How will we fight


So I’m going to be honest with you. Election night for me went a little bit like this – I got drunk and cried at a bar with a bunch of friends, emailed saying I wasn’t coming into work the next day, and proceeded to have a pity party for myself and how this result was going to affect my white privileged life. Not my most shining moment, but it was real. I feel like I felt my feelings and that’s okay.

The next day (after I slept off my hangover) I went into self-care mode. Watched the series finale of Buffy (helpful inspiration – we will triumph over evil again and again, etc – and I am in desperate need of a pep talk by Joss Whedon btw), hardly went on Facebook, took a walk and called my mom and asked what she did when things were this bad – the civil rights era? The Bush era? What should we do?

What should we do? That was all I kept thinking. I was sober and ready to think of the more important problems – how we will protect people of color, Muslims, immigrants, LGBTQ+ communities…

I kept saying to myself: “This is only day 1.”

“This is only day 4.”

“This is only day 10.”

We will strategize, organize, talk to each other, try things and try other things instead – we will figure out the best way to fight for our values and we will do it for as long as we need to.

My mom said she wants Trump to hear an enormous outcry every time he does something that goes against our values, and I agree. I want to flood the right places with calls. I want to have huge marches. I want to give them hell.

But it is only the beginning. For now, I am looking for sustainable ways to incorporate fighting back and engaging in my community into my life, and learning about what works, how I can play on my strengths, and how to use my family and friends as resources.

At the end of week 2 of this weird apocalyptic reality we’ve been handed, here’s what I’ve come up with:

Green Initiatives 

For my personal cabinet for the next four years, I have appointed my BFF Emily as my Chief Green Initiatives Commissioner & Hippie Consultant. She has done hours and hours of research on all things green and environmentally friendly. I call her whenever I need to check what’s killing me in my house: “Is soy still a thing? I heard that candles are bad now? What should I clean my sink with?” I love having her on speed dial – she is all-knowing and wise.

I’ve already been using cloth napkins and coconut oil for a while now, and switched to a menstrual cup a couple years back to cut back on waste. I’ve also wrapped my Christmas gifts in brown paper bags, and plan on doing so again this year. But I wanted to take more steps since Trump doesn’t believe global warming is a thing and will fuck up our progress on trying to save the planet.

So far, I have switched over to 100% renewable energy for our apartment. It was only going to be a couple of extra bucks a month, and now we are supporting clean energy just from a couple clicks on our energy provider’s website. Take a look at the website of your provider and see if they have a renewable energy program – it literally took me 2 minutes to make the change, and it’s something that could make a big difference if more people join in.

Here’s my list for the other things I want to do to do my part:

  • Make my own household cleaners
  • Get refillable containers and get common items in bulk to reduce package waste
  • Switch to beeswax candles (nontoxic and purifies the air!)
  • Use essential oils + coconut oil instead of scented wax for my wax melt air freshener
  • Watch Before the Flood

Have more ideas? Tell me in the comments!

Get Involved

In addition to Emily, I have added a couple of friends and my sister to my Bad Ass Bitches Feminist Collective Committee. Texting, ranting over drinks, sharing articles – they are my powerful tribe of intelligent AF and brave women who inspire me to do more in the world. With ideas from them and encouragement, here is what I have tried so far to be more involved in my community.

I attended a peaceful protest in my city and marched to protest hate and promote diversity and love. I follow a local group that organizes these events on social media, and I’m hoping to attend more. There is a women’s march in LA in January that I also want to attend. I believe protesting is helpful and meaningful, and found this article to be helpful in explaining that position, in case you’re interested.

I also found this app that compiles locations of safe and/or unisex restrooms for trans, intersex, and gender nonconforming individuals – add bathrooms in your area when you see them so people can pee where they feel safe!

I’ve also called my local representative for the first time in my life, and I’m going to make it a habit. The staffer was so so nice, and I want to just keep the pressure on for my reps to take a vocal stand against all of the very wrong things that are already happening in our government.

