Ghost Garland

I don’t know what’s going on with me, but it’s like I got bit by the Pinterest bug or something – I all of a sudden am fine with the idea of cooking (what??) and I had the extreme urge to craft the other day and make homemade Halloween decorations out of found items.

It was kind of weird.

But, I had to share this random but kind of adorable (to me) thing I did – my little ghost garland!


So easy, if you are looking for a quick way to get in the Halloween spirit this weekend.

This what I had laying around:

  • a Sharpie
  • a bunch of white gift wrap tissue paper (I feel guilty throwing it away so I save it? #hoarder)
  • a stapler
  • twine (I don’t know why)


The twine is very fally-y, don’t you think? I think I ordered it on Amazon (still don’t know why) and I think I will also tie it around vases and such to make the place even more fall-like.

So, as you can probably see, the process is pretty simple. I just took a corner of tissue paper, rolled it on itself into a little ball the size of a tiny ghost head, kinda pinched, cut it so it had a little ghost skirt, grabbed the part of the twine I wanted it to hang on, and stapled. Add three sharpied circles, and you’re on to the next. It took me no time, and was a fun activity to do while watching Buffy. How in the Halloween spirit am I?

You can kind of fold and manipulate the tissue paper to hide the staple, or you can just say fuck it it’s a DIY ghost, I don’t care if they see a frickin staple, cuz I’m awesome and made this myself because I have so much Halloween cheer to share.

Look how cute they are!


Anthony’s mom got us that cute string of jack-o-lantern lights a few years back. :)





They’re making me pretty happy right now, along with the gingerbread wax melts Anthony’s mom sent us for our good-smelly bathroom light/wax melter thing (making our place smell like fall amazingness), and a centerpiece of orange and yellow roses Anthony brought home from an event he worked at the other night. I shall put twine on it and have the most festive apartment ever!


What festive fall things do you got goin on? Any DIYs we can all do while watching tv?




Summer of Chill 2016


I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! It seems the blogosphere is determined to cut mine short by posting about shopping for fall already… Stahp it! I have summer weather until Halloween in California, let me live in denial that it will ever be over, just a little longer!

I have had a great summer so far. Nothing crazy, no elaborate travel plans or long getaways – just a mellow summer mostly at home. But this summer is different. I needed this summer to be something special. I have decided that this summer is….

Stephanie’s Summer of Chill, 2016.

Imagine that in lights on a marquee, announced by a guy with a moustache over a loudspeaker or something. Because that’s how baller it is.

I went into this summer needing a break. Just in general. Anthony finished his PhD in March, then graduated in June when we threw a big party, and it the midst of it all he was trying to find jobs. It was pretty stressful. Really stressful, actually. The months leading up to summer were just intense.

So intense things were happening, but also I had gotten into this intense productive mode where I was doing all this shit to like, become a put-together person. It was probably a coping thing – trying to make sure I crossed all my t’s and dotted all i’s so I could feel better about what felt to me like a pretty chaotic couple of months. Here are some examples:

  • I was tracking how many drinks I had, how I ate, how much I exercised, etc. – every day, using this app
  • I was feeling guilty for not blogging enough
  • I was posting things like this, and trying to find magic ways to get my shit together around the house
  • I was posting things like this, feeling like I needed to lose weight but also resenting that idea (and trying to laugh about it while I figured it out)
  • I was feeling guilty about not working out enough
  • I was feeling guilty that I wasn’t saving enough money, and that I was spending too much

So there was a lot that I felt like I needed to improve, or tackle, or manage, or advance about myself. And I had a day where I realized how insane my brain was getting – it would go round and round, trying to find something to fix, trying to find something wrong, so I could pounce on it and fix it. It was like this Pinterest mentality of hyper vigilance I had established over my life. I finally realized what a weirdo I was being – Why, Steph?! Fucking chill. out.

That’s when I decided – we are taking a break. A BREAK. From all of it. Here are all the things I decided to get rid of for the summer:

  • Guilt, about anything
  • Self-improvement projects
  • Exercise routines that aren’t fun
  • Tracking of anything not fun or that produces guilt (see above)
  • Negative thoughts about my body

And I just, let go. I focused on doing things that were fun. We made a summer bucket list (which I am shooting to post about soon, but if not, no guilt). I did more stuff outside after work. I didn’t think about how much beer I had that week, or if I was getting enough cardio. I stopped caring how clean my house was, or how my belly looked in that top.

I don’t know, my head was just in the right place to just stop fucking caring about that shit. And it worked.

Why just the summer, you may ask? Why isn’t this just your new life?

Well, telling myself that it was just for the summer to start was a way to really let go of the guilt completely, because things like finding ways to save money are things I will need to get around to eventually, but not necessarily now. So I thought, okay – I can really just forget about it for a while, and I’ll pick it up in the fall, if I want to. But the idea was, if I could just get in the right mindset, hopefully this will be the new state of things.

And it has been an amazing, stress-free summer. It really was so great, you guys. I just lived my life. Now it’s August, and I still have so many fun things I still want to do while the weather is still warm – but I am also learning to prioritize fun things all year round. I established great healthy habits while I was in my intense phase over the winter months, that have stuck throughout the summer, but without the guilt and fastidious tracking. And some new productive habits have just naturally emerged – Anthony and I have worked on cooking at home a lot more, which is saving us money and allowing us to eat healthier. I realized I didn’t have to have the intense attitude to make improvements like that – and, more importantly, guilt doesn’t have to be a part of it.

