10 Steps to Discover Your Personal Style

Do you have a person in your life that just has it so together when it comes to style? Where you see them and you’re like – how do you look so polished, like you just went shopping yesterday – but EVERY DAY?

I have a couple of people. Girls at work who I wish were celebrities so I could pin their outfits and have them as style icons… and my bff who is just as obsessive as me about clothes, but has cracked some code lately that I haven’t.

She did the whole Kon Mari thing and purged her closet when the book first came out, and discovered that minimalism is her JAM. Not only when it comes to her house, but her style too. She now has this chic-ass closet with all neutral colors, soft knits, flawless dresses – so grown up, so sexy – and so her. She throws whatever on and it’s always amazing. And she feels amazing about her closet and loves everything in it.

So, I did the whole purging and reorganizing thing, and got pretty good at it. I can get pretty scrappy when it comes to being minimal and getting rid of things I don’t need. But I still feel a little…at sea. I look at other people’s wardrobes and it’s so clear and identifiable – that’s they’re style. You could go shopping for them and know what they would like in an instant. And they seem so comfortable in what they’re in all the time.

So I did some research, brainstormed, and came up with some tips and tricks that I hope will help you as much as they helped me if you’re looking to narrow down your personal style. After completing all these steps, I’m starting to see more and more clearly what my style is and what makes me feel the best, plus discover some realizations I never thought about before.




1. Start brainstorming with style icons, Pinterest boards, and your closet MVPs

Start by simply looking for what you like. Make a Pinterest board of outfits you like, or update one you already have. What is catching your eye? What is making you say ooh and aah?

Who are your style icons? Search for pins of musicians, models, and bloggers that you would pretty much date – and add your favorite outfits of theirs to your board. You can also think of style icons who aren’t celebrities – coworkers, friends, imaginary personas in your head… what would they wear? Pin that stuff.

Tip: I found it helpful to look for style icons outside of the typical cast of white and very thin celebrities that usually come to mind. Even if you completely relate to their body type, branch out – I found that it makes me feel so much more confident about being different and dressing however I want, despite the status quo.

Use your own closet for inspiration as well. Put everything you absolutely love without question at one end of your closet, all together. Now browse through those pieces and see what they all might have in common, or the story they’re telling. Use that to influence your Pinterest board, too.

Tip: I have a thousand Pinterest boards, which might not be your thing – but consider using multiple boards for style inspiration if you’re trying to narrow down what you like (you can always make them secret if you don’t want the world seeing it). I have a winter style board, a summer style board, and a My Style board. Super original, I know. But I find it really helpful to just throw whatever speaks to me on the summer/winter boards, and be much more picky with the My Style board. My problem in the past was getting distracted by things I thought were cool, but then losing sight of what I wanted to wear in real life. So maybe going into this exercise, create a new board where you can start fresh, if you’ve been a style pinner in the past.


2. Kon Mari the shit out of that board

This was Em’s idea (the bff). Like I mentioned, my boards can get distracting sometimes – I’ll put a pic of a runway model on there because the color combination inspired me, but I would never wear the outfit. Use this board, your “This Is My Style and I Figured It Out and It’s Awesome” board, to only pin things that you would LOVE to wear.

To help with this, ask yourself these questions as you pin or scroll through and clean up the board:

  • Do I love this? Like, really love this?
  • Would I put this outfit on and feel good in it?
  • Would I buy this?

Come back to this board as you go through the rest of the steps and keep tweaking it based on the answers and realizations you might come to.


3. Find your wardrobe color palette

I found this step super helpful. It might sound kind of random at first, but it really helps! Look at your current closet, including shoes, bags, and accessories. What colors keep popping up? What colors are rare? If you took my advice and put everything you love at one end of your closet, which colors are there? Which colors are at the other end – with things that you might really like, but maybe you hardly wear them?

Here’s an example of what I came up with for my wardrobe:

  • Main colors: navy, pink (peach, blush, salmon), cognac, grey, black
  • Neutral colors: black, cognac, grey
  • Accent colors: jewel tones – purple, red, green

This is helpful for future shopping trips for anything – makeup, clothes, jewelry, bags – because you can look at your palette and say, “Will this piece go with my main colors?” If the answer is yes, THAT SHIT WILL MATCH EVERYTHING. We are on our way to giving you a closet where everything works together, and putting together outfits is easy.


4. Define your key pieces

What do you wear all the time? Are there some weeks where you feel like you have a uniform? Mine is jeans, brown ankle boots, top, scarf, cardigan. When I’m not feeling creative, I rely on these pieces to make me feel cute anyway.

Here are my key pieces:

  • cognac ankle boots
  • cropped dark grey moto jacket
  • ripped skinny jeans
  • scarves
  • patterned tops
  • loose-fitting neutral tee
  • casual dresses
  • brown leather heels
  • Henley tops

Use this list as a wishlist for items you might want to consider splurging on when you have the chance – investing in these pieces will make you feel much more put together. Then you can try out other trends at cheaper prices, while your staples will last you forever.


