Weight on my shoulders

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Devil: What happened to us? We were being so good! We lost a good amount of weight – remember how hot we felt that one weekend where everything looked good on us? Now all of a sudden we never work out anymore, we bite our nails within an inch or their lives again, we never shave our legs… We were so put together for a while there. WHAT HAPPENED

Angel: Um, life happened? A ton of people were in town, and there wasn’t any time to work out, then we got our period and hated life for like a week, and now we just want to have a couple beers and not worry about how our body looks for one. second. Did you see that awesome blogger’s post today? She has a body type just like ours and she is BEAUTIFUL. We are beautiful too! I bet if we put on that same amazing dress she was wearing, we would look amazing too, but we wouldn’t think so – we would beat ourselves up about it. Maybe we should read that article about loving your belly again…

Devil: We are going to Vegas in two weeks. TWO WEEKS. We were ready last week to look and feel hot AF – but we lost it. Now we have two weeks to get back to that amazing place where all of our clothes are magical and we don’t want to burn them all in a trash can. Why did we have a soda today with lunch? WHY? WE NEVER DRINK SODA. We’re slipping. Maybe if we eat a salad for lunch AND dinner every day before Vegas…

Angel: But Anthony is graduating this weekend! We have to have beer! Life is too fun and short to worry about this shit! Gawd how much time do we seriously spend arguing about how we look? IT’S SO DUMB. We should make room in our brain for things that are actually helpful! Remember college? We never beat our self up this way back then!

Devil: Because we were hot.

Angel: I mean, ya, but we’re hot now too!

Devil: *unconvinced look*

Angel: In a different way! Like, a grown up, grown-ass woman way. Like who the fuck cares? Let’s move ON. We are so much more evolved than this.

Devil: Say what you want, but everyone is going to be PISSED we didn’t do something sooner when we’re in Vegas and we have a hormonal meltdown because nothing we packed looks good and we’re in FUCKING VEGAS and we’re 27 and we should feel hot as fuck.

Angel: We are hot as fuck! We got LEATHER PANTS. They looked great, even when we felt SO fat trying them on. Nothing can go wrong with leather pants.

Devil: Okay, that’s one night’s outfit covered. WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER NIGHT. You can’t just wear leather pants two nights in a row. I dare you to find another outfit that we feel hot in when our beer belly makes a triumphant return with this new carefree attitude we have going. We need to go shopping again… But we don’t have the money and nothing fits us.

Angel: We need to get. over. it. It’s a belly. When we’re 60 and wrinkly, all we’ll think is, “Gawd, I wasted so much time beating myself up about my stupid (and adorable) belly, which was just full of good times, and the whole time I was young, and had beautiful skin, and my boobs were perky, and my ass was out of this world…” We need to appreciate all we have going for us right now and shut up about it.

Devil: But that’s the point! We’re young! We should be working out and reaching our full potential! Those girls with the ripped arms for no reason on Facebook look like they’re seriously taking advantage of their strong, young bodies. We want to be like that!

Angel: Do we though? Are we settings goals that aren’t even ours again? We just need to go on a walk, not eat out as much the next couple of days, and we’ll feel fine.

Devil: Until Vegas. VEGAS.





My Favorite Health App

I used to have like 5 apps tracking all my health stuff that I wanted to keep on top of – how much water I was drinking, if I was eating healthy that day, how much sleep I was getting… It was exhausting, you guys. Isn’t technology supposed to just know everything I am doing and thinking at every moment automatically?

Then, I ran into a solution by accident. My therapist recommended an app that tracks your mood and helps with anxiety that she thought would help me. It’s called Pacifica, and it is now my one stop app for tracking my health and wellness.


Pacifica is primarily designed for helping people with anxiety, which I think is amazing. I don’t have intense anxiety, but I use it every. single. day. It tracks my mood and my health stuff, showing me what makes me feel good (like getting a ton of sleep) and what might be impacting my mood.

Plus – isn’t it PRETTY


It will also email you your weekly progress update, letting you know what your best and worst days were. You can start to see patterns – like I was getting all upset on Sundays for some reason (maybe because I was too busy every other day of the week to deal with my shit? Who knows) – so now I know to give myself a little extra self care at the end of the weekend.

But my favorite part is just simply tracking things that are important to me each day, like drinking water, sleeping a certain amount, and eating well. It really helps with staying hydrated and it helps me keep on track with my goals.


You can also add a ton of other stuff to track, and customize what your goal is for each activity. When I hit each goal, I get a full heart – yay! (I was awesome yesterday. Okay, maybe eating perfect is an overstatement, but whatever.)


I just love how easy it is to track certain things so I can get insight into how my daily routine affects my happiness. It also has a lot of other features to help you if you get anxious, like the Thoughts feature that I’ve used and loved, plus Goals, Meditations, and other stuff.


What is your favorite app right now? Have you ever used an app like this before?



The ultimate work out playlist

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How do you get your heart pumping during a work out? I recently realized that calm podcasts like Dear Sugar or Serial weren’t really motivating me to sweat my butt off.

But Ariana Grande? She works like a charm. We are BFFs now, in case you were wondering.

I thought I would share my work out playlist with ya’ll, in case yours needs some beefing up. Mine definitely does – I could use some more variety – so please share your favorites in the comments!

