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…and suddenly I was FaceTiming my ex.


I was reading this post from Cupcakes and Cashmere the other day and thought I should share one of my most embarrassing social media/technology moments. Cuz it’s a good one.



Photo by Two Happy Lambs Photography


I was catching up with an old friend on the phone one day, pacing around my studio apartment during a marathon conversation about dating. She was dating a guy at the time and didn’t feel like it could really go anywhere serious, and I started telling her about a guy I dated a while back that I had felt the same way about.

So I’m telling her about this guy that I had dated that only lasted a few weeks. Blah blah blah blah… Wait. Was she still on the line? She hadn’t said “Ya, totally” or laughed at my hilarious jokes in a while.

So I take my phone off my ear to look at it. It said I was about to FaceTime – with the guy I was just talking about.


Then, before I could even register the horror of the situation, he was looking at me.


Let’s address two things at this point in the story:

1. I could have had one of those rejuvenating green goop face masks on. I could have just gotten out of the shower with mascara all over my face that I hadn’t washed off yet because I was at home, alone, talking to a friend. Miracle of miracles, I think I looked pretty normal – albeit TOTALLY SHOCKED that this was happening to me.

2. Pick up your phone. Yes, you. Go to your contacts. Scroll through and find anyone you don’t want to randomly FaceTime with. Especially exes. Lesson learned, ya’ll.

So here’s what happened. I’m chatting away with my phone on my cheek, and it somehow unlocked and my cheek clicked away and brought up my contacts. This gentleman’s name started with an “A”, so my cheek then decided to make my day a lot more interesting by clicking his name and then clicking “FaceTime”. Oh, and I had hung up on my friend a few moments before. So I’m chatting away and he doesn’t answer the call (THANK GOD). Then he FaceTimes me back. That’s when I stop talking and look at my phone and then it’s happening.

Some things still don’t add up for me – like, wouldn’t I hear it ring? Even when you are the one calling via FaceTime, it makes a ringing noise while it’s connecting… Maybe I’m not remembering certain details accurately, but all I know is: one minute I’m talking to my friend, the next I’m suddenly FaceTiming my ex.

So needless to say it was a confusing and awkward conversation that I tried to end as soon as possible. But let’s address some things, in conclusion:

1. WHY WOULD HE CALL ME BACK? On FaceTime?? He should know by now that he gets accidentally dialed because of his name. We hadn’t spoken in months. Wouldn’t that be your first conclusion? Maybe send a text to verify?

2. OF ALL THE “A” NAMES!! Why him?? The person I was JUST talking about? Too weird.

Takeaway: Don’t move your phone around a lot while you’re talking so it doesn’t unlock and wreak havoc on your life. Also, delete your exes numbers if you no longer want to talk to them.

What is your most embarrassing social media/tech mishap moment? Please share!




Love and such

Valentine’s Day is coming up, or Singles Awareness Day, as I have heard it called recently.

Anthony and I aren’t big on this holiday – it has always seemed weird to me. I think it’s just the shamey-ness and unkindness about it. Like we’re in elementary school and if you don’t have a partner, YOU CAN’T BE IN OUR CLUB!

Anyway, I thought I would still take the opportunity to gather some fun posts we have that explore love, dating, and all that jazz. Although the holiday isn’t my favorite, I still love talking about love. Which you all are probably very aware of at this point.

Here are some of my favorites:


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Hope you have some fun plans for the weekend, just because it’s the weekend. :) And give yourself some self love just because! <3

Oh, and tell us if you have any best/worst Valentine’s day stories in the comments below. Those are always entertaining!

Is falling in love a decision?



I met Anthony on OkCupid, as you may have read a while back.

I had met my last boyfriend via the site as well, and felt pretty good about online dating. I didn’t have big expectations, but I felt like it was putting me across the table from someone I had a lot in common with, at the least. Which was a huge improvement, since my other boyfriends before OkCupid seemed to have nothing in common with me, then and now, although they are great guys.

When I met Anthony, it was clear that OkCupid had put me across the table from not only someone I had a ton in common with, but someone who was really good for me. Here was a guy who was hilarious, mellow, emotionally healthy, and smart (all things I was looking for). Oh and cute. So cute.

Photo by Two Happy Lambs Photography (my sister!)


So what happened? I friendzoned him for a few months.

Why the hell did I do that? I don’t really know exactly. Sometimes I think I wasn’t used to the type of dynamic we had, and it threw me off. Sometimes I think I wasn’t that attracted to him at first, and our chemistry just hit me later for some reason. Sometimes I think that I thought I was ready for a serious relationship, but I actually wasn’t. I had just moved to a new city (like, a week before I met him), and I think I kind of ran scared. Maybe I needed to be single for a little longer in this new exciting city.

Whatever the reason, it seems like I made a choice not to fall in love with Anthony right away. Within a few weeks of dating (after the friendzone limbo was over), I said “I love you” (and he didn’t say it back for about 2 weeks – karma). So as soon as I let the idea sink in that he was the person I should be with, it took no time at all to fall in love.

One of our first pictures together
One of our first pictures together – we already look so young!!


Did I decide not to fall in love at first, and then change my mind? Did I deliberately fall in love when I wanted to? Do we have control over this kind of thing? Or am I just weird?

I started thinking of it in this way after I read this fascinating article from the NY Times. It just completely inspired me and blew my mind. I might go home and make Anthony answer all these questions just for fun. I love articles and topics like this – I was a social scientist in a past life, so I completely nerd out on this stuff.

I am dying to know what you think of this. Can we really just decide to fall in love? Or are we just victims of love’s whims and we have absolutely no control? Maybe a little of both?

Please weigh in in the comments!




Falling in love with strangers & fun new gadgets

longform-original-30135-1411503908-13 This is just the most hilarious thing I’ve read in a while.

I remember being in college and taking the bus and totally having this exact experience.

My friend recently made the first move to communicate with The Bus Man, as we call him. She is the bravest person I know.

45 Thoughts You Have When You Fall In Love With A Stranger In Public

This comment on the article killed us:

YEP. Or like when you see the same hot person on the train everyday because you have similar commutes or something…and you think you should introduce yourself sometime because you both have the same commute…but that would be weird or creepy or something so you just continue to glare at them like they’re a red velvet cake next to a glass of milk…but you should totally be married and live together forever since you spend like a billion hours a day with each other on this refugee-camp-on-wheels anyway………the thirst is real.”


I was at work reading the blog posts for our high tech products, and this thing was mentioned:


Ya. That ring (which is pretty damn cute by the way) vibrates and lights up on the side when someone calls you or you have a meeting. It’s called Ringly. Pretty frickin cute.

I am not nearly busy or important enough to need this, but I want it.

It’s $195. If anyone wants to get me a totally ridiculous and expensive belated birthday gift, go for it.


Anthony discovered this app that has changed my life. It’s called Camojii and it gives you the power to make your own gifs.


Boom. The way I communicate with people has now changed forever.


Have you ever fallen in love with a stranger? How many weddings have you planned on the bus? Do you want that ring too or have I been working in the tech world for too long? Please leave a gif in the comments if you have Camoji too!



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