I sent an email today to my loved ones that may be shopping for Christmas soon, and asked that they consider using the money they might spend on me to instead donate to organizations I care about (I included links to Black Lives Matter, my local NPR station, the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and my local LGBTQ+ organization). I’m not sure how I will donate yet and where, since money is a little tight, so I felt like that was something I could do in the meantime.

Next on the list:

  • Find the best ways to keep track of local town hall meetings and other events
  • Gather ideas of sustainable ways I can help local organizations further their causes
  • Find good sources for local government news to stay informed

What have you found that’s effective when engaging locally?

Don’t back down

The biggest urge I had on election night was to not listen to the news for four years. The idea that I’ll have to listen to that man’s voice, as the representative of the voice of our country… I just couldn’t. I wanted to hide. I couldn’t imagine getting more bad news day after day, hearing him spew hate and being allowed to do it while holding the highest office in our country.

But that would be the most privileged and unhelpful thing I could do. I would be trying desperately to ignore the things I am lucky enough to have the option to ignore, and try to force this new fucked up arena into the “normal life” category. Nope. We have to stay informed. We have to stay angry. That’s what will fuel us. We can’t hide for four years, or move to Canada, or try to get California to secede – those things aren’t helpful. We need to stay and fight for those who need our help and protection.

It’s going to suck. But not as much as it will suck for our LGBTQ+, POC, and Muslim neighbors. We need to fight as hard as we can for them – this is our mess, and we need to clean it up and stand up with the resources we are lucky enough to have.

So that’s what I will try and do. And I don’t want this post to come off as self-congratulatory – I really just want to share ideas. What has worked for you? What have you tried that actually doesn’t work? What do you think I can do to help more?

Here is another helpful list of things we can do to help if you want more!

We need to keep talking, keep reminding ourselves that this isn’t normal, and keep the fire to fight stoked and ready. I’m loving all the thoughtful conversations on social media and off and I know we can all come together to do something to help.




3 easy ways to make your routine more green

I have been trying to make lazy easy changes to my daily routine lately to make things more healthy – tweaking my snacks to more healthy options, drinking more water, drinking less alcohol (still not totally sold on that one)… Since my routine is super stable right now, I figured small tweaks can make a big impact.

With spring cleaning in the air, I also started to think about how small tweaks around the house could make a big impact. This chick that I mentioned in this post made me feel guilty about how much waste I produce at home, and how the products I use contribute to a wasteful society. So I made 3 easy changes to things I do every day to make my life feel simpler and more green (which makes me feel like a better and more-together person, which is the totally selfish reason behind all this ;) ).

3 Easy Ways to Make Your Routine More Green
FullSizeRender (67)

1. Ditch the expensive face wash or wasteful makeup remover wipes for coconut oil.

I got this one from Emily, who has talked on the blog back in the day about using green beauty products. She uses coconut oil for everything. Cooking, for her hair, and as a skin moisturizer – probably among other things. So when I started noticing myself tossing makeup remover wipes after hardly using it, I knew I should call her to find a better way.

FullSizeRender (55)

I bought coconut oil on Amazon and started using it to remove my eyeliner at the end of the day. So far I love it. It’s saving me SO much money (one tiny bit goes such a long way!), it’s a lot less wasteful, and it feels amazing – like I’m giving myself a little spa treatment every night before bed. Plus it smells so good I have to convince myself not to eat it every time I use it. Which I guess I could technically do – but that would be weird.

To make it look cuter than that big tub, I put some in a little jar and stored the rest. We got these on Amazon (of course) for our spices in the kitchen, and we had a few left over – it was perfect.

FullSizeRender (65)

2. Swap a beauty product you use every day for one with natural ingredients.

Emily also inspired this one – check out this post about how she went green with all of her products and the research she did. I figured if I’m not ready to do a complete overhaul yet, I can at least start with the things that I use everyday on my skin. One of those is black eyeliner, for my favorite cat-eye look.

