ugly pictures, but this is some behind the scenes important shit.)

They all stack so nicely. And you don’t have to be like Martha Stewart about folding them to be able to fit them in there, either. You just throw the pillow cases in there with everything, and then every set has it’s own space and they are separate and neat and I love it.

FullSizeRender (48)

(Anthony calls these the “wifi sheets”.)

We have a curtain over our linen closet, so I’m not at all concerned with how things look aesthetically – I just want to open it and be like YES this shit is clean and organized. Grandma style or not.


But maybe you came up with a way to do this in a non-grandma way? If so, please share!

I have so many things to tell you all and so little time! Since when has work actually taken up my full-time schedule? Rude.

So, more to come – but please, in the meantime, tell me what organizational trick has been making you feel happy lately!



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