5. Find the key words that define your style

Who do you want to be? Don’t think about who you should be. Do you want to be a bohemian goddess? Do you want to be a bad ass CEO? Do you want to be a rock star? What do you want your style to say about you?

This may seem kind of silly, but it’s so helpful – you need to have a persona in your mind to move toward. One of mine is very weird, but it puts a clear image of a persona in my head (for whatever reason) – “The Cool Girl”. I know. But when I look at a top and think, “Is this what The Cool Girl would wear?” it becomes clear instantly. The style that comes to mind is torn jeans, casual tees, chic ankle boots, interesting tops, simple jewelry, dresses that are simple but make a statement – sexy but laid back. The Modcloth Girl, or The Coachella Girl, or The Professional Classy Chick, would have a totally different style.

So here are my key words:  “cool girl”/edgy, bohemian, girly, casual, simple


6. Think about your lifestyle

Do you work from home, but have a ton of heels and pencil skirts? No wonder you have nothing to wear. Start with being realistic about where you are in your life right now. You need a closet full of clothes that make sense for your life. Not Beyonce’s, or Elizabeth Warren’s, or Serena Williams’. Look at the proportion of time you typically spend in certain categories and try and get your closet to match that. If you never go to the Grammy’s, then you probably don’t need 5 ballgowns. If you teach yoga for a living, invest in awesome and cute active wear, and stop loading up your closet with blazers and blouses you’ll never wear.

Here’s mine:

Lifestyle: work, casual weekend, working out, going out

Most is work, but it’s very casual – every so often I want cute work out gear and a killer let’s-go-dancing outfit, but I don’t need to invest a lot in that category.

Tip: Use your key pieces that you outlined in number 4 to help with this one, plus the favorite things in your closet that you keep reaching for again and again.


7. Now you’re ready to really polish that Pinterest board

After thinking about your dream style and closet, and matching that to your real life, you’re ready to go back to that Pinterest board and create a final curated and crafted mood board of your personal style. Hopefully things are starting to come into focus a little bit – but remember, it’s a process!

Weed out anything that doesn’t fit with the work you did above, and take a scroll through – this is what you’re going for.


8. Take action

Alright. Let’s take a look at that other side of your closet. Now, some stuff may be things you love, but wear more sparingly – these could be tops or dresses in one of your accent colors that are great for one of your lifestyle categories. But look through what you have and make some tough choices. Would you pin that sweater to your board? Is what you’re seeing lining up with your key words? Would your style icons borrow clothes from this closet and pretend to forget to give it back?


9. Use your new shopping weapon

Use your new style board as your guide when you go shopping from now on. Take a scroll through before you head out on a spree, or use it when you are on the fence about something in the dressing room (“but it’s only seven dollars….”).

I use Pinterest for shopping all the time. I have my trusty “My Style” board now, plus I like to have a separate board as a shopping list so I won’t forget to look for wish list items (I know, I’m a Pinterest board hoarder). I did a post a loooooong time ago about how I use Pinterest as my closet’s bff – you can check it out here.

Remember, less is more – we’re not going for a TON of pieces that scream your style, but slowly collecting a curated closet that has just enough – and makes you smile when you see it.


10. Rinse and repeat

Come back to your style board every so often and reevaluate – especially after life changes like getting a new job, weight gain/loss, having kids, after the latest Kon Mari binge, etc.


I hope some of this was helpful! I also created this fun worksheet that combines a lot of these steps into one page that you can use to brainstorm, hang in your closet, or just kill time at work. :) (Here is a similar one from Unfancy that I love!)


Download My Style Worksheet

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3 easy ways to make your routine more green

I have been trying to make lazy easy changes to my daily routine lately to make things more healthy – tweaking my snacks to more healthy options, drinking more water, drinking less alcohol (still not totally sold on that one)… Since my routine is super stable right now, I figured small tweaks can make a big impact.

With spring cleaning in the air, I also started to think about how small tweaks around the house could make a big impact. This chick that I mentioned in this post made me feel guilty about how much waste I produce at home, and how the products I use contribute to a wasteful society. So I made 3 easy changes to things I do every day to make my life feel simpler and more green (which makes me feel like a better and more-together person, which is the totally selfish reason behind all this ;) ).

3 Easy Ways to Make Your Routine More Green
FullSizeRender (67)

1. Ditch the expensive face wash or wasteful makeup remover wipes for coconut oil.

I got this one from Emily, who has talked on the blog back in the day about using green beauty products. She uses coconut oil for everything. Cooking, for her hair, and as a skin moisturizer – probably among other things. So when I started noticing myself tossing makeup remover wipes after hardly using it, I knew I should call her to find a better way.

FullSizeRender (55)

I bought coconut oil on Amazon and started using it to remove my eyeliner at the end of the day. So far I love it. It’s saving me SO much money (one tiny bit goes such a long way!), it’s a lot less wasteful, and it feels amazing – like I’m giving myself a little spa treatment every night before bed. Plus it smells so good I have to convince myself not to eat it every time I use it. Which I guess I could technically do – but that would be weird.

