Script Pillow DIY

I found this great DIY idea for scripted pillows on Pinterest (of course). It was such an easy way to add a personal touch to our place, so I had to share.

I like the idea of having our place tell a story. I want unique things that are meaningful to us to surround us. I’m not the handiest person, but this allowed me to make something myself to add to our home.

This idea came along and I thought it would be a great way to make our bedroom more romantic. I decided to write our song, Words in the Fire by Patrick Watson, on our pillows.

It was so easy, you guys. All you need is fabric pens and white pillow cases. I got cheap ones that were on sale from Bed Bath & Beyond and picked up fabric pens on the way home (I recommend getting two).

14701955600_d558919a9a_o (1)

I tried not to over think it. I thought that more casual hand writing would look better than carefully printed words, anyway. I printed out the lyrics, lined the pillow case up with my coffee table to try to keep the lines straight, and went for it.

IMG_4597 IMG_4595 I watched a show and drank a glass of wine while I did it. It was the easiest thing, and it is my favorite part of our bedroom. I love the black and white, which can match with any color scheme, and I get compliments on them all the time.

If you like the look, go for it!

What DIY are you proud of? Share with us!



{How To}: Hide your ugly water heater

howto Hello all you beautiful people! It has been quite a while, and I have missed you. There has been some craziness goin on over here the past couple of weeks, which I will elaborate on in a post to come. But first, I wanted to share one of my favorite projects that Anthony and I have done in our new(ish) place.


As you can see, we had this AWFUL water heater just chillin in the corner of our tiny kitchen.

I was not into it.

There used to be a door there, actually, so I think the idea was that when the door was open, it sort of covered the water heater. But we were like, “Um, guys, why the hell is there a door to the kitchen? Unnecessary.” So we took it off (along with another one opening up to the “hallway” from the living room. Why?) and are storing them under our bed…because we rent and we’ll have to put them back someday. It made a huge difference though, and I highly recommend it if you are in the same situation.

So I started brainstorming about what to cover that dang thing with. And where do you brainstorm about random DIY projects? Why, Pinterest of course! I knew that someone on there would have solved this exact problem – because that’s just how magical Pinterest is.

pinterest2 pinterest

And BOOM. Room divider. That was the solution. Thank you pinners.

But then I couldn’t find any cute/cheap ones on Craigslist and most room dividers just didn’t go with a kitchen. Then, wandering in Ikea, we saw a build-your-own room divider. So we bought the frame to put together at home, with the idea being we would cover it with fabric. 14703246007_1c8f98a6a5_o I was thinking we could get cute fabric and maybe some string/wire and clothespins? And make it this cute place to put to do lists, cards, and pictures? But THEN. Emily was like, “Um, why don’t you do chalkboard instead?” MIND BLOWN. To Home Depot we went. 14888288682_296fbd9896_o TIP: If you do this, don’t buy the cheapest particle board in the world. A smoother surface would probably have been better for this. But whatever it’s still awesome. So we picked a bright and bold color (after much hand-wringing and texting to Em on my part) and painted that sucka. IMG_0368 And there you have it. As you can see, we only got two panels for the room divider from Ikea. Remember to measure, measure, measure – or you might get screwed. It has become a really fun part of our kitchen. People come draw genitalia on it all the time (unlike my blog-appropriate and adorable giraffe) and we can write what’s on tap in the kegerator. IMG_0339 It also acts as a great place to stick brooms and mops and stuff. IMG_0336 The only downside I’ve seen is that people’s clothes end up having chalk on it after hanging out with us. But who cares. And now, I would like to take this opportunity to talk about our bar. IMG_0358 IMG_0366 Look at these cute straws Em gave me for my birthday: IMG_0346 IMG_0332 We got this tap handle at a fun vintage store downtown. Handy since this is the keg we get a lot. IMG_0327 I got his whiskey/scotch bottle at a thrift store for nothing. I love how blingy it looks. IMG_0347 IMG_0353 This beautiful ice bucket was found at – you guessed it! A thrift store as well. I’m pretty obsessed with it. What is it with antlers? I kind of want more heads with antlers around… it makes me feel like, majestic or something. IMG_0348 IMG_0356 Do you have a bar? What is your favorite part about it? Or, what is your favorite part of your dream bar that hasn’t been created yet?