FullSizeRender (53)

It’s a little more expensive than I’m used to, but I like it so far and feel a little better about using a more natural product than your typical store bought eyeliner, since I use it so much. The only complaint I have is that it kind of flakes off when I use the coconut oil to remove it, which can get a tad messier than I’m used to – but really, who cares. It gives me the right look, is easy to apply, and doesn’t smear more than any other eyeliner I’ve used, so I’m happy. Next, I’m ordering this mascara – hopefully it’s just as good.

3. Ditch paper towels.

Paper towels have been something that have bugged me for a long time. I do plenty of wasteful things, TRUST me. But for some reason I have like, a thing about paper towels. I just think they are so overused and wasteful – you grab a whole thing of paper to wipe up ONE thing and then you just throw it away. I don’t know. I won’t judge you if I go to your house and you have paper towels, but I just decided a long time ago that I could find another solution in my house. If you come to my house and I have a super wasteful thing goin on, feel free to call me out and judge me for it. There’s a lot to work with, I’m sure.

FullSizeRender (56)

We got cloth napkins for eating and a ton of rags for cleaning, and honestly I think it works great. And get this – we don’t have a washer and dryer. It’s the most pain in the ass thing of my life, believe me – but for some reason, the cloth napkins and rag thing isn’t a pain in the ass. We just got enough rags and napkins to get us through in between laundry visits and it’s no big deal.

We keep the rags under our sink, with a bin for dirty ones that we grab to wash when we head out for the laundromat (aka my sister’s house).

FullSizeRender (68)

FullSizeRender (61)

FullSizeRender (58)

We keep clean cloth napkins with our hand towels in the kitchen – and to be honest, it makes me feel kinda fancy.

And there you have it, folks. Just a couple of thangs I did around the house (without having to leave the house – thank you Amazon) that made me feel the following ways:

  • fancy
  • green
  • righteous
  • like one of those people living a “simple life”
  • like someone who has their shit together
  • like someone who cares about stuff

So if you want to feel those things, try looking for little tweaks you can make in your routine – all implemented while hardly getting off the couch.


Have you found ways to make your life more green, cheaper, or simple? I wanna know!




To Do

So I was laying in bed last night, getting mentally prepared for another week, and I started obsessing over the things I want to get done. I thought I might share my to do list with you that I have been compiling lately – maybe it’s similar to yours?

  1. Cook at home more often
  2. Get a toned body
  3. Eat super healthy all the time
  4. Learn how to actually do my hair right
  5. Quit my job and blog and become internet-famous
  6. Know about all of the local, domestic, and foreign political issues
  7. Become an activist for women’s and minority rights and have an impact on the world
  8. Make my own cleaning supplies
  9. Produce no waste (like this chick)
  10. Learn how to keep plants alive


FullSizeRender (50)
My newest victim, who is now looking super depressed and wilty. In this picture it had no idea what type of person had its fate in her hands. Look how happy it was.


Ever since I’ve gotten back my normal energy and mood, I’ve been feeling great and wanting to tackle new goals. However, I also still enjoy binge watching shows on Netflix and doing nothing with my boyfriend at home. Plus I work full time. That leaves little time for all the things I want to do.

But seriously, do you guys ever feel this way? Like I know people who do alllll this amazing shit all the time and still have full time jobs like me. I guess I’ve never been the type of person to take on a lot – I really like having a lot of down time and I’ve always made that a priority. And I’m fine with that, until I have a moment as I’m trying to fall asleep where I get overwhelmed with all the things I’ve been wanting to do but haven’t done.

My two biggest things right now are blogging and working out. They are the two things that I want to do consistently and I have goals associated with – but they are also the two things I need to be the most careful about. I don’t want them to start to feel like work or something that I dread. I want to work it into a convenient schedule that feels natural – and I don’t want to beat myself up if I have a week or two where I just can’t mentally get myself to it. And now the two seem to be competing – if I have some time after work, it’s either work out or blog. I don’t want to slack on either, but I also don’t want to cut into my watching SVU and sleeping in time.

