With the wind at your back


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Do you ever have those days where you look at your to-do list and your whole being just yells no?

“#1: No….#2: Noooo….#3: That’s a no…#4: HELL NO….#5: Not today cuz no….”

I have those days, a LOT. I have days where I can barely do anything productive at all, and days where I have just enough energy to do the bare minimum, or days when certain categories seem fine but others not – so I’ll clean my entire house but won’t be able to look at the emails I have to reply to.

Some days I’m fine with this, with no guilt whatsoever. But most of the time I’ll have to wrestle with at least some guilt or frustration that I can’t just muster up the mojo to get all the things done. Especially when I have a few days like these in a row – I start to think “all this will never get done in time – I’ll never ever get to these gross things on my to-do list, ever”.

My first reaction is to try and force myself to do it. Sometimes a little bargaining works – “just do this one small thing AT LEAST – then you can at least say you did SOMETHING today”. But sometimes my desire to ignore my to-do list is like an elephant, and I’m trying to just pick up one leg and move it an inch forward with no luck.

Then my whole day is about this battle, and how I’m failing, and I’m such a lazy person, etc. etc.

But, around this time last year, I started making a big effort to cut out the guilt. And it’s been working out great. I still have to take a moment and talk myself through it, but I am so much better at letting things like this go now. I also trust more in a pattern I know that I have – where I can put things off for a long time, to a point where it seems like disaster is just around the corner, but then have one super productive day and wipe it all out in one sitting.

My sister and I have tried to remind each other of this cycle over the years – we’ll call the other person and we’ll be convinced that this is our life now and we’ll never get anything done ever again. The other will bring up how we always come through eventually with a super productive streak, and there is just no use in worrying. Thank god for sisters.

We’ve both gotten better at trusting this cycle, but we’ve never had a name for it. Then the other day Mary goes “I just have to wait for the wind to be at my back, yunno?”

It was the perfect way to describe it. Everyone is different, but I know that for us, we will just make ourselves miserable if we try to do things before we are ready. Of course we can meet deadlines and all that, but when it comes to that boring adulting stuff, or work stuff that doesn’t have a deadline but you want off your list, etc. – if we try to get all that done on a day where it feels like a battle, then we’re just wasting a day. Our bodies and minds are telling us it needs to rest, even if it seems to make no sense to us. Regardless of the reason, it’s best to (as my sister said) “just chill in the boat and have a margarita”. When the wind comes back, things will be SO much easier, and you’ll go so much farther with a lot less effort than if you tried to move yesterday.

And isn’t that just more efficient? I know that eventually I will have one of those days where I wake up just READY to kick some ass. And I always surprise myself on those days with how much I can get done and how many names I can take.

Today is not one of those days. But today, I’m trusting what my past has proved to me – that eventually I WILL make those doctor appointments, or write that blog post, or finally clean the shower… No use in trying to move mountains when it will just make me cranky.

Wanna have a margarita with me while I wait?




Work has been going really well – I just got back from a business trip to our office in Tempe, which made me feel very fancy. I just adulted so hard all week.

I wore a pencil skirt the day I left and felt so business-y walking through the airport pulling my little carry on around. I’m pretty sure I looked important and powerful. I wanted a sign that said “I’m a fancy lady woman going on a working woman’s business trip, just so you know.”

I got to get a taxi and eat and stay in a hotel and not care how much it cost because WORK WAS PAYING Y’ALL. The hotel was so fun. With this whole sharing economy, etc, I haven’t ridden in a taxi or stayed in a hotel in years, and I kind of felt like I never would again. But Uber didn’t have any cars around the airport and WORK WAS PAYING so I got to taxi it to this great hotel in Tempe with a pool and gym and a king bed. It had three sets of pillows. Because three people could sleep in there. At once.

Anywayyyyy, I wanted to give you a little update to my cubicle status since I know you are all dying to hear what has happened since I finally got magnets at Staples. My cubicle is mostly, like, metal under fabric? So if I wanted to hang more things I needed magnets. This took me weeks to cross of my list, but Anthony had to go to Staples for something and here we are (someone else always needs to be involved in order for me to get chores done). Check out more of my desk cuteness here.


I also looted an empty cubicle and got that lamp to make me feel a little more homey.

And look at this cute mouse pad I got on Etsy!



….So, I totally realize that no one actually cares about this.

But what you might care about is the awesome print that my sister gave me, which she drew herself, and which is making my cubicle look soooo swanky.

IMG_6698 IMG_6696 IMG_6697


She has a ton of cute prints for your desk or office in her Etsy shop. Here are some of my favorites (click on the picture to see the listing):





They come in all different colors, so you can match it to the scheme you’ve got goin on in your work space. I love these because no one else will have them, and they look so clean, yet artsy. Plus the gold effect on a lot of her prints make me feel blingy.

(She also has adorable prints that are great for nurseries or kids rooms. If you have a baby shower or birthday coming up, these are the PERFECT gift. Hand made, thoughtful, and way better than diapers with a bow on it.)

What do you decorate your work space with? What makes you feel productive and stylish? I’m always looking for new ways to make my desk awesome and shame all the other people around me with their boring cubes…. Share your tips!



Easy Enchiladas


My sister swears it’s not hard to cook.

I’m not sure I believe her.

It’s not that I think it’ll be hard, really, I just don’t enjoy cooking. Or grocery shopping. I am famous for eating microwaved quesadillas for every dinner at home – I just want to eat, I don’t care enough to make something.

But my sister has been so helpful in giving me recipes when I entertain the idea of cooking at home for once and not heading back to Jersey Mike’s for dinner. She actually shares my disdain for cooking, but has come around by necessity – she is, after all, a mom of two hungry babies.

Here is one of her recipes that only requires a Stephanie-level of expertise to pull off:


Mary’s Enchiladas

1lb ground turkey (or anything or nothing)

1 can sweet corn

1 can refried beans

Small can sliced olives

Taco sized flour tortillas

Lots of grated cheese

Small 10 oz can of red enchilada sauce

Pour sauce into the bottom of a 9×13 baking dish and brown turkey. Add taco/burrito seasoning to turkey if desired. Mix turkey, beans, and corn together. Lay out as many tortillas as you can squeeze in there (4?6?8? I was able to fit 7) and coat them in the sauce. I find stacking them taco style is helpful while I coat each one. Then spoon in filling (about two big scoops with a tablespoon each) add grated cheese on top of the filling (I used tongs to take the cheese out of the bag without getting it dirty) and roll loosely, turning them seam side down. Don’t try to fold the ends.

Put grated cheese on top and olives over that. Cover with foil and bake at 350 for 15-20 min or until heated through. I sometimes broil for a few minutes if the cheese on top isn’t melted or I just want to crisp them a bit on top.

Delicious and easy!


Thanks sister!


What’s your favorite easy dinner solution?



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