{How to}: Throw a Baby Shower & Not Break Your Budget!

Last week I went up to Santa Cruz to throw my lovely sister-in-law, Katherine, a baby shower. Because I was planning it from San Diego, I didn’t buy (or even plan) much until I went up there. I had a general idea for how I wanted the party to look/feel, but it’s hard to do much when you’re flying there! As soon as my mom picked me up from the airport we headed straight to Michaels (craft store, not a random dude’s house), where we bought most of the party stuff. I wanted to buy things that would have the biggest impact for little money, so we stuck with similar colors (blues and pastels) so everything would look cohesive.

Décor These goblets were some that my mom and Katherine actually bought for my bridal shower at the dollar store. We’ve used them now for several parties (including my wedding!) So it was definitely worth the purchase. It makes the event seem a little fancier. I also bought packages of paper straws for only $2 each and set them out before everyone arrived. Wedding Vows Header_0014 Next was decorating the space. I wanted it to be colorful and have a bit of whimsy, so I decided to go with making TONS of poofs. It took me awhile, but it was worth the effort! I bought the tissue paper at the dollar store as well (It was 3x as expensive at Michaels!). I made the clouds simply by taping up a bunch of white tissue paper poofs, then adding strings of light blue yarn with different colored paper raindrops stapled to it. Then I added poofs all of over the room…no place was safe from me “poofing” it. DSC02720 DSC02719 DSC02705


One game we played was blindfolded diapering. We collected “babies” that would fit the diapers, and then we blindfolded the volunteers. Whoever could diaper three stuffed animals first won. We kept doing rounds until everyone who wanted to play got a turn. I don’t have pictures of it, but we also played a baby shower version of Pictionary. I wrote out 50 words that related to pregnancy, birth and babies and we split everyone into two teams. We did five rounds for each team and whichever team guessed the most words won. Wedding Vows Header_0015 DSC02712 For one of the activities we had everyone write something on the back of a diaper and then hang it up on a little clothesline without letting Katherine see. She chose the one she thought was funniest and then that person won a prize :) Wedding Vows Header_0017 For prizes, my mom and I found an awesome sale bin at Michaels where everything was only 50 cents! It was super cute stuff, though. We got nail files, journals, notepads, pens and stationary sets. Because they were so cheap, we could afford to pass out a bunch of prizes.  DSC02751 Food

For the food we wanted to keep it as simple as possible while still having delicious home cooked food that people would love. My mom and I had fun taking out all of her prettiest serving dishes, which along with the goblets made everything feel special. DSC02724 We served Caprese salad skewers, spinach dip with crackers and veggies, our family’s “famous” cranberry meatballs, watermelon, and strawberries with homemade whipped cream. My grandma made two amazing bundt cakes (we requested our favorite ones) and they were a huge hit with everyone! The menu was so easy, but it was perfect for what we were going for. DSC02725 DSC02743 DSC02744 DSC02745 Guest Book and Favors DSC02704 For the guest book I bought a children’s book that I thought was fitting, and had everyone sign it on whichever page they wanted. I love that it’s something Carson can actually flip through and see sweet things written to him from all the people he loves. DSC02783 DSC02768 For favors we wanted to do something cute that people wouldn’t just throw away, but again, it had to be affordable. We found super cute notecards in packs of ten for $2, so I mixed them up, gave everyone two notecards, and tied a bow around them. It turned out to be about 40 cents a favor! We could handle that. Plus it’s something people can actually use :) Wedding Vows Header_0016 Last but not least, I wanted to do something for Katherine so she felt special. I decided to make her a flower crown! It was easier than I thought, and I’ll do a tutorial soon. I bought two bouquets of flowers (only about $20 total) and made it from mixing those. I still had enough flowers to make the bouquet you saw above. She absolutely loved it, and she looked so pretty we decided to do a mini photo shoot. DSC02795 DSC02796 DSC02804 Wedding Vows Header_0018 I’m sneaking my hair in here because it’s my new easy hairdo obsession. I was so busy setting up for the party I hardly had time to do my hair, but I thought this still looked polished and fancy. It only takes me about 5 minutes! DSC02733 DSC02805 We had such a fun time and from what I could tell Katherine really enjoyed herself! My mom and I had a blast getting ready for all of it, too. Do you have any party tips that help keep things affordable? I love entertaining, so I’m always happy to find ways to keep the costs down so I can do it more often! Hope you have an amazing day!