Sometimes all I want to do is come home from work and do absolutely nothing. How do you guys do it? What goals are you struggling to reach? I would love to hear how you manage it!




Real Talk: We use the Diva Cup

photo (1)


Secondly: If you are squeamish, don’t like talking about lady issues, or just don’t want to know us that well – stop reading now.

If you do want to find out just how crazy hippie Emily and I have gotten, read on.

You might also be interested in an alternative to tampons, too (yes, that’s what we are going to talk about). Surprisingly, two of our friends have recently switched to using it too – hence the inspiration for this post. Maybe you’ll find it enlightening. Or maybe you’ll just find it hilarious. Either way, we’re glad you’re here.

So. Emily calls me one day and she’s like, okay. I have made another change to a super hippie product and you can laugh at me all you want. But you might be into it, too.

Me: “Okay, what is it?”

Em: “Well, please don’t judge it by it’s name. It’s the worst name ever. Like, I can’t even say it without laughing slash being embarrassed for being associated with it.”

Me: “Okay, just say it. I’m ready.”

Em: “Aaaahhh okay it’s called the Diva Cup. Blahdkawjefegkzdsfhaqfd”

She proceeds to tell me that she was looking into alternatives to tampons, because she was doing research on going totally chemical-free and wasn’t super into the idea of this bleached product hangin out in her body. Plus it’s also a huge waste of paper and plastic.

So she came across this product, which will be henceforth referred to as The Hippie Lady Product.

What it is is a silicone-like cup (ick) that is flexible and small enough to be inserted like a tampon during your period. It catches everything and is reusable.


Here are the pros and cons, as I see it:


  • No more buying tampons!! That shit is expensive! I got my Lady Hippie Product for like $30 online.
  • You can leave The Lady Hippie Product in for much longer than a tampon – you can leave it in for 10-12 hours at a time!
  • No leaks. I’m serious. I haven’t had a leak once since using it. Underwear saved!!
  • Warning, I’m about to get even grosser: You know when you use a tampon and there’s the string? Well, I hate the string…and all the surrounding issues of said string…like…smells. That is totally not an issue any more, and it’s fabulous. The Lady Hippie Product is basically a plug, so you feel like you’re just not on your period until you take it out.
  • No more moments that go like this: “Shit!! I don’t have any more tampons in my purse! I forgot to load up when I left this morning and now I have one left to last me til 5…? No way is this gonna work.”
  • You don’t have chemicals like bleach chillin in yo body for hours at a time – I don’t even wanna think what’s actually in tampons.
  • You will be so green! Imagine all the plastic and waste created every month using tampons, panty liners, or any other device we poor women have to deal with…
  • Did I mention no leaks?? Ya.


  •  Um, it’s gross. Let’s get real: you have to empty it. And clean it. HOWEVER – I, personally, think it’s not that more disgusting than changing a tampon, and you totally get used to it.
  • It’s called the Diva Cup.
  • Your friends will laugh at you if you ever tell them you use it.
  • If your boyfriend/roommate/whoever somehow finds it in the bathroom, that’s gonna be an awkward conversation. But I have a cute little bag for mine (NOT the one that comes with it that says Diva Cup all over it with daisies and shit), so problem solved. Plus I live with my boyfriend and as you might imagine, I’m an over-sharer.

Okay. So you might be like, screw this, that sounds disgusting and I am going to be a normal person and continue to use tampons. Totally, I get it.

If you’re like, “Hmm, I’m intrigued…”, like a lot of my friends are when I come out of The Diva Cup Closet, then you can check out the website here. Please try to overlook all the daisies and princess fonts.

You can also ask us anything in the comments. We have both used it for a year or two and are not scared of graphic conversations.

Side note: I hope you still read this blog after this.


Do you have any weird confessions? Feel free to share as an act of solidarity… :)



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