As I mentioned, the rest of the world is getting ready for fall, and work is starting to get busy again (work has been so slow for the summer, which helped a lot with the carefree attitude) – so I can feel some of the old ways creeping back in. I’m extra tired and stressed this week, so I have less energy to go do fun stuff after I get home – but I’ll adjust. I just need to keep the spirit of chill alive through fall, too.

What has helped center me back to that mindset is asking myself this question, that I kept thinking when our friend was visiting a few weeks back…

What would I do today if I were on vacation?

I love playing tourist in my own city, and just because I worked that day doesn’t mean I can’t take dinner up to the mission and have a picnic, or grab a beer at a new restaurant in town, or walk down to thrift shop after I get home. Sometimes I save all the fun for the weekend, and do all the boring stuff after work – working out, cleaning, catching up on shows. I realized I need more balance, so I don’t get so bummed when Monday rolls around. My life can happen in between Fridays! I need to get off the couch more and treat my life like one big summer vacation, work or no work.


I’m into it, guys. I’ll let you know if I can keep the spirit alive as we get closer to fall! What have you done to de-stress lately and enjoy summer?




Mélange à trois: How do I look cute on the cheap for Halloween?


I haven’t had time to think about putting together something clever and cute for my Halloween costume this year. It’s coming up so fast, and I am broke. What do you suggest for cheap, cute Halloween costumes?



I am in the same boat, my friend. Except I have had plenty of time to think about what I should be for Halloween – I think I’ve been combing through Pinterest since the beginning of September! (check out my Halloween board) However, every year I refuse to spend a lot of money, and try to come up with something I can basically put together using the clothes already in my closet.

Here are the top 3 costume ideas that I have found that are cute, easy to put together, and cheap!


Rosie the Riveter

I think this is what I might do this year…


You can choose two ways to do Rosie:

  1. Comfy and casual
  2. Pin-up and sexy

This is why I like this costume – I can have one version for work or mellow events, and another for going out.

Here are some examples of the casual version from Pinterest:





…and a more pin-up, glam option:



Instead of jeans and boots, add some shorts and heels. If you want to get real crazy (and some of us do), unbutton the shirt a little bit for a pop of a red bra or lacy tank top. I love the high-waisted shorts and tied shirt look, with cat-eye eye-liner and a bright red lip.

Here is how I might throw it together using the clothes in my closet…


FullSizeRender (19)


FullSizeRender (18)

Still need the red bandanna!



I saw someone at my work do this a few years ago and it was ADORABLE. I think this will definitely be on my list for next year.



All you need is a brown outfit, sticks for antlers, and some white and black face paint to pull this off (ears and tail are optional in my book). It’s mostly about the makeup and a cute, cozy brown outfit.





The girl above makes those sticks look awesome, but I would probably want to spray paint the sticks for my antlers to make them look less like…well, sticks. Maybe gold? Or even just a chocolate brown would make them look more put together.

Here are some outfit ideas that I think would be adorable:







Some tights, some cozy socks, maybe a faux-fur vest? Boom.


Tooth Fairy

I stumbled across this pin and thought – I could make that pretty cute, pretty easily…



I mean, I don’t know if I would want to look like a huge walking cloud (no offense LC, I love ya), but I think it’s a super cute idea.


Here is what you would need:

1.Cute dress or skirt/top combo







(I just realized this is the perfect opportunity to finally wear that bridesmaids dress in your closet!)


2. Little bag for some teeth…

pouch brown


Have a little jewelry or makeup bag that you never use? You can even put the word “Teeth” on it in sparkles or something if you want to make things really clear.


3. Crown and/or wand and/or wings

I say get at least one out of the three to make everything look pulled together.

img-thing Image


img-thing (1)





(Who is looking for an excuse to wear a flower crown??? I am!!!)





I say top it off with some bright makeup (maybe some white eye liner action with a pop of color and/or pink lips) and a top knot – I love LC’s above.


Okay, I hope I gave you some ideas that will help you pull together a cute, somewhat original, and cheap costume last-minute!


Check out my struggle last year to come up with a costume… I ended up being a scarecrow since Anthony just had heart surgery – so the Tin Man seemed perfect for him:


(For the record, he has silver paint on his face – he’s not on the brink of death or anything, like some thought when we posted this!)


If you have already decided, what are you going to be for Halloween? Tell us in the comments!


The Suede Trend

My friend Amanda sent me this article from Career Girl Daily at work the other day – it’s about how to wear suede dresses this fall. Amanda just got a new suede skirt that we have been obsessing over, so this was relevant. I haven’t even seen it yet, and I’m still excited – it looks something along these lines:


I am very into this, guys. However, the dress thing was a little more complicated in my book. These overwhelm me and scream 90s disaster:


9-22-2015 4-42-02 PM Suede2

(Amanda likes the red one, but without the tie… It reminds me of red velvet and Christmas outfits from when I was six…)


However. VERY into the skirt thing.



And I do like these from the Career Girl post:


9-22-2015 4-52-47 PM

How do you feel about this trend? Too 70s? I don’t have any suede in my closet yet, but I’m going to keep an eye out for the perfect piece to incorporate into my wardrobe.





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