Here are some links about love and dating that I’ve been into lately. (From left to right)

Marriage: Not a Cartoon

This is my very own sister’s amazing blog!! This article really made me think.

She also has the most adorable little kids that I harass regularly. Click around to find pictures of them- you won’t be disappointed.

On 19 Years of Marriage and Being a Hummingbird Enabler

I laughed. A lot.

The Savage Love Podcast

My boyfriend introduced me to Dan Savage when we first met and I’ve been addicted ever since. Great for road trips with your Person- Anthony and I always end up having great conversations inspired by Dan’s show.

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For all my single ladies: 30 Reasons It’s OK to Be Single at 30 (and Beyond)

My favorite book: Their Eyes Were Watching God

I adore this novel and how it describes how a woman feels about herself and love. Apparently you can also watch the entire movie on YouTube, if you want to see Halle Berry just being…insanely attractive in the most basic way possible. And there’s a really hot guy too.

What links are you loving right now?

Links I Love

Links I love

From left to right:

1. The first female skateboarder, Patti McGee

2. Why olive oil is a great hostess gift, on one of my favorite blogs

3. Pink lightbulbs are supposed to give a room a pretty glow; I’ll be buying some soon to try it out

4. How lovely…untranslatable words from other cultures

5. Well, this calendar is adorable…a good excuse to eat ice cream! Also, I am in complete support of Bathtub Party Day

6. A happy dance. Maybe this is how I should start my days?

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