xo, Emily

{How to:} Create a Comfy and Graphic Headboard

DSC02002 copy Our guest bed room was pretty pathetic for awhile because a.) I didn’t go in there very much so it was out of sight out of mind and b.) it wasn’t really in the budget to redo a room we spent little time in. However, I was getting really sick of it looking like it belonged to a college student who couldn’t care less… it was bad, guys. IMG_0220 It was lacking any form of decoration whatsoever, and the bed basically collected all of our old bedding that we didn’t like anymore. The land of misfit bedding, if you will…

I decided I needed something that would make a statement and define the space, but it needed to be affordable. So, remember how Steph and I keep everything? Well, drumroll please…I decided to recover an old headboard Steph had made with her sister in high school. She left in our garage when she moved away from San Diego to Santa Barbara, and yeah, I kept it. But maybe you’ll forgive me this time because it came out so cute!

DSC01959 Even though the majority of the headboard was already made when I reupholstered it, I’ll start from the beginning for you so you can make it from scratch.

What you’ll need:

  • Plywood (Cut to size. You can either cut it yourself or have them cut it for you. Here are suggestions on sizes. It depends on your own personal preference and bed)
  • Batting or padding of some sort. You can buy quilt batting and layer until you like the thickness, but I’ve also heard of people buying mattress pads at discount stores like Ross and Marshall’s which can make it even cheaper.
  • Spray adhesive
  • Scissors or razor blade
  • Staple gun
  • Graphic material of your choice cut to size. You need enough to wrap around edges of headboard by at least 5 inches

IMG_0225 Once you have all your materials you need, find a large, flat area where you can lay everything out (I did it in my living room, but I wasn’t using spray adhesive since it was already made. If you are using spray, do it in an area with really good ventilation). Then, spray plywood on one side with a generous amount of spray adhesive. Lay batting or padding over plywood and press down.

Then, using scissors or razor blade, cut any excess padding around sides. Make sure it’s the same size as the plywood and goes right to the edges. With your staple gun, staple padding down along the edges.


IMG_0228 Next is the fun part. take your material and lay it face down on the floor. Lay your headboard padding side down in the middle of the fabric. Make sure there is enough fabric overlapping the edges of the plywood so you can fold it over and staple.



IMG_0229 Now, in order to make sure the fabric is smooth, I like to work from opposite corners and keep gently pulling and stapling until there aren’t any wrinkles or loose areas. Don’t staple one side down super securely to realize the fabric is pulled all to one side! It’s a bit of a process and you just have to keep gently pulling and then stapling. For the corners, just fold the material over itself and staple until the they are smooth as well. Also, can you see how many times we’ve recovered this same headboard from all the layers of material? haha  DSC01964 And you’re done! Put your headboard in place and enjoy! The best thing about this project is you can reupholster however many times you want! As you could see above, this headboard has had many lives. It’s super easy to find a new piece of fabric to match the new décor of a room. I got this piece of material on sale for $10, and I loved the bold color and print. Because it’s such a large piece, it really makes a statement in a room.

DSC02002 Adding some new fresh white bedding helped as well…
DSC02013 So there you go! A super simple, comfortable and graphic headboard that could help bring some style and pep into any sad bedroom. After I did this I got a little jealous it wasn’t our room! At least now when our guests come they will have a nice, relaxing place to stay that doesn’t look like the reject room. I absolutely love it!

Hope you all had an amazing weekend! Happy Monday!

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