To make it look cuter than that big tub, I put some in a little jar and stored the rest. We got these on Amazon (of course) for our spices in the kitchen, and we had a few left over – it was perfect.

FullSizeRender (65)

2. Swap a beauty product you use every day for one with natural ingredients.

Emily also inspired this one – check out this post about how she went green with all of her products and the research she did. I figured if I’m not ready to do a complete overhaul yet, I can at least start with the things that I use everyday on my skin. One of those is black eyeliner, for my favorite cat-eye look.

FullSizeRender (53)

It’s a little more expensive than I’m used to, but I like it so far and feel a little better about using a more natural product than your typical store bought eyeliner, since I use it so much. The only complaint I have is that it kind of flakes off when I use the coconut oil to remove it, which can get a tad messier than I’m used to – but really, who cares. It gives me the right look, is easy to apply, and doesn’t smear more than any other eyeliner I’ve used, so I’m happy. Next, I’m ordering this mascara – hopefully it’s just as good.

3. Ditch paper towels.

Paper towels have been something that have bugged me for a long time. I do plenty of wasteful things, TRUST me. But for some reason I have like, a thing about paper towels. I just think they are so overused and wasteful – you grab a whole thing of paper to wipe up ONE thing and then you just throw it away. I don’t know. I won’t judge you if I go to your house and you have paper towels, but I just decided a long time ago that I could find another solution in my house. If you come to my house and I have a super wasteful thing goin on, feel free to call me out and judge me for it. There’s a lot to work with, I’m sure.

FullSizeRender (56)

We got cloth napkins for eating and a ton of rags for cleaning, and honestly I think it works great. And get this – we don’t have a washer and dryer. It’s the most pain in the ass thing of my life, believe me – but for some reason, the cloth napkins and rag thing isn’t a pain in the ass. We just got enough rags and napkins to get us through in between laundry visits and it’s no big deal.

We keep the rags under our sink, with a bin for dirty ones that we grab to wash when we head out for the laundromat (aka my sister’s house).

FullSizeRender (68)

FullSizeRender (61)

FullSizeRender (58)

We keep clean cloth napkins with our hand towels in the kitchen – and to be honest, it makes me feel kinda fancy.

And there you have it, folks. Just a couple of thangs I did around the house (without having to leave the house – thank you Amazon) that made me feel the following ways:

  • fancy
  • green
  • righteous
  • like one of those people living a “simple life”
  • like someone who has their shit together
  • like someone who cares about stuff

So if you want to feel those things, try looking for little tweaks you can make in your routine – all implemented while hardly getting off the couch.


Have you found ways to make your life more green, cheaper, or simple? I wanna know!




More Marble, More

I am all of a sudden obsessed with marble.

I want it all over my home, of course, and have only succeeded with these coasters so far (although I have SO many dreams of marble contact paper and all of the things in our place I could cover with it…).

But lately I want it even more to show up in my accessories.

I saw this scarf on Novelty and almost died.

4-23-2015 4-19-04 PM

Then I found these earrings on Pinterest, and the obsession really took hold.


…I love the ring version:


I am searching for this clutch… it needs to be mine… tell me if you find it anywhere other than Pinterest! The link is blocked because the universe doesn’t want me to be happy, I guess.

15b39ba29f6d6a0efd4b9dca29e5bf74  …and this iPhone case screams chic to me. I don’t know if I’m chic enough to own it, but maybe you are.



What trend are you into lately? Do you share my obsession and have other pins of marbled loveliness to share? If so, please send them my way.


Leopard Print, Wedges, & Window Shopping

A little north from where Kirby and I live there’s an area called Cedros Avenue Design District. It has tons of little shops and ritzy places that no one I know could afford, such as doggie spas and places that sell coasters made out of wood carved from ancient Chinese ships…(this is a real example of something I saw one time. A set of four was only $375. I didn’t buy them.) Even though all I can do there is window shop, it’s a lovely place to walk around and get inspiration for decorating my house. I love searching through the little boutiques and thinking of more affordable ways of putting my spin on the things I see. Steph and I went there before she got on the train to go back to Santa Barbara and she offered to take some photos of my outfit.

2014-04-10_0004 I’ve been realizing lately that this is kinda my go-to look. I love to pair skinny jeans with wedges or heels, and then I add a flowy shirt on top to balance it out. I found this mint top at a thrift store, and cinched it in at the waist with a braided leather belt. Accessories make the basics of this outfit feel different each time, so I mix up my scarves, jewelry and sunglasses. Leopard print can never hurt an outfit…or at least we’ll pretend that for now.
2014-04-11_0010 2014-04-11_0009 2014-04-10_0005 2014-04-11_0007 Del Mar 5 2014-04-10_0006 Del Mar 7 What is your go-to outfit? I didn’t even realize this was my “uniform” until lately. It’s nice to have something to wear that you can always rely on to make you feel good.

I hope you guys had an amazing weekend!

Real style is never right or wrong. It’s a matter of being yourself on purpose.” – G. Bruce Boyer

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