Let’s start with the maybe-normal-person-with-a-pop-bias playlist:

  • Flawless Remix ~ Beyonce, Nicki Minaj
  • Dark Horse ~ Katy Perry
  • Hypnotik – Original Mix ~ Keys N Krates
  • Yeah 3x ~ Chris Brown
  • Carried Away ~ Great Good Fine OK
  • Applause ~ Lady Gaga
  • Don’t Worry ~ Madcon, Ray Dalton
  • Domino ~ Jessie J
  • Just Fine ~ Mary J. Blige
  • I Need Your Love ~ Calvin Harris, Ellie Goulding
  • Feel so Close – Radio Edit ~ Calvin Harris
  • Wild Ones (feat Sia) ~ Flo Rida
  • Trust a Try ~ Janet Jackson
  • Coming Down ~ Buchanan
  • Break Free ~ Ariana Grande, Zedd
  • Habits (Stay High) – The Chainsmokers Extended Mix [umm, okay…] ~ Tove Lo
  • Want To Want Me ~ Jason Derulo
  • Forever (Lindstrom & Prins Thomas Remix) ~ HAIM, Prins Thomas, Lindstrom
  • Hey Mama (feat Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha & Afrojack) ~ David Guetta
  • Latch ~ Disclosure, Sam Smith
  • Dancing On My Own ~ Robyn
  • Part Of Me ~ Katy Perry
  • Too Much to Handle ~ Great Good Fine OK
  • Sweet Nothing ~ Calvin Harris, Florence Welch
  • Work B**ch ~ Britney Spears
  • Love Myself ~ Hailee Steinfeld
  • Worth It ~ Fifth Harmony, Kid Ink

Then there’s some cool down tracks in there:

  • Replay ~ Zendaya
  • You’re The One For Me ~ Great Good Fine OK
  • Where are U Now (with Justin Bieber) ~ Jack U, Skrillex, Diplo
  • Crooked Smile ~ J.Cole, TLC

…and finally, the I’m-a-14-year-old-girl songs added in for flavor (sorry not sorry):

  • Problem ~ Ariana Grande, Iggy Azalea
  • Beauty And A Beat ~ Justin Beiber, Nicki Minaj
  • Don’t Hold Your Breath ~ Nicole Scherzinger
  • Miss Movin’ On ~ Fifth Harmony
  • You’ve Got The Love ~ Jessica Sanchez
  • C’Mon ~ Ke$ha
  • One Last Time ~ Ariana Grande

I use Spotify to create my playlists – what do you use? Do you gym it up or do something else to werk it out? What’s your favorite method for cardio?

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P.S. I also just started using the Under Armour’s MapMyFitness app through a discount at work – it’s mostly fun just to pat myself on the back for what I’ve done this week. I feel like I have proof of things now – like, “LOOK! I worked out THREE TIMES this week. THREE. Plus I ate a salad once. HERE’S THE DATA!” …Yunno, just in case someone stops me in the street and accuses me of not taking care of myself or something. Totally prepared.




Making the switch: coffee to tea


I have a love-hate relationship with coffee.

I love it, it hates me.

For years, I would dump tons of crème brûlée creamer into a cup every morning, savoring it and firmly believing that it held the key to the success of my morning day.


After time and time again of getting the shakes and feeling nauseous, I think it was Emily (of course not me – that would make too much sense) that finally saw the pattern – I had to have something in my stomach before I drank coffee or I would feel awful.

This made hung over mornings unbearable, or any morning where I just didn’t feel up to eating breakfast.

But even when I did eat a hearty meal in the morning, 6 times out of 10 I would still feel crappy.

It had to end.


Amy was the one who inspired me. She had made the switch from Coke Zero to tea for her caffeine fix, because she wanted to have a healthier habit. I thought, you know what: it’s time to break up with coffee. It had become like a bad relationship – I obviously was way more invested in it, I was being treated badly, and yet I always went back for more – hoping it would change, someday.

So we broke up. It seemed like the hardest thing at first – no creamy taste, no amazing smell or sound of freshly brewing coffee… but I comforted myself with the fact that it was so much healthier for me. My cups of coffee every day were the color of khakis. All that cream every day? No bueno.

The switch wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Black tea has a higher amount of caffeine than other teas, but less than coffee, so it was perfect. Plus, the bitter taste reminded me of the good ‘ol days. After a while I switched to green tea only – I found myself not needing as much caffeine throughout the day, and I just learned to love green tea the most. Which is awesome, because it is the healthiest for you!


Here are the benefits that I have found from switching to tea:

  • Guilt-free caffeine! I started out with no sugar or milk, and stuck with it
  • I can have as many cups as I want, since the caffeine level is so low
  • I stay super hydrated all day, with tea and water taking turns at my desk
  • I can still have a yummy drink at a coffee shop – I discovered soy chai lattes with Anthony’s mom, and let me tell you – it’s heaven in a cup.
  • No more stomach aches, ever (unless caused by something else… like poor choices involving donuts)

Check out some of the health benefits of green tea here (and a less intense read here and here).


I certainly wouldn’t try to convince someone who loves coffee to make a switch. However, if you have a dysfunctional relationship with coffee like I did, and are looking for a way out, hopefully this helps. :)

Did you make a healthy switch that changed everything for the better? I am always looking for easy solutions like this that can make me feel better. Please share your wisdom in the comments!



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