{How To}: Manage Your Wardrobe with Pinterest

pinterest Do you ever wake up in the morning and just hate all of your clothes? Like there is no outfit to ever be salvaged from your closet?

I feel that way too often. I forget I own things, forget why I have that top and what I ever matched it with, and hate everything I have to wear on my body.

A year or so ago I tried to fix this issue by creating an Outfit Archive on Pinterest. There are days (although they are hard to remember sometimes) when I’m super impressed with myself and an outfit I put together, so why not remember that combination for a time when you have zero inspiration?

Enter the selfie.

photo (2)
Gotta love Anthony’s creeper cameo


I created a board where I would store all my outfit selfies for future use. It’s really great to be able to scroll through it real quick while I’m laying in bed, thinking of what to wear tomorrow.


You can also make notes about what you can’t see very well in the photo – jewelry, another option for shoes you didn’t go with that day, etc.

I’ve also used it to store nail polish triumphs, outfits that I saw others pin where I have all the pieces they have… whatever works to give yourself some inspiration.

The great thing about this is, you know it is all doable. Everything you see on that board you can wear. I’ve had plenty of times where I just went into the Women’s Fashion category of Pinterest and got frustrated because I didn’t have any of those expensive clothes!

You can also set the board to private if you aren’t as shameless as me. That way you can post awful bathroom selfies that are totally blurry and not worry about other people seeing them. I have no such worries, for some reason.

Another board that I have come up with is the Wardrobe Wishlist. I use this when I’m shopping to remind myself of the holes in my wardrobe that need to be filled. Why do I have zero blue things? Why do I have a million pairs of jeans but no shorts? This way I’m not buying 8 purple tops or the first thing that looks pretty in the window. Purposeful shopping! A little more guilt-free, if you ask me.

It also helps me remember what I need to replace in my closet. My yellow flats and red wedges are so dear to me, but they are looking a little bit… too loved. I can keep track of the things I need to replace on my Pinterest board, so if I give them away I won’t forget how awesome of a staple they were, and that I need to buy another pair.

photo (1) I love using Pinterest this way because it really feels a little more productive then just browsing and wishing I had those clothes, or aimlessly shopping. You can follow me on Pinterest here if you want to check out my boards.

Happy pinning!

Selfie Shaming

When the selfie thing first started, I was not a fan. When I had an awesome outfit or my hair was doing amazing things, I would resist the urge because I thought it would make people think I was self-absorbed if I posted it on Instagram. I would get around that by posting a funny picture (where I happened to look super hot) or a picture with someone else (with my awesome new outfit).

An extreme selfie from Em’s bachelorette party

I even had the urge to give friends a hard time if they posted selfies frequently. But I held back, thinking “Hey, if they don’t care what other people think, more power to them. They do look good!”

Then I read this article, and suddenly it all made sense.

 WOC [women of color] rarely see themselves reflected in media, people over a size 4 are told to hide themselves, transgender persons want to be seen…hell, a lot of people responded to anti-selfie moments by saying, “I do not see myself represented in the media, so I’m making my own!”

I just love this. I am tired of seeing the same person over and over again on TV and in magazines. I want to see normal, real, not airbrushed people. Whenever I see the rare pin or Facebook picture of a plus-size model I am starving for more. I want more diversity! And no one is giving it to us in the media.


So let’s take the reigns. We can now with social media. When I was in high school I constantly had magazines to flip through when I was relaxing. Now I scroll through Facebook or Pinterest or Instagram every day. I would much rather see my friends, or other bloggers I admire, or anyone else really other than the same white, thin, hardly real woman. I say let’s embrace the selfie to surround ourselves with images of real people we care about.


There is also the benefit of having photos of yourself at this time in your life. The great thing about smart phones is you are able to take pictures on the fly without much thought. Documenting the mundane is so rewarding later on. Just like my journals, having tons of photos of a certain time in your life is so fun to look back on. And what’s better to see than your face? An old friend of mine, and an avid selfie-taker, posted this awesome quote the other day:

(I couldn’t find where this image came from- or who said it- if anyone knows, please let me know so I can link to the source! P.S. Thanks Chelsey! :))


I thought that was a great point, too.

I don’t see anything wrong with documenting your life or showing the world your face. If people have a problem with it, they can unfollow you. Selfie haters are gonna hate.

What do you think? What’s your opinion on the selfie topic? Also, please include your favorite selfie in the comments- I would love to see your beautiful faces!

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