So I got an iPhone about a year ago for the first time. Before that I was a student and just had a little one-trick-pony phone. I was so excited when I finally got one where the keyboard slides out from underneath when I was in college. I remember printing out Google directions to places and trying to read them as I drove (my manual, by the way-not easy). I even saved the sheets of printer paper with directions to places I go regularly (but can’t seem to remember how to get there) in my glove compartment.

Anyway, that was a fun trip down memory lane. My niece and nephew are gonna be like “HOW did you liiiiiivveeee???”

So I got an iPhone and was like, MY LIFE HAS CHANGED NO ONE HURT IT. So I got an intense Otter Box case because I was so afraid I was gonna kill it and not be able to afford another one. Everything was fine until…

I got a little tipsy in Connecticut visiting friends.

And put a Karl Strauss Brewery sticker on the back of it.


Then it looked like a high schooler owned it. It might as well have been an emo band sticker and not a brewery.

So I was done. I hardly ever drop my phone and I was so sick of the bulkiness. I wanted a pretty case, but not an expensive one. Then I came across this site where you can download free printables to insert into a clear iPhone case that costs $10. I was stoked.

Here is the comparison:

image (2)

I absolutely love it. Check out all the awesome free prints they have at See That There! I love so many that I feel like I could change my cover every week.

image (1)

Finally, a Real Person, adult phone. So pretty, so cheap.