RZ7A5785 I can’t tell you how excited I am to post these today. We haven’t even put the photos up on Facebook, and our families are the only ones who have seen them. Needless to say, it’s time! Our wedding was one of the best days of our lives. We got married at my grandparents house in the Santa Cruz Mountains in the middle of a redwood grove. My parents got married there almost 35 years ago, and then my brother and Katherine got married there close to 6 years ago. My grandparents have lived on that property since my mom was a little girl (for 44 years) and I grew up running around through the fields and playing at the creek. In the groomsmen photos the guys are even standing in front of my grandpa’s barn where I spent hours hanging out with him while he worked. It’s a truly special and magical place.

We then moved down to Kirby’s mom’s house (Kirby and I both grew up in Santa Cruz and met in high school) which is down near the ocean and next to a lagoon. Kirby grew up in that house, and it was the perfect place to hold an intimate party for all our closest family and friends. We did everything for the wedding with help from family and friends. The only things we outsourced were rentals and photography. Everything else we did on our own. Katherine did the flowers (which were one of my favorite parts), I bought a cheap dress on sale and had it completely remade, Kirby and I handpicked every piece that the groomsmen wore, we chose all our music, my Dad played some songs that were special to us, and I designed and made all of the invitations, favors, table numbers and anything else that was there. It was a huge collaborative effort, and we couldn’t have been more pleased with how it all came out. It represented Kirby and I perfectly, and it was a perfect way to start our lives out as husband and wife.

We’re launching Wedding Wednesdays, starting today, where we give you all sorts of advice on things from how to make your own cake topper to how to throw an epic bachelorette party. I didn’t post a lot of detail photos from wedding because those are coming in later posts. I can’t wait for you to see our photos, so without further ado… Our Wedding: 07-20-2013 RZ7A5536 RZ7A5729 RZ7A5598 RZ7A5661 RZ7A5916 RZ7A5997 Walking down RZ7A6217 RZ7A6330 Little RZ7A6262 RZ7A6378 RZ7A6627 RZ7A6587 RZ7A6797 RZ7A6819 RZ7A6923 RZ7A7188 RZ7A7109 IMG_1810 RZ7A7397 RZ7A7478 RZ7A7710 RZ7A8038 RZ7A7938 RZ7A8078 Click through the gallery to see more. Photography by our amazing and wonderful photographers, Aim & Arrow